100 thoughts on “JULY FAVORITES | 2019

  1. I got the first aid beauty primer in ipsy and just tried it last week for the first time havent used anything elses since! And I have oily skin but it still holds my makeup and all day and makes it look so pretty !

  2. Kathleen, don't know if you will read this (probably not) but I ordered from colourpop for the first time and I got the Zodiac and dream street palette and I have to say I absolutely loooove the Dream Street Palette, it's seriously so good and the perfect everyday palette! I think all the colors are very unique but at the same time so wearable! I just wanted to say you did such a good job with it :)) and I love it

  3. Omg I will never forget the balm’s schwing eyeliner!! I used it EVERYDAY my freshmen and sophomore year lmaoooooo

  4. I’m glad you mentioned citrine being dry because I bought it and it did not live up to the hype I thought it would 😭

  5. Lol yeaaa! I’m 26 and i remember when i was I primary school, bell bottoms were just 🔥🔥🔥 every girl in school wore them 😂

  6. I have been using the Essence princess false lash effect mascara, the Milani most loved mattes eye shadow palette and the Milani conceal and perfect concealer powder and I´ve been loving them, so good, not just for drugstore, but in general!

  7. I love these videos but low key hate them… I always go out and buy 90% of the things Kathleen recommends. 💸💸💸

  8. I HAVE and LUURRVE those jeans! So much so that I have it in two sizes cuz sometimes, I indulge too much 🤣🤣

  9. I've been really liking the new Edit palettes from Viseart (Rose & Warm). I also started using the Too Faced Sugar Peach palette and that's beautiful.

  10. I ordered just 2 of the Colourpop lippie tints last week & OF COURSE they were your fav 2 that you mentioned in this video! i think we’re soul sisters? 😉 & maybe it has something to do with the fact that i’m also an Aquarius ♒️💕

  11. The Strand is an amaaaaaaazing bookstore in NYC. Used books! New books! Rare books! You should go there the next time you’re in NY!

  12. It’s not a Kathleen’s video if there is no scent describe 😍😍😍 i love the way she describes everything’s scents. So fun and cute and unique.

  13. You’re the only youtuber that makes me spend money 😂 like i count on you only for your recommendations lol. i need everything KathleenLights likes lmao

  14. Jouer highlites are the best highlighters ever!!!!!! And yes I have try so many brands is the number one and this new one is sooooo gorgggg

  15. Girllll you started talking about the MUFE foundation and I’m not gonna lie… I was taken back a little. I have oily skin and LOVE this foundation but it is definitely one of those foundations that is so matte it makes my oily ass face look dry af

  16. The wet n wild brush reminds me of those toys I had growing up that was like a glittery wand that you turned upside down and it made a noise!!! Please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers those????

  17. Kathleen! Can you do a “my ideal wedding makeup” tutorial! I’m getting married in the fall and I love your videos!!!

  18. The Strand is a district on Galveston Island, TX, my hometown. The other lip tint in the combo is Treasure Island which totally leads me to believe it's about my little island. ✌️❤️🌴 #B.O.I.

  19. Cuando hablas de tus favoritos seria genial que prbaras todo en tu rostro! porque entonces no es posible saber como se ven puestos los productos

  20. Totally feel the struggle of jeans being too long as I am 4'11" 😂 Love your energy in all your videos by the way!! Its contagious!! 💕😊🙌

  21. I like how you get the short inseam for Jean's while when I get them I still have to cut a good 3 to 4 inches off 😂

  22. Love AEO too and they not only make tall, regular and short… They have extra short!!! I'm 5'1" and they are perfect!

  23. They discontinued that foundation I believe. But the glass package is different that is the photofocus foundation and the squeeze tube is the coverall range

  24. I hope you can sell the makeup bag internationally. I really want it and i love the color! I have been watching you for years! Godbless 😘

  25. I think the schwing liner looks sooo good… but it always rubbed off so easily on me 🙁 I have such watery eyes because of my contacts and it would constantly wipe off my wings lol, that’s why i never use it anymore!!

