KIDS PLAY MAKEUP APPS?! (Kids React: Gaming)

(Classic video game music) (Producer) Today your gonna be playing 3 different makeover apps. OOOH! Awesome. Usually a guy doesn’t have a makeover. Hair Salon on Me? No. (laughing) I’m ready to play. I wanna play a different game. I think I’ve played this game before. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I remember this! Do I have to take a picture of my self? Oh no now I have to look good! Selfie! Oh. Not you guys, Me! (whispering) Ok. (whispering) Ok. (whispering) Ok. Beautiful as always. Center it! Oh my gosh, thats too big. (laughing) Perfect! On to the next thing! Now what? (laughing) I am hideous. Oh my God. This doesn’t really look like me. Whaaaat?! I’m not a girl! I look like a girl. Oh gosh. Kids…. I’m not a blonde? I’m a brunette. My hair’s horrible. I need to help myself. Ok, so you tap whatever utensil you want to use. Yay! Shaving the hair. I look so good! The hair longener. Longen my hair. Grow! Magic! Woah. How does shampoo make your hair sprout out? Groom, groom, groom, groom, groom. I look like a lion! All the long hair. Magical! *gasp* I need more hair! Ok what do I do next? (Producer) Swipe to the right. Ok. What are these? I don’t know. Oh, it’s a curler. And then that straightens it. And this… makes it all swirly. Curl, curl! (In video) Ah! I sound like a girl. OK, go to the next one. Color by blue. I’m full peacock now. There, now i’m a rockstar. (Gasping) (Gasping) (Gasping) (Whispering) Like my style? Green. Blue. Purple. Wait, no, I’m gonna be Fiona from Shrek. No, I’m a little mermaid. Blow dry, ehhh. Yikes. This is surprisingly entertaining. Yes. I need these glasses. Kitty hat. Kitty hat. That’s the best I can do. Right there. A mustache. A flower. Right? Yeah Huh. That way.Take a picture. (laughing) Funny. Beautiful! Wow. I blinked are you serious? Yay! I guess… Yes. I’m beautiful. I felt like a new person! I look like a Charlie Chaplin Little Mermaid. – (Producer) Ok, let’s try another makeover app.
– Which way do I go? That way or this way? Digital Makeover. Barbie? Digital Makeover. Ok then. Let’s do this. I don’t like Barbie as much as other girls. Oh amazing. Oh can I skip through this? Wait, wait, wait. What do I press? Oh. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh my gosh. What the? No! (Screaming in surprise) Why would I need lipstick? This is great! I’m a girl! I don’t want to be a girl. Let’s look at something different. Let’s look at this. This is great. I’m gonna put my glasses back oh. Yes! Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Hey, hey! I like the first look. The awesome… no! The awesome look. (laughing
Oh my god! Is that it? Can I do anything else? It’s
kinda off, but it makes me look beautiful. The makeup is kind of cheesy by the way Very cheesy. What else do you do in this game? I am not liking this game. I do not like this one as much. It makes
you look like a doll that would kill you in your sleep. Go to the next one (Producer) So for this last app you can do your own makeup or make yourself look like a celebrity. (Gasping) Oh my god! I’m gonna be Angelina Jolie. I look creepy Perfect. Use photo. (Producer) Do you recognize anyone
there? I’m Kim K! No! That looks horrifying. I look weird! Oh no, no, no. What just happened? I looked so strange. I look ugly. Yes! This looks… This looks ok. I’m going for the really natural… Don’t know any of this stuff means.
Contour? What’s contour? Highlights.
I don’t know what that is. O yeah, blush. Kind of know what that
is. What’s concealer? I shouldn’t be asking you. You guys are boys Let’s go to lips. Lip gloss! That’s what I’m talking about!
Into the blue. Oh, there’s more colors! Is that everything? Come on. Why isn’t
Angelina Jolie in here? How about some highlights. Then a lot of intensity. Yes.
There’s so many colors! Who knew there were so many shades of
pink and brown purple? Remembers how I said I’m gonna go for the natural look? – (Producer) Ya
– (laughing) No. Let’s do… that.
Intense though. I love it! (laughing) Wow…ish. I look gorgeous. (laughing) I look a little bit weird. I like it! I would wear to school every
single day If anyone doesn’t think I look awesome,
then they should get an optometrist because they need glasses. I think I look hideous.
Well these apps are disturbing. (gagging) She looks terrible. Too ugly.
Way too ugly. Uglier than poop. Oh this one! I like this look. That’s my look! thanks for watching our Beauty
transformations here on the react channel what game should we play next comment down below more gaming every
week make sure to subscribe see you got another going a mile makeover huh somebody yeah yeah ok

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