James Charles Does My Makeup BLINDFOLDED!

I dont really know how there’s mascara up everywhere when I didn’t use mascara Hey guys, it’s molly here again for another video and hi sisters sister james is here Oh my god You guys have been requesting this non-stop and this guy hit me up and I was like dying a little inside but try and be like low-key about us or be like Oh, it’s still it’s still still but I was like we needed a sister Club The blindfolded makeup challenge on YouTube has been a huge thing and I was like forever we need to take it to the next level next Blind girl makeup time double the blind makeup challenge. I was so excited Molly is someone that I’ve loved I just found her through clubbing with Shane, but I have like been binge watching all our videos. I have been obsessed with you I think you’re so cute I think you have the best positive outlook ever on life which makes me so happy because I feel like there’s a lot of negativity and I Love you, and I was so excited to do this today, and I think we have something Crazy planned I cannot believe You’re about to to make me do this But it’s gonna be everything so over on James Channel have the video linked below I did his makeup Of course without blindfolds cuz life blindfolded me naturally and then here I’m having this one Blindfold himself and he got his little Louie Vuitton Scarf that he wore to Coachella out Oh, I’m all sistered out too – yeah So I asked him to do he’s like full-on glam Like I want you to try to do me like solid contour the full eye look like I want you to go ham without seeing I’m nervous. I think that where as you did my makeup obviously completely blind I do have a little bit of an advantage here being that I know your face and what it looks like? right Good luck too- that’s all I have to say. I’m sister spooked. Should we get blindfolded. Let’s do it you feeling ready Yeah, I think so ok here we go here we go! I believe in you, I believe in you positive vibes positive vibes. Okay, so well i’d up, okay So use your fingers a lot when you’re blending foundation, right, right I’ve used a beauty blender today, but I grabbed two foundations starting off with the Giorgio Armani luminous silk Which yes, this is this one right here that I also got the Too Faced Born This Way, which is my personal favorite Oh, it’s literally the best in the entire world. Finally has pretty nice skin, so I don’t want different like full full full coverage We’ll stick with like the eyes when it comes to full coverage glam. I’m scared. I don’t feel like You’re the truest of beauty. Gurus James IV. I don’t think those squirts are very close together. That’s right here This is so you haven’t started, you know as a boy. How did you first start getting into makeup? Okay, so I started doing makeup on other people first if I ever did it on myself So I was definitely like a makeup artist before I was I makeup influencer I guess you could say I used to do hair before I didn’t make up one time My friend was late for her appointment at Mac when she was going to fall if I did her hair So she asked me if I would just like do her makeup and hope it would look good and it turned out actually pretty okay horst been watching you do two rows before him for the boys and be Interested in it and like ordered a bunch of starter stuff online and built a laquet and then started practicing This is crazy because literally I can’t even ask you how I’m doing so far Now it feels like you’ve got everyone just over blend. That’s like the go-to move for blind makeup lovers that’s coming It’s such a big tube and then the dough foot is so big it really is Everything about often know is I feel like nope. So wrong what so wrong. That’s my bro. Yeah I’m going to die tomorrow. I know I am okay. I’m where I want to be I think okay Now I see why you use your finger for this stuff cuz there’s no like distance. And what’s we in life? I don’t know We’re trying to conceal but it’s an interesting Placement make you look beautiful. I mean you already do what I was gonna say. Excuse me This is so much harder than I thought. It was gonna be a pump being completely honest You know, I’m just put this right on my yeah. Oh my god. Okay. Look on the harder % easier Yeah, I’ll be interested to see how you feel about how you’ve done I know buddy perfection this when it comes to like my own makeup an associate doing other people’s as well my god You’re pulling all my lashes out. Oh really? How is dating for you? Oh good. I actually wrote an article for Vice I’ll link it below about dating as a blind woman And you know, I was just really honest about the fact that there’s ways that I can experience physical attraction still How does your family feel when he started getting into makeup? it was definitely a mixed Reaction. My dad is very Catholic and like raised us to be very Catholic which I have never been very religious at all obviously I was scared starting off with my father because he was Catholic and my mom was also really concerned as well because