Koyudo Makeup brush: Innovation & Tradition

As the first Kanji of the name Koyudo “晃祐堂” suggest it combines Sun “日” and Light “光” It means that we would work to be a company that shines like a sun. Our motto is to “Keep on changing to stay the same” Even if we are getting good appreciation from customer now, We would have to work hard to surpass that expectation in the future. to continuously try to be better than before That is how we work at Koyudo. The biggest difference is the tip of the bristle. Kumano brushes have its root in calligraphy brush. so the tip of the bristle plays vital role in its quality as a brush. Evolving from the calligraphy brush, Makeup brush produced by us and in Kumano region It has an uncut, natural tip of the hair. Meanwhile, brushes produced overseas has its origin in normal brush So the end of each hair is cut off to form the shape. Which could cause skin irritation and itchy feeling on skin So the biggest difference is the soft, natural tip of the bristle. and how to make the best out of it As it happened, at the very first cute brush we made was the heart shaped brush but It was actually developed from functionality, not the design. Usually, a brush has only one peak so what would happen if a brush has multiple peaks? We were only thinking about the functionality then but when we tried coloring it, it started to look like heart or flower. From that experience came the Heart brushes and Flower brushes. we quickly moved on to making them our original series of brushes. We are very focused on functionality and usability as a tool. Appearance comes second compared to usability. Craftsmen often tend to think all the handmade product they make with care are the best They are great, but sometimes their “best” does not match what customer really wants. So we always try to know more about what user would really want, and work on it. Then we would add our original “Kawaii” element on top of it to make it more approachable by broader audience We need something more than just “high-quality”, something to make it more friendly to customer That what we are trying achieve with our makeup brushes The charm of the makeup brush… let’s see It’s the smile. We use makeup brush because we need it, It’s a necessary tool to achieve better look But I think it’s more than that With it you can be little cuter or more beautiful than your usual self it helps us to present ourselves in different way While makeup brushes are good as gift, It has its real value when you try it on yourself You can be little different, little better with the brush It makes people happy If a brush makes you frown in any way, that brush is something you should never use I am confident to say you can get good satisfaction from all of our brushes

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