99 thoughts on “Knockoff Louboutin Nail Polish Tutorial

  1. Has anyone ever told you that it would be amazing if you would do a bunch of videos about complicated ideas that could be used in the classroom for seniors? I'm an Australian teacher and I was watching this thinking hey, these videos would be awesome.  (Lol minus the Mali comment that were amazing all the same!) 

  2. you're awesome! thanks for doing what you do =) something vicariously cathartic about your videos **usingbigwordscauseiwantyoutothinkthatiamcool

  3. This is perfect. You're incredibly creative and talented. You're beautiful, witty, and you care about the things that really matter in the world. Marry me? Okay but for real, I love the topics you're addressing with your videos and I hope that close minded people will be able to see things in a better light after watching. Keep it up! <3

  4. Is there a specific store that you tend to buy your clothes? I ask because i am currently contemplating coming to Canada and stealing 90% of your wardrobe. But after thinking it through I decided that orange isn't my color and jail isn't for me. Plus I couldn't wear any of the clothes I'd stolen from you so that defeats the purpose. So…yea. 

  5. I don't know why I never thought of satirical political commentary makeup tutorials before, but now that I have thought about it, it's the best idea ever.

  6. I love the idea of trying to show economic inequality between citizens in various countries by trying to give a cheap alternative for the CL nail polish, but it's kinda weird for me because I feel like some other high fashion product that will never be worth it (like all of those white t shirts that literally have the Chanel logo on them and somehow are then worth a FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS in some cases or the high fashion sneakers that look like normal sneakers but then run for a 1000 bucks at the least) would make a better impact. $50 for a nail varnish from CL? In the long run, it's not as much as you're making it out to be. For the poor man, of course it'd be a stupid buy, but for any man or woman that is a makeup or fashion lover, $50 on a product is NOTHING when you roam Ulta or Sephora. Urban Decay releases many palettes that start at $50, and most makeup lovers that visit Ulta or Sephora or shop the brands they carry drop $50 easily on a few eyeshadows and a lipstick.

    As a makeup lover and shopper at those stores, and as a middle class woman, I think that taking it from our perspective, that it's another product we'll pick up because we'll love it and want to use it because of our fixation with makeup and beauty related things, you'll see it's not such a bad buy for some of us.

    Again, I love the idea, love the execution, and I'm not mad, I just think it could do well with something stupid like a plain white tee that costs hundreds of dollars for literally one word on it. Just me tho.

  7. I am binge watching you because your NFL Ray Rice Make Up tutorial was so brilliant!  Went to this video and had never heard of 50$ Louboutin nail polish, so I googled it.  Depressingly enough, not only is it really a thing but Sephora is SOLD OUT.  Not sure who is going to the guillotine first, but she will be wearing this ridiculous nail polish!!

  8. I saw this on the born pretty store site under their 21.67 polish that I would no way pay for either omg I almost peed my pants your so funny!!! New subscriber Tyfs!!!

  9. OMG …I haven't laughed this hard at myself in a very long time!! thank you ..I've now reconsidered my desire for the Louboutin nail polish, and I've donated the cash to an appropriate charity (remembering to include the express shipping) xo

  10. Little known fact: florist will mix Viagra in the water of long stem roses to keep them stiff. Says my grandpa, who is a botanist, who also has aspergers, who has also wrote books on plants and mosses and who was also the mayor of springfield, MO. Yes, moss that you find in a dirty pond. Crazy.

  11. Louboutin nail polish? Seriously? Isn't red nail polish intended to be used to paint the soles of cheap pumps to turn them into fake Louboutins? What happens if you buy Louboutin polish and use it to paint Louboutin shoes? Is that the ladies' version of ripping/fading expensive jeans to make them look worn and thriftstore-impoverished? Metacrafting?

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