she thought I was transgender when I started doing makeup, but she wasn’t not about but if you’re trans, I got very it’s a long process. It’s a lot Yeah, definitely a lot also as well. Like I said beforehand I have switched my interest a lot throughout my life So when I started doing makeup and it was like oh my god mom and dad like can help me like set up the studio Like I want to buy this makeup stuff, they caught me by lights. Like I need to buy a camera. They’re like no sister Yeah Like you’re gonna get bored of this in 20 minutes and we’re gonna have thousands of dollars that we don’t have down the drain I don’t blame them yet. I cannot find my powder right now being that I did do that a lot when I was young I would switch interest all the time. Yeah now it’s your career Yeah, also now it’s kind of forced me to really like stay on top of it and stay creative which is really really awesome Thankful for because I do love this industry now, they’re literally my number one fans. It’s peeling around hi eyelid So I make sure that there’s nice and set in place. I feel good with the babe I need to contour your face. Now. These are my blending brushes I know that for sure and these are my wishes I always do things that I’m passionate and that I know like People my friends are gonna love but also things that I know haters are going to hate And that gets people talking and at the end of the day like it just gives me more Views, right? So like I’m doing stuff that I love I’m having fun while doing it My followers are all laughing along with me and the haters are so mad. I don’t know recently All right, if there’s like an awkward cutoff, that’s because we’re both blind right now So the camera stopped recording and neither of us could see it so we don’t know where we were I’m just like really going in with a contour making sure everything is very much blended together I think the contour it’s like I’m making a break at moment. I messed this up, which is already well cut up It could be all over for us because you can’t feel contour. Oh Then I can’t even tell you it and give you like a check-in of like yeah you’re doing okay This is the saddest makeup stroll ever. I am going to highlight you get some of that blinding highlight. Oh my god I just just got it. I think this Anyway fix+ wherever she is Blind sister problems. Oh, we found it for you it was Nestled in with the brushes. I’m gonna give you if it’s squirt, okay Feeling moistened It’s like raining in here right now. Yeah, happy phone right here. I can feel that you have got cheekbones Thank god you’re in my know. This is your cheekbone. No with the brush. You put it in my lash well
That’s something a personal problem you I haven’t been able to open my eyes till now because fix+ was dripping into them those lash Extensions there. Honestly, they’re worth it if you’re blind and can’t do mascara. Other than that Don’t get those nobody like call me and be willing to do my lashes for free. What’s your favorite step of doing your makeup, right? 150 percent everybody needs to blend more blend blend like you’re doing your makeup blindfold blend like you’re blind hashtag I like your eyes doctor, honey That is not sisters apparel that is that sisters apparel X Molly Bob. Yes. There we go our our collab on Apparel I couldn’t date another youtuber. No, that’s what I could ever Oh Um, I give a ship name down below please do jolly oh my god, there we go Josie I like obviously you have worked very hard to them now very large and the beauty space and for me like I’ve had a lot of Different guys like try to hook up with me you’re talking some way and it’s every single time I’ll talk to them for a little bit and it’s very apparent I just need like a hometown a normal person but also like my life is so crazy I don’t ever want to come home from work some day and like want to like complain to my husband about like how weird it Was like anything rash never be like jealous of it? I was like, you know like Understanding like I want to be able to like have a really cool story time and him be like a wall That is so crazy. They can so cool like her back to the Applicator issue. I can’t exactly didn’t I’m gonna write that I get this. I’m all he’s ever I know you have a bit more Brown than I do. So I’m gonna try to end this a little bit up worth maybe like your eyebrow Sir, yeah, I think so a hole or somewhere close to it. Yeah, this is too challenging for me luckily I’m not going out anywhere tonight. I’m also the queen of facetune so it god forbid Facetune isn’t accessible thanks to Knight. Oh, you guys are watching me right now. I just made your up number two worldwide I tried lost my video. So you’re probably watching this club make it accessible Come on get on it. Even sister Molly needs to tune her photos. Probably don’t know well so I can see where this is So hard, ah struggle. Yes, we found shape tape. I’m gonna put a little bit of this on your eyelid I think I already like put it there to begin with Is there even concealer on your