Kim Kardashian Cat Eye Makeup – MAC Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I am going to do a Kim Kardashian inspired look. This was inspired by her 2009 calendar. I’ll have the picture, the inspiration picture linked on the side. This is very very dramatic on the lashes. But I think it’s really really pretty. Especially for Valentine’s day, if you are going out on a date or something. I think it’s really sexy, really flirty, so i hope you enjoy this look. If you want to see how to get it then keep watching. So to begin I used a piece of tape just to make like an outer corner. Just like here. Now I’m going to take this color, this is Molt. This is by MAC. And I am going to take a large brush, this one is by Illamasqua. And I’m going to put that just into the crease. Now I already put a little bit of a high lighter. Just underneath my brow. So I just kind of forgot to film that but whatever. I’m going to just put that into the crease. Okay, once that’s on, I’m going to take this eye shadow. This one is also by MAC. It’s called Print. And with Print, I’m going to take a small brush like this. This one is, I think, the pencil brush. by Hakahodo And I’m going to place that kind of just along the lash line. So I’m basically just putting that along the lashline and then forming kind of like a wing with that along that tapeline. You can take that all the way in, you can also just blend that out a little bit. Alright so once I blended that out, I’m going to just pick up a dark black. This is Matte Carbon and I’m just going to use that same pencil brush. And I’m just going pat that all along the lashline again. It is just going to darken up that grey. Right along the lash as close as you can. And once you have a little bit of that on. You can just blend it out again. Using the two seventeen. I’m going to pick a little bit of this. This is soft brown. And I’m just going to blend out. That black, kind of right in the crease. And just gonna blend that out with the soft brown a little bit. Just until the top is like really smooth. Then I’m going to take a really black pencil, this is MAC V-line. And you can just put a little bit of that again along your lash line. Just as close as you can. And then you can just use like an anglebrush or something. And just blend that out a little bit. Just kind off smuging it. And now I want to continue that line. Just as I did down here. I’m just going to take a little bit of that cool pencil again. And just put some of that on my lash line. And then just with the pencil brush. I’m gonna blend that out. Then I’m going to use an artist brush like this. And some of the black fluid line. And I’m just going to line. The top and I’m gonna make, a kind of like just really accentuated wing. And I have a little bit of a boo boo here, so I’ll fix that later. but, Okay, so I just did some clean up just under here with a bit of concealer. Now I’m going to just use a white pencil. Just make kind of like a highlight just underneath here. So I’m using the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. And just a sharp brush. And I’m getting a little bit of that on to the brush and then, Just put a little bit of that just right underneath. That outer wing. Okay, so before I put on the eye lashes I am going to quickly do the rest of my face. I’m going to use the Natural Dazzle by Berry M. This is like a bronzer. Just gonna do a little bit of contouring. Just kind of in to the hallows of my cheek. This is the (well I don’t know.) This is a brush by Illamasqua. I think it is the highlighting brush. Works really well for contouring as well. I do have a contouring video. On my channel which goes on contouring more in detail, if you wanna check that out? And then for the cheeks I’m going to use this one. This is Bobby Brown Jimmer Brick in Platinum Pink I think this was a limited editional but, You can use any other kind of shimmering. Shimmering highlighter and I’m just going to apply that kind of right on my cheekbone area. And I’m gonna grab some of this one. This is Champagne. And I’m just gonna put a little bit of that kind of right Right kind of underneath my eye. For the lips I’m going to take a new lip liner this is by Rimmel. This is in a shade “18 Addiction” And I’m just going to line my lips. And then I’m going to use Gosh Darling This is just a nude lipstick. What you do is to put the lower lashes. I’m using the Ardels 102. You flip them around like you put them on the opposite way. And you wanna have of course the inner side on the inside. Like the smaller shorter length lashes. on the inner corner. So what you do you just grab them. And you just slide them up underneath your natural lashes. And then you pop them into place. And you just wanna make sure the ends stick, so you just makes sure the ends, like You know, touching your skin while you let them dry. And then I’m just gonna do the top ones. I’m gonna give them a moment to dry. These ones are already dry on the side. So what you do is: once they are dry You just wanna push them down a bit. So you just kind of lay them flat. Like that, don’t push to hard otherwise the glue might come undone But you just wanna push them down. Like so. So you wanna make sure it’s totally dry before you do that. So once you put them down they are gonna be much more visable. And they are gonna look, You know like really long lower lashes, now for the top lines I’m gonna use Some really extreme ones as well. We are gonna use this ones by MAC. And these are the number 42’s They look like this But I’m not gonna show you that so I just put those on and I will be right back. Alright so I put the lashes now on the top. You can see them. I absolutely love these lashes. These are gorgeous. They’re so so sultry and I mean they’re very extreme. But I think for special cases they are just so so sexy. Those are the number 42s So.. There you go, Kim Kardashian. Thanks for watching!

