Japanese Kawaii 5 MINUTE MAKEUP TUTORIAL for Kimono|Girl VS Boy

Yui Minakata’s makeup is really cute and charming. Apply just on half of the mouth. – This trendy makeup is all the rage now.
– Nooo! 5 minutes challenge : Kawaii Japanese Kimono makeup Today I will try to imitate Yui Minakata’s Kimono Makeup in 5 minutes. If you’re going to a Japanese festival in a hurry, this tutorial may help you. In five minutes! Let’s do it right away! Makeup Start First, the powder. I won’t have enough tome to apply foundation all over the face. That is why applying just powder instead. It’s a clear pink powder. Since Yui Minakata has such a clear and beautiful skin I chose this clear pink powder. Next, I’m using this white eye shadow adding it to the inner corner of the eye in a boomerang shape. Making your eyes look a little bit moist Then using this light brown eye shadow, applying it all over the eye lid. Ryu you did it the other way around, right?! Yes, I used brown first, and then I applied white on the inner corners of my eyes. – What was your motive behind that? I’m so sad today, so I expressed this profound feeling with this white. Next is the red tinted pink shadow. Yui Minakata told me she stretches it out a bit so I’m stretching it out as well. Next, using fake lashes. Choosing some that are wide and opened up. They look a bit bushy but quite natural. Yui Minakata has quite dolly eyes, that is why I made the lashes very droopy. – Oh yes, you certainly did. I did something that I would usually not do in my daily makeup routine. I used these fake lashes here and they actually look really natural on me. Yes, they look rather natural on you. – They may look like my own lashes.
– Nice for a second attempt at fake lashes! I think I look better with than without. Next step: Yui Minakata’s has chosen red as a main color. – I thought so.
– Exactly. I chose an eyeliner with a vibrant color from the brand COUPY-PENCIL. Using it on the outside and moving it upwards. I also added the red on the bottom of my eyes too. I thought she used some red lipgloss and that is why I use one as well. Apply very generously. Me as well! Super generously. Why apply it only halfway of your lips? Apply it on one side. This will be a new trend in 2016. Nooo! After that, drawing the eyebrows. Yui Minakata drew it sideways, dropping down, and that’s what to be done. And after that, applying a pink blush onto my cheeks. I’m adding it up here, in a round motion, making it cuter. Yui’s makeup is in general so cute, very charming. – That’s why I tried to make the cheeks as cute as I can. The next one was a bit of a problematic situation. – What problem?
– Your eye line is so strange! You don’t think it’s a problem?! The lashes were black, that is why I chose a black eyeliner to cover that area. Yes, this is super black. I wanted to express the blackness. – No matter how you look at it, it is black.
– No doubt! I was aiming for that black look. Oh! No way! Ryu’s Makeup Misato’s makeup Today’s MAKEUP tips! If you want to do this in 5 minutes you need to forget about applying foundation Also, finish off the main points of the makeup first. That’s the key. What do you think? Do just half of the face. Doing just half of the face, you’ll have extra time. I am not sure about that. It’s really clear WHAT I applied, and WHERE. I understand but … Mission accomplished! Is that what we really need here? This will become a trend for sure! The half-lip? OK! We have other makeup videos too! Please watch them. Check them out!

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