finger a little I put the little speck cuz I put okay pretty shy plus the one earlier What’s it I shadow. Yes your favorite. Yeah what I can see it. I Want to use the morphia chocolate hell I set up a light I think So you’re telling you were telling me I memorize where my favorite shadows are in a palette. I Don’t do that. I think I do have a lot of these memorize though a lot So I know this one is a very bright like highly detailed This one is as well And then I don’t want like all these shadows up like in the top two rows are all like burnt red and oranges There’s like if oh, these two are shimmery shades right here There’s like a muted because it got bright pink and a champagne color right up in here I know the bottom left hand corner is a shimmery blue and a shimmery purple I’m not gonna use those today because I don’t know which one is which no and that scares me What color scheme are you going for with my eyes? Wait, you love purple. I do. It’s my favorite color I don’t trust myself to give you a purple smokey here though. I can give you a really bond purple smokey eye battle That’s gonna make you really happy what I can see when we go on a double date. Yeah, okay Yeah, I promise you I will give you a really bad person. Okay, I think that this bottom left-hand corner is the teal shade I think that this is the purple shade I think that this is the dark blue shade and I think that this might be The green shade comment down below and let us know how well he’s doing. Please don’t actually because all gonna be hate comments Okay, you’ve got this I don’t give up so, okay I need to pick a blending brush for this and I’m no scared because when Molly zombies they’re dirty and some of these are there almost altered. Well, I don’t clean my eyeshadow brushes I don’t pay somebody to do it. Here are the words. I love that you’re like living Buju. Yeah I’m I’m like, like I’m experiencing you’re unlike you can afford it and you’re living. I can’t quite hear it seriously I’m like, oh my god, you have Gucci belt. So I will just like touch them I guess I’ll just do it and if you end up with a purple smokey eye, I guess you’ll you know What like if it’s not as bad, you know, well I will make you I want to make this good I need to start off with a blend a transition shade so I know that Underneath the highlighting is you didn’t in are in the top left hand corner. There’s a transition shade Somewhere nearby and my feeling okay their son feels very used. So it’s probably your Transition shade. Whoa, you your figure out the blind girl life acts love that for me Okay, I’m gonna grab this one on this fluffy brush, which I am praying has no other color a product I’m gonna tap a little bit off and we’re gonna go right in on system all these eyes Do you call your family members sister? Yeah boys sister mom Well, that’s sister Christy cute. How does your dad and brother feel about being sisters? They love it don’t ever admit it but they love it and I saw my dad like father Charles and then Ian is just too Sorry, anyways, Oh, where’s your eyeball this feels right, right? Sure, I think so I think some of its right. I mean that’s under my eye. Yeah, do you mean to go there? No, it’s not This is to the left. You’re right. My mom is well, wait. Am I under your eyeball? No I know you were on my eyeball, but you’ve gone under no basis to the right of your angle. This is not under your eye Just give the camera a little look-see This is so hard So tough As he sits there with his like Louie Vuitton scarf on in his own merch line with this This is so crazy to feels like makeup is such a visual art And yeah, so praise me that you it’s amazing that you have such a huge passion for it I rely on to me, it’s always so much that like sighted people can’t do makeup without American utterly young like to me I’m just like second second nature just like people were like How is she still got of doing this so she can see like I could never do that I’m like sure I couldn’t do it day one either Well, you know you learn you practice you get used to it and now like blindness is my life You did the center of my nose Ya, I figured that out. Thank you so much, sweet. Okay, another blush when you launch a palate, can I come to the party? Of course, girl. I see all these beauty gurus going to these launch parties and I’m like, oh, that looks so fun. Oh you have to be there; of course sister Okay. I have a brush in my hand. I don’t know if there’s color on this. Oh get over it! Just do it I just I see this is so crazy because I am such a perfectionist like I Lesson for you James. Yeah, don’t be a perfectionist like nobody’s 100% present perfect at 100% of what they try to do We are not robots and even robots screw up because they’re not perfect yet. right life lessons with Molly Burke. Lean back a little bit. It’s okay Okay I’m gonna take what I think is hopefully a burnt orange-y red shade called Jax I know this cuz I looking at the pallet earlier today On the outer corner of Molly’s lid. See it’s funny cuz people