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Jaclyn hill is still taking a
much-needed social media break after all of the drama and controversy surrounding
her lipsticks and in this video we’re gonna be talking about a very important
subject that all of us can learn from what is up everybody this is Chris from
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alright anyways so let’s talk real quick I was actually watching the part 2 of
the Spill video about the Jaclyn hill thing and real quick real quick note
like if you if you’re somebody who isn’t coming to my videos to learn how to
improve yourself like if you’re into like just the tea and everything like my
favorite channel is spill alright like her videos I’ve been getting longer and
longer I’m like oh like last night I’m like are you really gonna tell me
anything new but it is just so well organized and covers so many different
angles like there are excellent videos but if you’re watching this you’ve
probably already heard of spill Bay anyways I wanna I want to put a
disclaimer out there like this isn’t a hate video about Jaclyn hill like Jaclyn
hill took a step back I had some people mention that in previous controversies
like her mental health was severely affected and I hope she comes out on the
other side of this thing alright but again like the reason my
channel is this is because so many of us watch all of this drama play out and
we’re doing the exact same thing in our own lives
and today we’re gonna be talking about taking personal responsibility taking
accountability because so many of us are causing our own problems over and over
and over again like so many of us are so delusional and I used to be one of these
people hello sometimes I still AM well I’m just like
why is the whole world out to get me why is everybody against me why don’t
people just give me a chance right and we don’t see we don’t have the
self-awareness to understand why it keeps happening but anyways what made me
want to make this video was because obviously like I am NOT like a makeup
beauty influencer like my beautiful girlfriend interested you know she’s all
into like makeup and beauty and stuff like that
but I’m just getting caught up to speed and watching the Spill video I really
started to get the whole context of who Jaclyn hill is what’s happened in the
past like beforehand all I really understood was that she had a couple
like ant launches right and I mentioned before like if this happened if this
happened like you need to buckle down and my hand check like every lipstick
before it goes out like this is your Tod because I’ve anything happens like
anything happens you will be screwed and when I watch spill video it’s like oh my
god but the calming theme I saw his spill
did like this montage showing each of the issues that have happened like her
collabs with other people like I think one was Becca and one was morphe and
everything like that and here’s the issue that I want to talk about that all
of us need to start working on and it’s this passing the blame on to other
people like when we are coming out and we’re trying to take responsibility we
are never ever ever ever going to get the amount of forgiveness now we want
unless we take 1,000% responsibility I’ve mentioned this before with Tana
mojo but Tana mojo she has like unlimited
get-out-of-jail-free cards but anyways like for example Tana mojo is a great
example with tannic on how she keeps blaming it on Michael Wiese and she was
just somebody who trusted much and everything like that like we
need to take responsibility and you saw this with every single jaclyn hill on
january 4th jacqueline addressed the situation in
her December favorites video I of course could do nothing about it this is not my
website this is not my company I don’t understand how this whole IT thing works
and do make up not numbers she said she had no control over what was happening are you kidding me scandal like I’m
disappointing people once again like here Jacqueline Hill goes like putting
something out that is just gonna cause like an uproar and I’m already under a
microscope for everything I do like I’m gonna disappoint my subscribers and he’s
a fit and I wanted to make this video because I see so many people do this or
I used to do this as well what you notice with the pattern of behavior from
Jacqueline Hill if she always receives information from other people and then
relays that information rather than getting the information herself now I
don’t necessarily think in our cases like all of us who do this I don’t
necessarily think it’s always laziness but it definitely can be but some people
without even realizing it we’re trying to get that addition that information
from an outside source so that way when we relay it if something’s wrong we
could always say oh oh well I didn’t say that I was just giving you the
information this other person was giving me right and that’s something I
consistently saw her do like think about this like maybe you do this at work or
maybe you do this at school like have you ever turned in a bad assignment at
school and you’re like oh well well Billy told me I was supposed to do it
this way and it’s like okay well you should have got the instructions from
the teacher and not Billy right or did you screw something at work and said oh
oh well Pam over there like told me to do this so I did it that way like get
the information directly and you relay the information like something I will
keep talking about until the day I die is locus of control if you want to
figure out how to become happier the book I highly recommend is the happiness
advantage by shawn Achor here’s a professor of positive psychology
that’s when I first learned about locus of control locus of control is believing
that you have a direct impact on the results that you get and the
