Kaleidos Futurism Collection Tutorial

hey guys what’s up welcome back today
I’m bringing you guys an eyeshadow look using one of the palette from Kaleidos
makeup futurism collection Kaleidos makeup did reach out to me and send me
this collection but I’m not being paid for this video all opinions are 100% my
own opinion and I just wanted to make that little disclaimer for you guys but
this is what the inside of the PR package looks like right here actually
buy this entire collection yourself on the Kaleidos makeup website I will have
that listed in the description box below so this collection comes with three
pallets these are the three pallets right here obviously it’s very like
sci-fi themed absolutely love them something I love about these palettes is
the quality of the palette like the palette is so sleek this is what the
inside of the palette looks like here but really sleek it’s got a really nice
little mirror here it’s got the names on a flap which I mean I don’t pay any
attention to these I usually end up throwing them out and then it has a
really nice magnet close so it snaps right back into place it’s so well built
absolutely love the packaging for these palettes on the one that I have in my
hand here is called the futurism 3 Astro pink and this is what the inside of this
palette looks like right here it’s really beautiful absolutely love the
shades in this palette the next one I have here is kaleidos futurism 2 cyber
bronze this is the what the outside of this one looks like and then this is
what you get on the inside too really really beautiful shades and this one too
the silver and the red speak to me so much over here like I swatch them on my
hand and I was like so good and you get the my favorite one personally out of
the whole collection and if you are somebody who has the gemini palette or
you’ve wanted the gemini palette from melt cosmetics and you just have not been
able to afford it because i’m not gonna lie that palette is pretty expensive
especially if you live in canada wait for this one okay look at it does this
not scream major melt cosmetics gemini palette dupe like and each of the visual
palette here is only $24 if the whole collection doesn’t speak to you like it
speaks to me then you can buy them individually but I
think you can get all three of these pallets in that PR package that I just
showed you for $59 US which i think is a really good price considering the
quality of these eyeshadows the one that I go in and use today obviously is this
Kaleidos futurism sci-fi green one again this is the Melt cosmetics dupe I
absolutely love it you guys know if you have been following me I love green eye
shadow green eye shadow it’s one of my favorite eyeshadows to wear so I want it
to go in and create a look with this one for you guys I do have some looks using
the other palettes on my Instagram I will have my instagram listed in the
description box below because I do do a lot of minis tutorials over there and I
know that I am rambling so I’m just gonna stop right now and hop right into
the tutorial I know I went a little m.i.a there for a while the last two
weeks I kind of lost track of time but I’m back on schedule I will continue to
have one to two videos every week for you guys just wanted to throw that out
there so if you guys want to see how I created this look today then please the Kaleidos futurism sci-fi it green
palette this is what it looks like right here gives me major Melt Cosmetics Gemini
palette vibes 100% and if you guys have been following me for a while you guys
know that I absolutely love green eyeshadow so that’s why I chose this one
today I did go in and prep my lid with my Milani conceal and perfect concealer as
I usually do it and I’m gonna start off by going into this dark green shadow
right here and we’re just gonna buff that into the crease I’ll say though on
this I kind of right around where I did my winged liner I did get a little bit
of patchiness on this eye I don’t know if the camera it really is picking it up
I tried to cover it up the best as I could with the winged liner so I’m
wondering if I’m going to end up getting the same issue on this eye so we will
see I’m gonna go into this green shade that right next to the last one we used
and then I’m just gonna buff this in the crease as well like I’m legit not
getting any patchiness on this eye at all it always seems that whenever I do
get patchiness on my eyes from eye shadows it’s always this eye and I have
absolutely no idea why it drives me fucking crazy but this eye is the one
that gives me the most trouble and this one always blends like a dream like it
just I’m gonna hop into this like pukey orange shade from the palette and then
I’m just going to work that right on the outer part of the crease I love me a
good pukey orange shade it’s just am using a
new lens today guys so let me know in the comments section below what you
think of the quality of today’s video if you if I’m too far away if I’m not far
away enough let me know so I can work on it but yeah I’m working with a new lens
today so I’m just doing my best to stay in focus because last time I filmed the
other day I was out of focus 90% of the video and it pissed me off so bad so ok
so now that I have that part done I’m just gonna go back in with the same two
green eye shadows that I used in the crease I’m just gonna blend them back
into the crease a little bit because I do feel like I lost a little bit of the
intensity when I went in and blended in that
so I just want to reintensify everything this I blended way better than this I isn’t
that always the case okay so I’m gonna go back in with my Milani concealer and
I’m just going to go in and cut the lid a little bit for when I go in with the
foil shadow this step isn’t really necessary but I just like to do it
anyway I’m just going back in with that green shadow that I used at the very
beginning in the crease and I’m just buffing it on the outer part of the eye
into the base so that there’s no harsh lines okay so I had to pause the video
and I had to kind of adjust the lens a little bit because I was not liking how
I was looking in the camera so it’s time to go in with my absolute favorite shade
from the entire palette I absolutely love this green eyeshadow it is so
fucking pretty you guys are gonna see here in just a second just how delicious
this eyeshadow is so I’m picking it up and I’m just giving it a little spray on
my Skindinavia setting spray like I do with all my foil shadows and then I’m
just going to pop it right on the lid like like this shadow guys is so pretty
so pretty and it’s so metallic and that’s what I really love about this
like the foil shadows in these palettes guys are no joke like they perform so
well and I’m so impressed by them absolutely well I’m just just I am okay
and then I am going to go over this with liner again because I didn’t have a
little bit of patchiness on this line here I did go in and kind of create a
really thick wing on the eye because I wanted to cover up the patchiness
because I had to remove it off this I like three or four times and my eye was
just starting to get so dry and I got something in my eye right now and it’s
irritating the fuck out of me anyways I’m going in with my NYX matte liquid
liner okay so did hop off-camera and did the
rest of my face if you guys want to start seeing full face tutorials on my
channel please let me know in the comment section below I know I do will
speed through my tutorials pretty quickly but I’d be happy to start doing
full face tutorials if you guys want to see them so you’re just gonna have to
let me know so I’m going to move in underneath the lower lash line now and
for that it’s gonna go into this dark green eye shadow and I’m just going to
buff that right underneath the lower lash line I’m gonna go into the green
shadow directly next to it and then I’m going to buff that underneath the lower
lash line as well into my Milani color statement lipliner in spice and then for
lipstick I’m going into my mac lipstick in the shade babys alright alright guys that is it for today’s
tutorial I really hope that you enjoyed it I would highly recommend checking
this brand out these palettes guys are so beautiful they blended so well on my
eyes each palette that I used they’re buttery they’re creamy and for $59 you
get this cute little case and these palettes are so well made like I
absolutely love them and I would highly recommend checking them out I will have
their website listed in the description box below for you guys so with that
being said thank you so much I love you and I’ll catch you in my next video

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