Ken Does My Makeup Challenge! | Barbie Vlogs

Hey guys! So the number one request
in the comments has been a “Ken Does My Make Up Tag.” So… just for you! Ken: Hey guys! Barbie: All right! Are you excited for this
Makeup Challenge? Ken: I am super excited
about this. A little bit nervous maybe? But bigger question is…
are you excited? Barbie: Well, if you’re nervous, I’m probably a little nervous
now, too. Ken: You probably should be.
Barbie: I’m mainly excited. Ken: But I did do my own
makeup for the 8th grade play, if you remember. Barbie: Yeah you were a frog,
you played a frog. Ken: Yeah, I just need a little
green eye shadow, we can get things perfect. Barbie: Oh boy.
Okay, this is for you guys. All right, you ready to
get started? Ken: I think so. Is this concealer?
(Music Plays) Barbie: Oh… that’s…
(Laughs) Um… Ken: That doesn’t do exactly what I thought it was gonna
do, but… That’s a lot of powder, I’m
sorry about that. Barbie: Maybe I’ll just keep my
eyes closed. Ken: Actually I don’t like
that one. Barbie: Did you… Did you just lick your finger?
(Laughs) Ken: Perfection takes time
people. Barbie: I mean, I wouldn’t want
to tell you how to do your art, but that’s a lot though. Ken: Thank you, no one
told Picasso how to paint. (Music Continues) Ken: (French Gibberish) Barbie: (Laughs)
You are so strange! Ken: (French Gibberish) Hmmm… Barbie: Err… Ken: Okay! Take a look. Barbie: Are you sure? Ken: I’m sure. Barbie: You think you’re done? Okay? Oh my gosh… It is so cute! Ken: You like it! Barbie: Yes, it’s a cat! Oh! Nice work, Ken. Ken: Thank you. Barbie: Nice work! You ready? Ken: I’m ready. Barbie: All right. Together: P.A.C.E.!

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