circumstances in your life people who have an internal locus of control are
happier and less anxious that’s just science baby but when you look at Jaclyn
hill especially with her most recent video where she addressed everything
like everything was blamed on the lab like it was the lab it was the lab it
was the lab right but here’s the thing like we need to take accountability for
that we need to take responsibility for that and people aren’t gonna trust us in
the future if we’re not doing that like this is something I’ve struggled with
for a long long time and the reason why I’m trying to preach this to you guys so
much is because I used to be that person I used to be Jacqueline Hill I used to
blame everything on everybody else like one example that I can give you is like
even after I got clean and sober seven years ago my son’s mom still hated me
she didn’t like me too much today we have an amazing relationship but for a
very long time she still hated me and I had no idea why
right like because I just thought oh my god we did the alcohol of drugs isn’t
that what you wanted no the problem was I was still a dick like I would always
show up late when it was came time to like come pick up my son for the weekend
the things like that those were the things that were angering her but even
on top of that I would never take responsibility for it it wasn’t because
I left late it was because of traffic right like you
see the difference there like me me if I leave early
traffic is irrelevant you see what I mean and this might be something that
you’re struggling with at work like think about it are you showing up late
to work are you screwing up at work and constantly blaming other things other
than taking accountability like this is something that I used to do if I was
late it was because of traffic if I screwed something up somebody gave me
the wrong information all these things like we need to realize like people are
not as dumb as we wish they were okay like people recognize patterns of
behavior you see what I mean like it is something that helps us survive we have
to recognize patterns or else we keep getting screwed over so it’s important
to recognize and half the self-awareness like are you making excuses do you keep
making excuses and we’re never gonna get anywhere in life we’re never gonna
improve our mental and emotional well-being if we don’t sit down if we
don’t sit down and analyze what happened alright like I will be completely honest
with you guys right now like I had my own issues earlier this year okay and I
have sat down I have analyzed it over and over like like not in like a super
obsessive way while depending on what it was
anyways I looked at I’m like where did I go wrong where did I screw up all right
because if it happens in the future like I need to learn from my mistakes you
guys that’s the only reason I’m still clean and sober today it’s because I had
multiple relapses in the past and this last time I got sober seven years ago I
sat down and I looked at how I was trying to stay clean and sober before I
looked at it I analyzed it and I was like okay well everything I was doing
didn’t keep me sober maybe I should do the opposite of that all right so before
you start blaming the world for all of your problems take a step back for just
a minute minute so before you start blaming the world for all of your
problems take a step back for just a minute and see what your part was where
did you go wrong can you go back can you retrace those breadcrumbs and think if I
would have done this instead of that would this outcome be differently and
again this video isn’t a hate video about Jacqueline Hill but here’s my
concern okay like I mentioned earlier some people
said like this is not her first time that she’s had to take a social media
break my concern for her as well as the rest of you is that this is going to
happen again and again and again until you recognize your own patterns until
you don’t start taking accountability for what you’re
part is these things are going to continue happening you’re gonna keep
thinking that this world is just an awful place or maybe the universe hates
you and all that like we need to empower ourselves and take control and realize
what we need to do to change alright but anyways that’s all I got for this video
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right there alright thanks again so so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. I used to abuse marijuana in high school along with alcohol. I can safely say that I will never touch alcohol again because I’ve watched what it’s done to the people I call family. But as far a marijuana, I’m struggling with it. I’ve been trying to form a band for quite sometime now and haven’t gotten anywhere until recently. I finally found a drummer near me around my age who drives. It’s a win win in all categories. However, he recently opened up that he does smoke weed and is currently in trouble with the law now because of it. I’m not sure what to do here. Risk my sobriety, or just not have a drummer(which is a key part of a band). I know the obvious answer seems like just ditch him but it’s so unbelievably rare to find a drummer where I live, let alone a talented one. Also another thing making me want to smoke again is that well, my partner and I started dating while I was still abusing marijuana. I got them to smoke it once and they said it helped them a lot with their schizophrenia. Which is great but I feel bad not letting them smoke it now because I chose to abuse it one on point. I believe that if I started smoking again that I would do it in moderation but who knows. Anyways I know that’s a lot but I was wondering if I could get your, or some of the other viewers, opinion(s) on this. I really feel lost right now.

