How to Look Like a Kawaii Doll A makeup tutorial by Alexa Poletti First you want to start with washing and moisturizing
your face. Your makeup will always look better when you’re
not trying to cover up left over makeup from yesterday. Next you need circle lenses! Circle lenses give the appearance of larger
eyes. You want to put in your circle lenses before
you start your makeup to avoid getting any makeup residue on the lenses themselves before
they go in your eyes. Now we can start our makeup! I like to start with concealer under my eyes
to hide dark circles. Starting at the inside and working my way
out, I like to blend with my fingers. I feel like it gives me more control than
working with a brush. After we’re all blended, we can start with
foundation! Again, I like using my hands instead of a brush because I’m just a messy kid. I put some on my cheeks, forehead, nose and
chin, and then blend the foundation all around. Then I set my foundation with a loose, high
definition powder. This will help your foundation look good and
last all day. The next step really isn’t completely necessary,
but I like doing it to make sure that my eyeshadow will last as long as possible. Prime your lids and let them dry. Now we’ll start with our eyeshadow! I use a white or a light cream color for my
base. Using light colors on your eyes makes your
eyes look bigger and makes you look more awake. I usually put white shadow all the way up
to my brow bone, as well as underneath my eye. Let’s add another color! For our second color, we will use a pink or
a rose shade. I’m using the pink in tokidoki’s Cromatico
palette. I mostly just apply to the outer edges and
blend onto the lid for a little pop of color. I still want white to be my main color. Then we’ll apply eyeliner. I use liquid liner because it’s easier to
get a solid, defined line like a doll’s or an anime character. Mine is almost out so I have to shake it up. Drawing the line is easier when you have a
fresh eyeliner pen. Try to make them match each other as best
you can. Then I quickly curl my lashes. If you heat your curler for just a second
or two with your hair dryer, your lashes will curl better. But if you’re going to heat your curler, be
sure to check the temperature of the curler on your hand before putting it to your eye,
because it gets really hot much faster than you would expect. Then I put on lots and lots of mascara. Using lots of mascara will help your eyelashes
look thicker and blend with your false lashes. Then I use white eyeliner along my waterline
to make my eyes look bigger. Sometimes people will use a black liner on
the lower lid to give the illusion of larger eyes. Sometimes I do this but I usually prefer
to do this look without a dark lower liner. I think it looks sweeter and more innocent
like a doll. Then I dot the inner corner of my eyes with
the white liner to look more awake. Then it’s time to give my brows some attention. He’s so cute! [kiss] The beauty of using eyeshadow to fill in your
eyebrows is that you can really make them any color you want. I like to make mine purple. Light or dark is up to you. Now it’s time for my favorite part of the
look. Dolluxe lashes! For my top lashes, I’ll be using Dolluxe number
four, All Dolled Up. When applying glue to the lash strip, make
sure to squeeze the tube very carefully or… Oops! You may accidentally squirt out way too much. Once you have the situation under control,
line the lashes with glue and then wait about thirty seconds for them to get tacky. There are a lot of different ways to apply
lashes but I like to start by getting the outside in place first, and then guiding the
inside into place. Some people do it the other way around, but
there is no right or wrong. Just do whichever way works for you. Then I use a very lightly damp Q-Tip to secure
the lashes. If the Q-Tip is dry, the cotton will stick
to the glue. But if it’s too wet, it will wipe the glue off. For my bottom lashes, I’ll be using Dolluxe
number eight, Underlash B. Bottom lashes are important in the doll look,
but I know a lot of people have trouble getting them to look right. Sometimes I will trim the bottom lashes so
they just go on the outer corner of my eye. If you’re new to bottom lashes, this can really
help you warm up to the idea. They are also easier to apply when they are
shorter. I also really like Underlash B in its full
length strip. It really just depends on the look I’m going
for. When placing bottom lashes, you want them
to connect or be very close to the end of your top lash. This helps them look more natural and give
you more of an eye shape. And that’s it for makeup! Now it’s wig time! First you let down your bangs. I realize now that I probably should have
brushed my hair. Then I tie my hair into a braid so that it
can easily go into a wig cap. Then are many different kinds of wig caps.
This one is a new one that just got from Gothic Lolita Wigs. This one is a flesh tone and a net material
with holes in both ends. This isn’t how I would normally put on a wig
cap, but it just seems like more fun. My hair is pretty thin and not very long,
so if you have more hair, I don’t know if this would work for you. You want your hair to be as flat as possible
against your head. You can stack more and more wig caps to help
flatten bigger hair. Now I’m ready for a wig. I’m going to be using Gothic Lolita Wigs Classic
Wavy Collection in Deep Pink. Like with everything else, there are a lot
of different ways to put on a wig. I like to just throw it on and then adjust
it until it’s comfortable. The wig should feel secure if it’s on correctly. All I need now is a cute bear hat. Oh yeah! Don’t forget about lips. I like to put my lip gloss on after I put
my wig on or else the hair will probably stick to my lips when I’m putting it on. Here is the finished look. Now all that’s left is to be cute! Thanks for watching!

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