Juvias Place Nomad Palette Tutorial

hey guys what’s up today I’m gonna be
showing you how I create this really beautiful fall green grungy eye look today
using the new Nomad palette by Juvias place this is the newest palette to the
Juvias places website aside from the warrior three which I did not pick that
palette up but as soon as I saw the inside of this palette I obviously had
to pick this one up like look at the colors in here guys it is so beautiful
and this totally screams fall like every single shadow in this palette this
palette does retail for $15 on the Juvias place website which is a little
bit cheaper than their other palettes on their website because the pan sizes in
this palette are smaller than the other palettes so it’s a really really good
steal for the quality of the eyeshadows because we all know how juvias places
eyeshadows perform they’re like top-notch
shadows on the market absolutely love them this is the eye look that i came up
with today guys it’s really green and grungy it screams fall I don’t really
know how I feel about the lip I’m not gonna lie I kind of stepped a little bit
too much out of my comfort zone with this lip but it’s what we’re working
with it’s on there I don’t feel like taking it off so we’re just gonna go
ahead and dive right into this look guys but if you are new to my channel my name
is Brittany and welcome make sure that you subscribe and hit that bow so you
don’t miss any of my future uploads and if you guys want to see how I create
this really grungy eye look today using the new Juvias place nomad palette then
please keep on watching alright guys so you going to prep my lid
with my Milani concealer perfect concealer and I’m gonna go into this
really pukey shade from the palette with a morphe m514 and then I’m just going
to work that right into the crease I’m going to go into this burnt orange shade
from the palette and I’m just taking that on Crown deluxe crease brush I
don’t know the exact name of it but it’s just a large fluffy brush and I’m going
to work this into the crease as well then I hop over to a morphe M506 and go
into the yellow shade from the palette and they know that this yellow shade has
a little bit of shimmer in it in the pan but I still put it in the crease anyways
it’s nothing that is really noticeable so I still made it work even though
there’s a little tiny bit of shimmer in there so now I’m basically just going to
go back repeat the steps that I just did in the crease really reintensify all
the shadows and make sure that they are really nice and blended in together
before I move on to the lid alright so I’m going to leave the crease like that
for now and I’m going to move on to the lid so to do that I’m gonna go in with
my Sigma e60 brush and I’m gonna go to this beautiful dark forest green shadow
from the palette and then I’m going to work this all over the lid space I’m
going in with crown deluxe crease brush and going back into that same dark green
shadow and then I’m just going to kind of drag this up into the crease a little
bit as well just kind of smoke it out a little bit more and to blend it into the
pukey shade a little bit more and it’s just gonna help add a little bit more of
smokiness to the crease area and again going back and putting a little bit more
of that pukey shade back into the crease going back in with that burnt orange
shadow a little bit going in with that yellow shade again of course I’m gonna go in and add a wing
so I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline black gel liner and we’re going to
create a wing today you guys know I love a good wing all right guys as always I
did go in and do the rest of my face off-camera and I’m gonna move in
underneath the lower lash line so to do that i’m going in with i’m just going in
with one of the Anastasia brushes that come with her palettes and I’m gonna go
back into that dark green shade and I’m going to buff this right underneath the
lower lash line and then I’m gonna go into that really
pukey brown shade with the exact same brush and then I’m gonna buff that
underneath the lower lash line as well so I want to go in with a really dark
and grungy lip as well so I’m gonna go into my NYX liquid suede cream lipstick
and this is in the shade Brooklyn thorn not 100% sure how I feel about this lip
with this look but it’s what we’re going with so alright guys so that completes
today’s look using the new Juvias place Nomad palette really really beautiful
palette I would have to say that this performs just as well as all the other
Juvias places palettes do we all know the quality of Juvias place palettes
are like top-notch so if you’re in the market for a really nice affordable fall
palette that is very versatile and has all those really nice grungy fall
eyeshadows I would highly recommend checking this palette again it retails
for $15 on the Juvias Place website its a steal and it is a little bit more
affordable than some of their other palettes again because the shadow pans
in here are a little bit smaller than their other palettes but absolutely love
this palette I will be playing with it a lot more and yeah let me know if you
enjoyed today’s look sound off below let me know kind of looks you want to see
next don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up before you leave in with that
being said guys thank you so much I love you and I’ll catch you in my next video

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