Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches on lips + Review All 29 shades

Okay. Hey guys we are going to do a review
for the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick.>>It’s gonna be the entire line.>>We’re gonna do
a review on ourselves, and we’re gonna try them on in front of you now and then we’ll
check back in later and show you how it works and what we felt. And how it felt on our lips. Yeah let’s do
this.>>Mm-hmm. [MUSIC] So it’s 2:30.>>2:30.>>We’ll check back in 9,10, we’ll see, we’ll
see what happens. Yeah we’re just gonna leave this on and just go on with our lives.>>Yeah.
>>All right no re-applying we promise. Prom?>>No we’re not gonna reply [MUSIC]>>So
we’re back, it’s been literally six>>Six hours.>>No six and a half.>>Six and a half.>>Six and a half hours
actually and a lot has happened in that time.>>Mm-hmm.>>We actually ended up going to
get lunch, I got a haircut, we were kind of in the rain,>>Poured on,>>We got poured
on.>>We ate nachos.>>In hindsight that was probably not the best idea with the nachos
but.>>[MUSIC]>>And it’s kinda clearly gone
in the middle um but from what Tanya said I ate my nachos like a monster so that’s why,
apparently you can’t do that with this on.>>Mine fared a little bit better than Kayla’s,
you can probably kind of see without being weird, the inner corners kind of definitely
are still, they’re kind of faded a little bit but for the most part, mine stayed on
really well.>>. I’d say yours is pretty comfortable for
me, what about you?>>Yeah I mean I don’t feel, I feel like it doesn’t, you can’t tell
that it’s on for sure and->>I forgot about it.>>When your lips lips are kind of wet
from either drinking or eating, you’ve to be careful cuz the color will transfer.>>It does, it will transfer.>>Mm hmm, a
little bit.>>So overall, we like the full set, I would wear them again definitely,>>I’d
love to.>>Comment below about what lipstick was your favorite.>>Oh yeah let us know
what your favorites were and remember we’ll have the girls names and say whose colors
that you’d liked on each girl.>>. Each model. Let’s know if you want to
see more videos like this, we plan to do more but we wanna see what you guys think so.>>So
anyways thanks guys, take care.>>Thanks for watching bye.>>Thank you so much for
watching>>[CROSSTALK]>>Bye>>Bye.>>Who’s that?>>Okay let’s see if this is actually
kiss proof or not. [SOUND]>>[LAUGH]>>Subscribe.>>Subscribe.
>>It’s so cute.

34 thoughts on “Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches on lips + Review All 29 shades

  1. OMG I just discovered your channel and I LOVE it! The whole concept about showing makeup products on different skin tones is amazing and beautiful plus you have an mbti video (INFP here! ^^) New subscriber here too 🙂

  2. I am subscribing to your channel simply because I loved this one video, and how you represented the swatches on a wide range of complexions. I haven't come across this at all on You Tube! Love it!!! Keep making videos like this please!! LOVE!!!

  3. Love love love that you have shown what each lippie looks like on different skin tones side by side! What a great idea. Hope to see many more vids like this from you guys! 😁👍

  4. Thanks for showing these in all different skin tones. A lot of shades don't really look that hot on darker skin but a few that I'd written off turned out to look amazing with her skintone. There were already 3 that I'd wanted to buy based on another review but I think I just added 4 more to that list lol

  5. This is awesome and very informative. you can gauge how each color is perceived on different skin tones all at the same time in the same lighting. Fantastic.

  6. By far the most helpful video, couldn't figure out if I needed a true red or if a deeper would be best. Thanks a ton ladies.!

  7. I’m black so I appreciate adding a black girl to the lineup so I know what the shades would look like on me!

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