JORDANA Black Pearl METALLIC MATTE Liquid Lipstick Color REVIEW & lip SWATCHES from Walgreens!

Wow, I got these for $4.99 a piece at
Walgreens and they are blowing my mind! *Intro music* What up babes? Ashley Elizabeth here with
AEHM artistry I actually had a different video planned for today, but I
picked up these bad boys at Walgreens. and I just had to show you guys! I couldn’t keep it to myself. I wanted to scream up in the mountains! How gorgeous these liquid lipids are. They’re there Jordana Black Pearl
Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick. So, get ready to be shook-eth! Alright so, they did
have 8 shades to choose from I just picked up these 4 right here. Which is a Sorceress, Riveting Red, Alchemy, and Cosmic Nights. So, they have a couple more that are more in the red family and one black and I have to
see what the other one is (its a navy blue one). First tried the Sorceress, which is the green one, a
couple days ago and I swiped it on & instantly I was falling in love! Oh, my
goodness! You’ll see why! So, I ran down to Walgreens a few days later and I
picked up 3 more. So, I haven’t tried the other colors yet. I hope that
they live up to how much I loved the first one. First, I’ll show you the one that I tried. Sorceress and it is a really pretty green with like some black undertones to it. You guys, that is one swipe. One swipe! Oh! Not patchy or anything and it smells like cupcakes or frosting or something. If you ever smelled the NYX butter glosses, this is what that smells like. And it is so yummy! So pretty for Christmas time too. Even some nice wicked lips for Halloween or any Tuesday, whatever! Next, let’s do cosmic nights. Which is this really pretty purpley bluish one. Hello! Ok, this one i know i’m gonna
have to do a second layer. Not quite as intense right at the beginning. Ok, that’s cosmic nights and oh my gosh, you guys. That is so freaking pretty. Just a really pretty blue with some very light purpley undertones Mmmm! I really love these. *EEIK!* Next up, let’s do riveting red. Wow, that is gorgeous! If anybody is Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, run and go and get this
because it is perfection! It also reminds me of a big ol
Christmas present, maybe it’s my little choker bow, but oh this will be so pretty
for the season! I am so obsessed. The shine but yet the
matte-ness is just amazing. Nothing. Hello! I would say, these are totally kiss proof! And last but not least, let’s go ahead and try Alchemy, that really pretty brown-ie
color By the way, these have a nice little sponge tip applicator, pretty standard,
but it has a very nice curve. I don’t know if you can tell and it’s a nice
pointed tip as well. So if you don’t want to use a brush separately, if you’re on the go, this should be pretty easy to apply. Wowie brownie wowie. Alright so, these are all the swatches just on my hand and you know what, I have to say, the
color payoff is freakin amazing. The wear of it feels very
comfortable. It doesn’t feel tight, it doesn’t feel drying, it doesn’t feel like
anything. It just is amazing. I’m a really super impressed. Alright so, if you have
any friends who are struggling to find a good liquid lippie go ahead and send them a link to this video! So they can know too that this stuff is amazing and it’s
only $4.99 at Walgreens! I scoured the internet to see if this was available anywhere else I didn’t see it on Walgreen’s website yet and I didn’t even
see it on Jordana’s website yet. So, I don’t know if it’s limited edition or
what but run to your stores and pick you up a wand or two because *mmm* beautiful. I would really, really love it if you guys would go check out a couple other
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can’t help myself! You guys, thank you so much for watching! And don’t forget to
have a great lovely day!

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