you can say things like you know it and people won’t question You if you’re right because you’re blindfolded. I’ll say it like I know I’m people like see she’s faking it I’m like, no, it’s just cuz I know. that is so funny to me. I cannot even believe that is a real thing I talked about in a video how I thought I was legally blind once and people were like call me a liar They’re like, yeah you’re lying, but you’re not like – no people can be legally blind without glasses on. Yes But when they get it corrected if it’s like if it can be corrected You’re not like considered legally blind like you could still drive. Yeah, as long as you’re wearing your contacts or glasses, you’re fine I really want to get LASIK or PRK when I’m older You can’t get it until you’re hit a certain age though, because your eyes are so like developing I guess. Which is so annoying because I’m literally way more and more blind every single year. Hm, I feel you With the degenerative disease situation I’ve got going on literally We’re gonna have a real blind cloud one day exactly if you were on the sudden one day to get sight again What would be the first thing that you would do? Look in the mirror. Yeah sounds so narcissistic No no you all know everybody in the comment section, you know You would do the same thing. Oh, 100% you had not seen yourself in 10 years and magically got sight back You’d be like hand me a mirror. What do I look like how have things changed? Although I think as I age it’s gonna be a even more of a blessing thing that I can’t see myself I won’t. Oh my god. I’m wrinkly. Okay I’m gonna use the Stila liquid metals and put this on Molly’s eyelid because I love these. Yes. I like steel uh-oh They don’t support Stila doesn’t get enough cred No, they don’t they were very small, I think it’s cuz their prices are way too high. True But honestly, you can say that about a lot of makeup brands. I’m gonna try to carve out your lid which *sigh* That’s right in your inner corner, right? Yeah, I think that’s pretty much for one. You did pretty good. Okay, I would say love thought what color is it? I don’t know. I Figured you would pre picked it. Well, I did I I don’t need the name, just the color. It’s like a rosy gold type of shade. Oo, pretty. Ya, I really love these I feel like rose gold on my like blue-green eyes with me like would help make them pop Yeah, I don’t like- you are under my eye. Oh, shoot. Okay, there we go, stay in the corner. I don’t like using – go up in there. Okay, cool using dofa applicators is hard. I mean, it’s – really really hard I don’t find it hard because Now I’m used to it and I like you would find it easier if you were doing it blindfolded on your self on yourself Yeah, because like I know where my face is. Yeah, you know, I just took my blindfold off, but I’m closing my eyes Okay, I wanted how to cut my crease right now. Okay without Looking give it a go. I don’t this dofa applicator situation is getting me good Okay, there’s a oh, yeah, I guess it is much easier on yourself still very challenging now. I’m not gonna lie I want to see what that looks like Oh still not good Can you see any of the sparkles? I can’t see the sparkles But I can tell that it’s shiny. As my followers will know I can I see light and have some shadow perception So when I look at shiny and glittery things I can see it which is why the obsession with shiny and glitter is so real my mom told me I need to get a glitter boyfriend I was like, “I dooo!” You have James. He’s my glitter boyfriend. We’re glitter girlfriend, boyfriend. I love that for us. Ok, now I need to cut the other crease. Oh my god If the first one doesn’t even look at how am I gonna make that but you did both know I didn’t yeah you did You did both my mom’s agreeing. Yes. Oh god. So not only can you not see he’s just forgetting it takes a lot of memory Huh? Ya, being blind like my memories. My mom is over in the corner, right? Yes. She can attest My memory is insane. Really even I impress my own self with how good my memory is. That is the best. Okay I think that completes the eyes that leaves us with just lips. Are you doing any liner? Or are you just leaving it Eye shadow? Oooooo I feel like it already looks probably bad. It’s probably true I’m not gonna lie to you Wow, I would I’ve been really like full of faith and hope for you sister hope but um Honestly, I feel like there’s not much. Wow. Are you doing liquid lipstick? Yes. What? Oh, it’s it’s hard for me to do it myself you go. Thank you without words of encouragement. You really -You go, you go girl. You go Glen Coco! Oh my god, you’re right. This isn’t even worse dofa applicator cuz it’s like 80 feet away from my fingers Okay, I hate this. Okay. Where are your lips? They are. Oh, yeah, I Just I the first touch is already wrong. Keep Going. Right the best over liquid lipsticks you go to store 30 percent of your purchase. Wait, who’s by Oprah? I might be new they have by far d best liquid lipsticks on the entire market. That was your chin. Oh Oh my