  3. Off topic but I was watching another youtuber that showed receipts about you and I believe your girlfriend (if I remember correctly) pretty much saying someone that was bipolar was a gross sexual harrasser because they mentioned they struggled with hypersexual behavior when in mania. I find this really heartbreaking because I (girl in my 20s) who has been raped at a young age struggle with hypersexuality while in mania and so do a vast majority of people with bipolar disorder. It can be just as challenging and hard as any other aspect of the mental illness. I struggled for a long time with being scared of sex because of my past trauma and to put it bluntly constantly horny. It had and still effects my life in a major way. My fiance is the only person I've ever had sex with and I'm grateful that my disorder and manic episodes didn't ruin my relationship. Hypersexuality in bipolar disorder is a real problem and can cause many issues both physically and emotionally. I understand you can say whatever you want because heck it's a free country but I find a lot of what you say to actually be harmful and stigmatizing. I have bipolar and anxiety on top of just being a girl who is learning about life. It is a hard disorder to have but I've accomplished so much and feel like those comments are hurtful too because so many people with bipolar struggle with it but aren't even told that is a normal part of the disorder.

  4. Spill is the most researched, thoughtful non toxic drama channel ever. I just wish they credited the art they have on there, that's like my only qualm with them

  5. “The problem was I was still a dick!” I love this self realization. I’ve been there bro 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. I didn't even think about it that way and it makes so much sense. My brother constantly does the same thing and I try to tell him but he just gets angry at me and starts to tell me about my flaws

  7. When you fuck up, just say you fucked up. Then make steps to fix things and make them better. Pretty easy. She would have got a lot less heat if she just did that. How old is she? Grow up

  8. “This was the labs fault”
    But who chose the lab?
    Who had claimed to have a “hand on” experience with the whole process?
    Who didn’t give enough time for production and distribution.
    Who didn’t do their research to find a good quality lab?
    Who didn’t want to spend the money to get the whole thing done the best way possible.

    It just baffles me that other people pick up on these king of issues and cut production before they are sent out, but these were sent out without being the best they could be or even safe.

    So true take responsibility and humble yourself, no one is perfect but it’s easier to forgive someone when they say I messed up then someone who passes the blame.

  9. I wish my brother would actually take advice from this video but he will probably let everyone around him know, how they need to take accountability while he blames everyone for his misfortune in life. Especially he is blaming the entire German Race for him not succeeding in university while he sits at home and watches propaganda and really aweful anti female videos (and I am not even a feminist, but calling women talking animals is just downright ugly).

  10. Does your beautiful girlfriend Tristan have a channel? I’d sub to another beauty channel…just sayin. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. The difference between TM and JH is age. Tana was 19 turning 20 during Tanacon. Jaclyn Hill is 28. TWENTY EIGHT. Her Brain is fully developed, lol. We can’t keep enabling her. Sure, we all make mistakes, but she keeps making the same mistake over and over. I just don’t understand how she keeps getting away with it. If you can’t grow up, don’t do grown-up things like start a business.

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