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  1. i havent seen this videoo before but i saw it because of ur facebook picture and it looks really amazing on u !! i have to say that a little better then kim : )
    u look so beautiful with this make up

  2. woooow das sieht einfach nur toll aus! Schade, dass du keine Videos mehr auf Deutsch machst.. Darf ich fragen, bist du wirklich aus den USA? du redest perfekt Deutsch meiner Meinung nach.. Toll das MakeUp, vielen Dank für das Video.. 🙂

  3. Hehe ich bin nicht aus Deutschland, sondern aus der Schweiz und ich kenne Tokyo Hotel nicht persönlich und mag sie auch nicht sonderlich 🙂 liebe grüsse

  4. Warten Sie wissen, dass sie Deutsche sind richting? Lol gut hast du jemals begegnen ihnen oder nur von ihnen gehort? You know wat, y dont we just speak english haha

  5. i'm from Switzerland, not from Germany. i don't know and i don't like the music from them, its not my style 🙂 i never seen them. Are you a fan?

  6. i know that i must have read it wrong haha yea im a fan but i think u dont care, have u been to germany i havnt been there ever since i was 17

  7. Love it, you are very talented. But you definitely look more like Chloe. Its soo funny when you are done and star talking like them 😉

  8. it's a good job , but let me tell you something , your eyebrows are awful you should let them grow and you will look beautiful because they seem a raibow

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  10. I think I've watched this video 100 times lol! You are the first guru that I remember watching putting soft brown into the crease and that has been my go to crease color for the longest! 😀

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  12. I didn't love it… I felt it needed better precision and execution… Don't get all these other comments… Constructive criticism… Gorgeous girl… Makeup, not so much.

  13. I think Julia is one of the only makeup artists on YT that knows how to do various kinds of makeup and do it well. She is one of the only makeup artist on YT who does true makeup artistry. I think a lot of the highly subscribed so called "makeup artists"could learn a thing or two from her.

  14. You've probably heard it thousands of times– YOU are soo Beautiful! Your Soooo pretty, sexy, Perfect; & a hell of a tease! I'd like to have a photo, [or copy] of you. Email me one; Please, Please. I'd frame it & hang it in my living room; & look at you all day, every day. If you were mine; I'd buy you diamonds & gold; the stars in the heavens, & the moon & stars. You are One special Lady; a princess, a queen, a babe! WOW! You are HOT. [I'm not talking s_x though. Please be careful, as you are so Hot, you might catch on fire!  [Ha- Ha]. The man that holds you is Very blessed! Tell him I said so, & he'd better take good care of you!!! Babe- You blow my mind!! Love ya, always; just can't help it

  15. This is my absolute favorite look because this is the first video I've seen from you after that you became my favorite makeup guru

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  17. I completely love your Smoky Eye Makeup that you've done for this video. I'm still practicing my False Lashes and I'm getting better at putting them on. This Eye Makeup is very very alluring and beautiful at the same time. I'm practicing it so I can wear it perfectly too. I use a different set of Lashes from Ardells, the Double Up, the Mega Lashes, or the Flawless. Sometimes when I do my Eye Makeup with the Dark Brown Colors using the same techniques that you use for this look, it's very, very pretty with darker Brown Colors too. The rest of your Face Makeup is just Flawless!!! I love it! Lately, I like to press a couple of Jewels near my Brows or near my mole as an added bonus to enhance my Face Makeup. Your Makeup looks 5× better than hers. Thank you very much for making this video and going through the steps to create such Flawless Beauty, you're a Doll, Well Done!

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