Jousting with Jason Sudeikis and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-new episode
of “What The Fit.” This is a show
where I basically go and I get my friends to do
things they wouldn’t
normally do. They’re all based around
a physical fitness workout. So I wanna do things that can motivate and inspire
those to get fit. Now that I’m done with that
let’s talk about my guest today. I got my guy Jason Sudeikis. We’re going to Medieval Times
and we’re gonna get trained. We’re gonna get trained
to be knights.( music playing )( grunts ) To learn how to be a knight
would be an amazing, physical fitness activity. Oh, God. Oh, Jason. Hey. Hey– ( laughs ) ( laughing )
You look like the Tin Man. I’m all right. We’re all right. Oh. It’s so ( bleep ) loud! – ( laughing ) It’s so loud.
– It’s loud. Oh, but it’s also hot,
Kevin. Yeah, it’s not just loud. It’s also really–
really G-D hot. You know what?
How about we take it off? – Yeah.
– Why– We’ll take it off. – Take it off then we’ll put it
back on.
– We’ll put it on the roof. – There you go.
There you go.
– Yeah, yeah.( music playing )– Look at this.
– What is that? I brought–
I brought a blowtorch. – Why do you have a blowtorch?
– Pliers. For what, Jason?
What are you doing? So we can get Medieval
on their ass. – No. They’re not–
– We’re gonna get Medieval
on their ass, – like “Pulp Fiction.”
– Is that a ball gag? – What are you doing?
– I don’t know. Is it, Kevin? I didn’t know what it was
until you named it. Just glanced at it
real quick and just goes,
“Is that a ball gag?” I don’t think that’s the type of
Medieval that we’re gonna get. – Jason: All right.
– Kevin: Here’s what I did. All right, we’re going
to train to be knights. – Mm-hmm.
– I thought that we should
at least learn a vocabulary – that was knight friendly.
You know what I mean?
– True. We can– We can compete
at least on a vocabulary level. – Look at what I have.
– What do you got here? Tell me
what you think it is. Woman:
Welcome to learning
the Queen’s English.
– Perfect.
Lesson one.Repeat after me.– ( British accent ) After me.
How do you do?( mimicking woman’s voice )
How do you do? ( shouting )
How do you do?Would you like some tea?( British accent )
Would you like some tea? ( British accent )
Would you like some tea? Do knights drink tea? – Probably not.
That’s quite a lot of butter,little brother.( British accent )
That’s quiet a lot,
little– That’s quite a lot, little– – But– Butter, little brother.
– Yeah.I am a princess.( high-pitched voice )
I’m a little princess. ( British accent )
Then eat a little bit of butter
and drink some tea. – Jason: ( high-pitched voice )
– ( both laugh )( music playing )Kevin:
All right. We are here.
( grunts ) – Sparks! You see the sparks!
– Sparks. – ( grunts )
– Kevin: Oh, they’re going
through it. See? – But you see
how intense they are?
– Yes. – Yeah–
– This is not–
This is not a game. ( grunts ) Kevin:
Did they– Oh, God. – Hi, guys. Welcome, welcome.
– Hey, how you doing? – Jason.
– Come on down. ( British accent )
I– I wanna know
if anybody wants some tea. Yeah, we’re working
on the voices. ( British accent )
Does anybody want any tea? Spot of tea. – Or Nutty Butter?
– Jason: No. – No.
– No, but we will go
over some jousting. – Kevin and Jason: Okay. Okay.
– Some fights. And, uh, we’re gonna get
you guys tournament ready. And if the queen deems
you worthy to compete– Oh, ( bleep )! – We have to meet the queen?
– Jason: Yeah. ( British accent )
Do we get to meet the queen? If you perform well enough,
yeah. – So, we’re gonna suit up.
– Okay. – We’re gonna suit up?
– You gotta wear the uniform. – Oh!
– You guys set? Okay.
Absolutely. Let’s go.
So we’re gonna suit up. If–
If the glove don’t fit… – Right?
– …you must acquit. Who am I? Guess who? Cuba! Cuba! – Who am I? Ring any bells?
Ring any bells?
– Ain’t my glove. Whatever happened
to O.J.? ( laughs ) Kevin:
Oh, this is like some
“Game of Thrones.”
