JerryBox Makeup Mirror Unboxing Buy It as New Year Gift With Coupon Code

Hey All and welcome to my channel I noticed it’s been a little while since I last did an unboxing video so yeah hooray we’re
gonna be having an unboxing day this one I’m really excited about and I have
something for you too but we’ll get to that soon. Let’s see what’s in the box I’m just kidding I knew what this was. But it’s a really awesome this it is a
tri-fold LED touchscreen makeup mirror yeah you heard me.
Ordered it off Amazon from Jerrybox store and it was practically here the
next day it was awesome fast shipping all right well let’s see what comes in
the box and with it Oh instructions these help a lot there
so itty bitty tiny and cute miniature good thing my eyesight’s still good up close. So it
looks like the main mirror comes with a USB charger cord and it looks like the
base for the mirror and this is really simple to put together
it’s just a of course I’ll have trouble snap now
let’s see what this baby can do oh wait there’s one more thing in here a little magnification mirror which is not
good for me personally but I know a lot of people really like them so it’s a
good thing, and it’s got the little suction cuppy’s okay after having it out of the box it
looks very sleek and modern and it’s I like it and Oh neat it’s super flexible
to belong to being compact and portable it’s super awesome for travel or just if
you’re somebody that’s on the go too. The tri folding side mirrors are awesome
time savers especially for me when I’m doing my hair since they allow you to
see easily from whatever angle that you need to be becaus they reflect into
each other so the best part about this is it rocks some super bright white LED
lights that simulate natural daylight and daylight thing is crucial really
when it comes to videoing especially and doing your makeup lights can be dimmed
if you hold the power button down and hold it dims back up. So no more crooked
ponytails or half-done make it for this girl. Now to power those lights you have
two choices back here you have the cable the USB cable that came with the in
package and or you can use four AA batteries which are not included but I
love the option. This is definitely one of those had to have a glad I did because I don’t know how I ever would have gotten ready without it and makeup
tools yeah for sure now I have something for you ah you thought I forgot didn’t ya in the description is a link to the
mirror and a 15% discount code valid until the end of 2018
courtesy of Jerrybox thank you. so if unboxings DIY projects beauty
fashion and life hacks are kind of your thing
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if you have a must-have beauty skincare makeup tool let me know about it in the
comments I’m always looking for new things like that and alright we’ll see
you next video alright, bye.

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