god, this just this is so hard this Is Really hard to do. What did you pick nude? Oh, it’s a good thing. It’s new That’s a oh my god, at least it won’t be like as visible, you know. Oh, there it is I can feel that there’s lipstick on here. I’m giving up at this point. Okay a really nice texture – yeah, it’s so good Thank you. Smaller lipstick That might be covered Or at least you want to reveal we have to do close-up beauty guru shots wait You have to teach me how to do the beauty guru face. Well, I can’t even see you. Okay, take your blindfold off We’re not going to just set your face first. Oh, okay. Our final step is gonna be to set my face in place So we can keep this beauty all day. Oh, I don’t even think we want to keep it on all day long anymore I’m sad now okay before I do a blow-up I really to say I genuinely wanted to do a really really good job on you and I Really try and my absolute best to do this I just want to say that you have made me so happy and if truly inspired me to just work that much harder at my Craft, so thank you for that, and I’m sorry I’m sorry for our viewers and myself are about to see you. Bye ready. Oh, oh, it’s right. Haven’t opened my eyes yet. Hold on I’ll pay what I didn’t use. Mascara. Do you see a Shadow, I do it’s not that bad I can’t comment the base I think is actually okay like the foundation looks fine Hans work Honestly, I think looks pretty bomb as well in the highly looks really good I think out of the fucking maybe just don’t look that way and For five the under eyes. I think I Missed the concealer you did cover on the fact that I was not putting the concealer. No, you weren’t here You literally put concealer like here when you were trying to do it here. Yeah I also love that you have sealing liquid metals. Look up under your own. Oh, yeah Yeah, you went right under the eye with that one the eyes. I think really killed it like I this base Oh the oh my god, the lips look horrible. It was really bad like really? I wish you had picked red actually or like a bold color so they could actually Fully get the effect of how bad I feel beautiful Regardless, but I will be taking this off as soon as you should Yeah, I could I could feel that you did not kill this look But you did not slay this you slay everything James you slay my life you slay the internet you slay the game You did not slay this challenge. This is a really amazing challenge and although I did the worst the actual blindfolded makeup challenge Yeah, I am. So thankful that you let me do this on you And I think that this is so incredible You did the challenge every single day and it is like blowing my mind to ever like lose that I am So thankful that I have makeup as like something that I am so passionate about and it is so visually based I mean You know living with gratitude is like a huge part of my life and it was a huge part of my recovery from depression and like feeling self-pity and feeling like I didn’t have any self-worth like Living with gratitude and being grateful for what I have was a huge thing and I live with it every single day I don’t have a lot, but I have a lot too and that’s the same forever Everybody has good in their life and bad and like just be grateful for the good, you know And so this is not about like putting me on a pedestal Or like being like I am such a great person because I do my makeup without sight every day and its so hard you know like, this isn’t about like putting me on a pedestal and saying i’m great Like I appreciate that you feel that way about me and that’s really sweet. But like that’s not why I make videos It’s pretty like wow, you’re so great. It’s not about that It’s about helping people to realize be grateful for what you have like be a positive person I have never liked appreciated the fact that I like get to see I like I feel so funny having this really deep serious Conversation looking like this. So thank you for letting me do this today. Oh my god I look down right now the cut crease on this is not Dom its rounded you all see that I know you do It’s there No, no, I did the this part was bad Like where you going under my eye with it? But the rest I was like he did. That was good. Yeah, don’t worry we’ll have close up’s we”l have the close beauty guru face, you know, he’s gonna teach me how to do the beauty guru face. Thank you so much for coming on my channel. I’m reaching out to me. I’m so glad we could do this I can’t wait to dig through your bathroom And your whole bathtub of makeup? It’s gonna happen. So we’re gonna turn this stuff off go eat go get us some post mates. Yes We’re starving and enjoy our Friday night. Love you sisters Thanks for coming over my channel hit that subscribe button If you haven’t already the video to his on his channel will be linked below all of his social Media, i’m sure you already know them, cause i mean, oh my god, queen. Sister James. But. It’ll all be below regardless. Love you all so much and I’ll see you next time Byee!

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