Oh! Where is the queen? Where is she? So, we’re gonna go into how to–
how to kill and how to die. I’m one of the best
diers ever, so. – You’ll see. He’s right.
– Man: All right. So what we’re gonna do is,
you just wanna give him
a good hit. There. – Yeah.
– So, you hear that slap? So, he’s dying now,
right? – Now, what I really wanna do
is I wanna take him…
– That guy died? …and I’m just gonna
throw him out. That’s called taking out
the trash. – So you think you can do better
than that?
– Well, he– He’s not gonna get an Oscar
anytime soon, I tell you that. You just wanna keep your hands
out of the way. There you go. All right. – ( groans )
– Nice, nice. And now we take out the trash
and– ( screams ) ( groans ) ( groans ) Yeah. ( groans ) ( groans and cries ) You did a little better
than that. ( groans ) ( groans ) We’re gonna have to charge extra
when you do the show. No. No. – All right.
– ( groans ) He’s okay.
He’s okay. – Jason: Everybody.
– ( groans ) – Jason.
– Jason: It’s all right. – Me? Me, Jason?
– Jason, call my– – Me? Yeah.
– Call my aunt. Tell her I didn’t pay all
of the cable bill. Okay, okay. Anything. – And go feed my dogs.
– You got it. – ( crying )
– Absolutely. Both of them.
Both of them? You’re gonna make it.
It’s okay. Oh! – You son of–
– I forgot to tell you. I forgot
to tell you one last thing. One last thing, yes, of course.
Please, anything,
anything, anything. I watch a lot of porn
in the summertime. – Who doesn’t?
– Whoa. Uh– Uh– All right, that’s like
a three minute death. You just–
You just gotta die
and then that’s it. – Man: That’s all.
– This is a miscommunication. – Okay, yeah. You just gotta
let the guys know.
– That’s all that is. Yeah, you just gotta tell me
the time of death. – Give him a time window.
– Yeah, you gotta give me
a time. You didn’t say
how much time I had to die. – Yeah, that’s very true.
– I didn’t think it had
to be very specific, – but all right.
– Yeah, I’m sorry. – All right, so.
– You wanna die, Jason?
Let Jason die. – I mean, you don’t–
– Your turn? – And guide this arm. All right.
– ( groans ) ( groans ) ( groaning ) – ( groaning continues )
– Kevin: This is good. Kevin: This is good.
This is so good. – ( groaning continues )
– This is so good. This is so good. – So good.
– I gotta go the other way,
I’m gonna puke. – So good.
– ( groaning continues ) Oh, this is so good. – ( groaning continues )
– ( bleep ) ( mimics farting ) No, gas, of course. You’re a dead body.
Yeah, farts. Yeah, farts, if you die. Everybody knows that.
This is great. ( farting continues ) – This is definitely a workout.
– Jason: Yeah. I will– I will
a hundred percent admit that. We’re gonna move on
to some jousting. Kevin: This reminds me
of the train station
where I grew up. Yo, yo, yo,
we ain’t gonna pay today. And you run.
( grunts ) Jump the train station. That’s like some little thug
stuff I just told y’all. Jason, you don’t know nothing
about hopping the trains. No, no. You know what I would do
if I wanna get in a house? House, you know,
when no one’s there. – Through the doggy door.
I’d go through the–
– There you go. ( groans )
Through the doggy door.
Just like that. – Different neighborhood,
different childhood.
– Much different. – Much different.
– Different childhood. – ( laughs )
– Completely different
childhood. – Yeah, of course.
– All right, with this lance – I’m gonna charge
with this horse,
– Jason: Great. Yeah. I’m gonna hit him in the shield. – Man 2: Look down.
– Look down? ( Kevin screams ) Yeah, I’m confused. – I saw what he did,
– Yeah. but I’m saying, what do you– What do you want me
and Jason to do?
What do we do? Oh, you’re–
You’re gonna take the hit. All right, well,
Jason, you’re up. Oh.
( laughs ) You’re gonna be great, Jason. – Means a lot.
