100 thoughts on “Korean Girls Get Western Makeup

  1. Each and every girl skin look nice how it possible ?astonished, crystal clear ?my question From Pakistan ? Is it any kind of foundation or God gifted?

  2. It's no wonder why they reacted like that. They are used to not using much makeup and a more natural look. I'll never understand the massive eyelash look. Nobody has eyelashes that are long like that so imo it just looks ridiculous.

  3. It seems like western women do their makeup according to what they and their girlfriends think is popular. Asian's do their's keeping in mind what is attractive to a man.

  4. No entiendo el afán de quitarse toda la ceja y dibujarla? Pero definitivamente las asiáticas no sirven para ese tipo de maquillaje….😋

  5. Se veían muy lindas la verdad, más que con ese maquillaje asiático como piel grasosa. Que lastima que no les gustara, la maquilladora hizo un gran trabajo.

  6. They’re as shook as me when I see extreme Asian make up transformation on YouTube !
    Anyway can she come do my makeup I really can’t don’t know how to use it

  7. Simplemente horrible!! Una de las cosas que me gusta de las asiaticas (korea, china, japón), es que en general les gusta verse naturales. Es terrible que las chicas hoy en día quiera usar/abusar de tanto maquillage, cuando en la juventud se puede lucir la piel tersa. Se ven espantosas con tanto maquillage, da la impresión que cuando se rian se les va caer la mascara.

  8. Everyone feels bad for the makeup artist? Why? think of how they had to film this, she was just sitting there while they reacted in a language she couldn’t understand, so she couldn’t give a reaction back until once they translated it. she probably didn’t know what they were saying on the spot to be that upset about it, she just looks zoned out.

  9. The girl who wanted her eyebrows real bad…and kinda have a crush on her now hahaha. She was the nicest of them and didn't really shit all over it.

  10. She said thats not her lol how funny, she doesn’t even look like herself with Korean make up on, totally different person w/o make up on 😆

  11. 사실 한국인분들이 말을 좀 막하긴 했음..걔네라던가 화장이 떡졌다던가..외국인분이 재밌었다고 하셨지만 재미없다고 할순없잖아요

  12. It’s ok for us foreigner that asians dont like our makeup style we foreigner also dont like asian makeup style .. asians call out mkp style halloween we call asians mkp style empty

  13. she put so much effort into it and in the end they show her as brazenly as they don't like it .. its ok and fine that the asian girls dont like the makeup but the reactions is dare really dare

  14. The makeup artist is very beautiful and very good.. But we cannot blame the korean girls.. They are simply not used to dark makeups.. 😊 They are just real-yeah that's what they are, very honest, but im sure they disnt mean to offend the makeup artist.

  15. Just because they didn't like the makeup doesn't mean she's not a good artist. She did a fantastic job! Especially the girl with the nude lip. She looked so good afterwards.

  16. I agree with them! I can't get on board with wearing too much make up! A little mascara, eyeliner, maybe a lip color.

  17. "Make sure you draw my eyebrow first. Quick! Quick! Help! I need life…!"

    Me every morning. I understand you 😂💛

    Ps: for me "LAI-PU" unnie had the best make up.

  18. Elas são tão contidas que não conseguem ser naturais.
    Elas tentam ser simpáticas, soltas, naturais. Se esforçaram bastante.
    A verdade é que cílios postiços não ficam bem em todas as mulheres, em todo tipo de olho.
    Essas meninas são bonitas do jeito que nasceram. Só precisam usar mais cores.

  19. This isn’t really accurate, not every woman in the States cakes on the makeup. None of the girls I’m close with wear makeup like this, we grew up by the beach and just wear mascara, lipgloss, and sometimes fill in our brows.

  20. La maquillista es muy buena , es obvio que a las coreanas les debieron de a ver dicho con antelación que el maquillaje sería exagerado porque las facciones de la mujeres en los demás países son más marcadas , y la verdad me estresaron sus actitudes mamonas y payasas de las chicas , perdón , pero es verdad que incómodo y más la maquillista se veía incomoda y un poco como molesta , no valoraron su trabajo , entiendo que en Corea es más el maquillaje natural , pero no debieron de ser tra groseras 😑😑😑😡

  21. I thought the prerequisite for this bit was more of a “lets do this for shits and giggles” kinda thing. If that really wasn’t the goal then I feel bad for the makeup artist.

  22. Debió haberlo adaptado a la estructura de cada quien. Osea, una chava con con ojos grandes, no se pinta igual que una chica con ojos pequeños. Si veía que una pestañas tan largas no le iba bien a las chicas, debió haberlas cortado más. Y muchas cosas así. No es sólo ponerles el maquillaje y ya.

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