1. I literally read the title thinking that it was sum tea page hatin on James, watched the the video and stayed wondering for like 15 min on how they got this footage..

  2. ωнєи уσυ нανє иσтнιиg тσ fιℓм єχ¢єρт ʝυѕт мαкιиg α ραяσ∂у σf уσυяѕєℓf вєιиg αииσуιиg.

  3. I understand why he doesn’t swear because of younger viewers but am I the only that loves when he swears?😂

  4. Is it just me or does he appear… Asian or something… Or is it the fact he squints his eyes a lot… Or is it the fact his eyebrows are so obstruent… Or whatever other reason…

  5. And you keep saying your not funny but I think you are also you should make a video with no edit just raw james

  6. 35 % of What is cut out james being annoying
    45 % of What is cut out cars and other noises
    The other 20 % the actually video

  7. when i was skimming through the vids and saw this i lowkey thought this was made by one of those tea and exposure channels lul

  8. Why is everyone being nice here but hating on insta snap and TIK toc? Plz stop being mean to him it doesn’t just hurt him it hurts fans like me bc my dream is to meet him yet ppl on TIK tocs dream is to be mean? LIKE PLZ STOP 😡😢❤️

  9. 2:19 to 2:22 are we just gonna ignore that girl giving him a dirty look then walking away shaking her head 😂😂 I wonder what he did to make her do that 😂

  10. I would suggest writing out what you are going to say and have it scripted out so then you don't have to be sitting there for 8 hours for g-d sakes

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