– This is gonna make
great television. That’s all you gotta
think, man. So you’re like this
in a prone position. When I say, “Present,”
you’re gonna go like that. – Like that?
– Yes, sir. – You got it, Jason.
– I’m gonna say that – when he’s about halfway.
– Jason: Okay. – You ready, sir?
– Ready. – All right.
– Make sure you present it. Man 2: Present.
Look down. – Man 2: Nice!
– ( screams ) – ( screams )
– In yo face! – Jason, you–
– Man 2: Can you see okay? – Yeah.
– Congratulations. – You did it. You got juice-ted.
– That was good. I– I– All right, Kevin,
you’re up. Well, I don’t– I don’t
know if I get to do it. – No, no, no, you’re up.
– ( groans ) All right. Here we go. Helmet first. – Can you see?
– Yeah, I can see. Uh, it really hurts,
Kevin. – What?
– Nothing. Jason–
( laughs ) – Horse is ready.
– Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – What the ( bleep ) is that?
– That was a wind up. Okay,
can I just be honest? – Sure.
– A little piece
of poop came out. Yeah. – You ready?
– Okay. All right. – He’s ready.
– All right. – He’s a warhorse.
– All right. Man 2:
All right, Jesse,
here we go. Present! Did it happen? Is it over? Did I do it?
( screams ) Oh! ( groans ) Jason: ( laughs )
Look at that.
Oh, no. Oh, boy.( farts )( music playing )Kevin:
Oh, my God! – Let me smell your breath.
– How– Smell my breath. ( sniffs )
Will do, will do. ( British accent )
– Hello.
– Hello. – Well done, my Lords.
– My Lady. – We’ve– We’ve trained
as knights.
– I’m right here. – Yeah.
– I understand, and surprisingly,
you’ve exceeded
my expectations. Yes, yes, yes. – But– Yes.
– Go on. And, as queen,
I would very much like to, uh… Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Spit it out. – You’re gonna what?
– …knight you. ( both scream ) We’re about
to get knighted. Hey! You’ll have to teach me
the dance later. – Please kneel before me.
– Kevin: Okay. – Kevin: All right.
– Yes. Right. By the Holy Order
of Saint Martin– ( screams ) – Jason: Kevin! Kevin!
– ( bleep )! Damn! – I barely touched you.
– I’m just joking. – Kevin: I was joking.
– Jason: We gotcha. – I knew he was kidding
I knew he was kidding.
– Sorry. – All right, shall we start
– Kevin: I’m sorry. Yes, yes. – All right, ready?
– Jason: Please be careful.
He’s the money. By the Holy Order
of Saint Martin, I raise you to knights
of the realm. Go ahead and rise. I feel different. – Getting good stuff.
– Thank– Thank you, my Lady.
My Lady. So, part of being knights
of the realm… – Yes.
– …you are to compete
in tonight’s tournament in front
of the entire kingdom, in which one of you might
be our true champion. Kevin: Done. – This is big. Thank you.
– Yeah. Oh. – My Lady.
– My Lord. I’m gonna go–
I’m gonna go enjoy a nice– Please. Please. – Hey, take it easy.
– Good luck tonight.( music playing )( cheers and applause ) Good and gracious nobles,
welcome. Tonight, two new knights
of the realm will fight to the death. ( cheers and applause ) I give to you your black
and white knight, Sir Jason Sudeikis! ( cheers and applause ) Audience: ( chanting )
Jason! For his opponent,
I give to you your champion, Sir Kevin Hart! – ( cheers and applause )
– Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! You! Audience: ( chanting )
Kevin! Announcer:
Are you prepared
for final combat? My Lords, when you are ready,
play on. ( screams ) – ( grunts )
– ( screams ) ( grunting ) ( grunts ) ( groans ) You okay? ( groaning )( music playing )Audience: ( chanting )
Jason! Yes! I gotta thank Jason Sudeikis
for another amazing episode. Thank you to everybody
at Medieval Times. What a workout. As you can see
I’m sweating like hell. I got nothing but respect
for these knights. I love you all. ( grunts )
Thank guys so much. For more jousting action, what I want you guys to do is go
check out my YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud, and subscribe. Why? Because I said so. If you don’t do it, I’ll
go Medieval on your ass.

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