Korean Makeup for Beginners: Affordable Must Haves For Your Pouch

to elective everyone joining me that today we’re going to be talking about makeup for beginners last month I shared skincare for beginners and you guys all requested this so here we are talking about makeup for beginners first let’s talk about this pouch and this is from Stalin the BCE and you can buy this on style Nando’s website w2 Beauty Amazon I will make sure to link all of the products I mentioned in the description box so that it will be easier for you guys to purchase first we have the primer and this is the Innisfree no-sebum blur primer one of my favorites because it’s affordable and – it creates a very smooth canvas for your foundation so definitely recommended but honestly if you want to skip it that’s fine too next we have the foundation and here I have the epic house AC cleanup mild BB cushion and this is one of my favorites because it helps prevent acne there are ingredients in here that will treat that the coverage is not bad but if you want that full coverage I do want to recommend the netted house AC clean up concealer way better coverage than the cushion so I think these two work well together if you’re not into the dewy look I do want to recommend the industry no Steve a mineral powder this is a translucent powder and you can use this on your face your hair like AJ shampoo and to prime your eyes so this is like a three-in-one kind of deal so I love this powder the next year products are also for the face I have the contour and highlighter from the Shin stealer and I love the contour because there are four colors in here you can mix it or use certain colors to contour your nose and what not and this one is the highlighter but it also has a pink so you can use it as a blush and I like these two because you can do much more and then contour and highlight use it as a blush and also you can use the darkest color in the contour palette for your hairline moving on to eye makeup I have the hamish palette and this is a quality eyeshadow kit I love how there’s a mixture between matte and shimmer and the brush in here is actually really good this is a very soft eye shadow and it lasts for a very long time so highly want to recommend it there are many different colors available but I like the one in pink because I don’t have that many peopIe shadows but again they have Browns in here and white so again perfect for beginners next we have the eye liner and this is the face shop in graffiti brush pen liner ink gruffy sorry my brother said graffiti in that makeup tutorial if you haven’t watched it he does my voice over it’s very wild anyways I do really like this liner I like the Michelle one the cut a DM one I do not really like the Cleo one but the face shop did a good job it’s much long-lasting than the Cleo long-lasting as in the brush does it dry up as quickly as the Cleo one so the face shop is one of my favorites for mascara I have the face shop see-through mascara this is number two curling I like to use number one two and three back to back for volume length and curl but if you don’t want to buy a use it eyelash curler you can just use this and it will help curl your lashes and make them them as well so the security number two is what I would recommend for brows we have another face shop product and it is this one this is the designing brow Cara I like this but if I had to recommend one it would be the pew one because I like the thin applicator but this one’s not bad and it matches my hair right now so I like this one and finally for the lips I chose to la vie up the wine lipstick and this color I have been wearing almost every day in so many of my vlogs to the point that you guys know that it’s the lobby all to one but I love the formula because it’s very moisturizing and the color I chose this one because it’s not too vampy it’s not too dark and it’s safe whenever I wear heavy makeup I like to balance the look with this lipstick so yeah and these are my makeup recommendations for beginners actually I forgot to talk about the vanity planet brushes this is one of my favorite brushes to use for the powder and also the highlight and contour it came with so many other brushes for I think $30 I’ll link the coat down below if you’re interested but yeah I hope you guys found this video helpful if you have any questions comment down below and I’ll see you guys in my next one [Music] [Music]

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