  26. Could you please list specifically which Xio necklaces do you have on? I love those three together and want them!

  27. The strand- the part of the beach where the tide comes in! See poem, One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand by Edmund Spenser

  28. This is the first time I’ve gotten to see your new…..lOOk😁 You always wear T shirts! They look great!! I mean there was nothing wrong with you before, but, you know what I mean.

  29. The makeup forever foundation did not work for me
    I really wanted it to, but it’s really not meant for oily skin because it doesn’t last.
    It’s just a weird foundation.
    I ended up giving it to my cousin who has dry skin, and it was perfect for her.
    Something doesn’t add up.
    Love you!

  30. To be fair, isn't JCat Japanese? Not a lot of shade differences amongst the Japanese population, sooooo…..

  31. A lot of Korean makeup brands don't cater to deeper skin tones because majority of their clientele are of fairer skin

  32. The pacman brush is so not affordable for me (bought it on ebay with original receipt and all that jazz) and am still waiting for it to arrive but sooooooooooooooooooooo excited for it!!! Man, I really wish stuff like that was available in Germany, too. Like for example the it cosmetics love is the foundation brush. I'd so so so love to get my hands on that as well…

  33. I face palm again… watch your KL favorites video a week late? Products you want are sold out. The power of KATHLEEN!

  34. I hated luminoso cause it was so glittery so it's funny to hear that I had tried the reformulation, I'm excited to try the new/original formulation

  35. The Strand is that part of the beach where the water meets the sand! Where everyone walks down the beach 🙂

  36. Who else was like "girl, be still!" When she was waving around that broken highlighter! I just saw it in my mind falling out the compact!!!!

  37. Re: The Strand. It is a famous bookstore in NYC, but for this collection I think they are referencing a 🏖 since Strand=beach.

  38. Colourpop ships out of Oxnard. Silverstrand is a beach community here. Surfer’s spot. Locals call it “the Strand.”

  39. Can you please do a tinted moisturizer video? I'm looking for something to wear instead of foundation but still gives me some coverage that stays.

  40. Kathleen, have you tried the first aid coconut smoothie primer? If so how does it compare to the first aid one you have here? I went to sephora to try to compare and I was told that one was at ulta only and the other exclusively at Sephora but both are about equally hydrating (coconut is deweyer) but wanted your opinion. I’ve been a fan for a while and am so lucky that your skin type is so similar to mine which is why your recommendations are super helpful to me personally (I’ve also been using the mufe velvet for a while and loving it). Btw I’ve wanted to as for a while, have you tried the unite 7 seconds leave in?- I know you like briogeo but you should also try unite if you haven’t

  41. The WnW foundation was released in the tube first. And I believe the formula did change when they switched to the bottle.

  42. So pretty from the eyes down but your eyebrows just keep getting larger and larger…they take up more space than your eyes and they drag your face down SO much. What a waste. 🙁

  43. I used to wear bell-bottoms, too! I'm 34, so we were kids/teens at different times, but I was all about bell-bottoms for a hot minute.

  44. I'm catching up on Kathleen's videos, so this comment is super late. BUT I honestly got so confused when she transitioned from the wet n wild to the makeup forever foundations. Omg so trippy. I had to rewind lol

  45. Kathleen! this is just totally an idea but you should get the colouredraine mystery box! it's 35$ for 150$ worth of stuff, and could you do like a reveal and maybe try on style too? 🙂 i have been debating buying it but would love to see what you think and if it is worth the money!

  46. The jeans are flares. 😉 Bell bottoms are bigger…….yes……I am older than you and wore the bell bottoms when popular, then it turned into flares🤣🤣🤣

  47. I’m sorry if this question has already been answered…but I was wondering if the makeup bag is TSA approved. Thank you!

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