Is Makeup Bad For You?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but
since our survival is largely driven by sexual selection, we often attempt to accentuate
our features with makeup. So what exactly is in makeup products, and should we trust
these substances that we apply to our bodies? Could makeup actually be bad for you? Historically, ancient Egyptians would grind
up a mineral substance containing primarily lead sulfide to rim around their eyes, creating
the sultry cleopatra look. Little did they know that lead is a potent neurotoxin, which
can lead to learning and behavioural difficulties in children and decrease fertility in both
men and women. Later, In 1891, creams, lotions, and blush containing compounds of the radioactive
element radium were also sold to women in Europe, promising a youthful glow – until
the harmful effects of exposure to radioactivity was discovered, that is. But makeup has come a long way, and now there
are only trace amounts of lead found in our products. Lead is found in nature and is therefore
an unintentional contaminant from the manufacturing process. An FDA study of 400 tubes of lipstick
found concentrations ranged from 0.026ppm to 7.19ppm of lead, which is under Health
Canada’s limits of 10ppm. Lipstick is about 47% oils, 36% pigments,
17% waxes and 5% other components including preservatives. The oils are primarily castor
oils, extracted from a bean which contains the protein ricin – one of the most toxic
substances on this planet which has been used as a biological weapon. However, the process
of extracting castor oil involves heating, thereby denaturing ricin and rendering it
inactive. Pigments now use synthetic dyes due to cost
and production efficiencies, although traditionally, red pigments were extracted from dried and
crushed cochineal insects. Some blue pigments are created with ferric ferrocyanide. Cyanide
is extremely deadly, however in this compound structure, cyanide has a very strong bond
to iron. As a result, it is unable to come apart to poison us by eye shadow. When it comes to mascara, we recommend tossing
the tube after three months of opening. Harmful bacteria of the Streptococcus species and
certain fungi were discovered thriving in 36.4% of mascara tubes. And this is especially
important for contact lens wearers, as bacteria can easily enter the micro abrasions caused
by the lens itself. Parabens have been a big concern as well as
they’re in a myriad of cosmetic products. Paraben works by mimicking estrogen and binding
to estrogen receptors. This can cause the expression of genes to be changed and communication
within cells to be altered. Additionally, it can lead to the growth of certain breast
cancer cells. However, many products are switching to paraben free – and a lot of research still
needs to be done in order to reach any definitive conclusions.

100 thoughts on “Is Makeup Bad For You?

  1. I just don't wear it at all. Girls at my age just over do during their time of youth. I'm 12 btw and I see girls a little older than me and the same age as me use it or they even say they have a desire for makeup. To me it makes your face look dried out and increases ance. I just want to make myself glow with makeup!

  2. How about not wearing make up and try eating some healthy stuff or use healthy products to prevent stuff you want to cover up in make up

  3. I guarantee all these people trying to stop the “if you wear makeup you’re fake" message and promote some self love shit wear makeup themselves.

  4. Men we have to thank the girls for wearing makeup, it saves us from seeing some hideous ugly faces. Thank you make up doing us all a favour

  5. People tell other people who wear make up to stop wearing it but judge them right after they take it off. Beauty has high standards and personally I wear make up to look presentable in public, is it my fault i was not born a presentable face?? I wear make up to feel good about myself, I just wasn't made to feel confident in my own face. For some its for art, i do admit i enjoy putting it on and seeing how many looks i can do. I love make up, and nobody should be put you down because you like it too.

  6. Jesus these comments! The video is just explaining the dangers of make up.

    They’re just warning you and I get make up is expensive sometimes but I wouldn’t just attack a channel explaining something

  7. Makeup is my passion – after breaking up with my highschool sweetheart I threw myself and my money into makeup – working three jobs to get what I wanted hehe – and now I consider myself pretty good at it – it makes me happy – so no, it’s not bad for me lol

  8. People: I’m not throwing away my $20 mascara!!
    Me: ur not throwing away ur mascara so I can pay $1000 hospital bills?

  9. Ok let’s just admit, no matter how advance we become… makeup will always theoretically be bad for u. Ur skin absorbs, so to tint things with chemicals and spread on ur face can’t be good

  10. I never wore makeup and a lot of people bully me for that. It really sucks! They say “omg you’re 16 you should wear makeup blablabla”.

  11. I just hate the fact that animals are tested for cosmetics they are unnecessary, and honestly people don’t need that, I think makeup is “optional” and unessasary, but we can all live without makeup.

  12. 1:30 now I can tell my sister that when she is putting on lipstick:-
    Sister:- Putting on lipstick*
    Me:- Your putting on a biological weapon on your chapped lips ahhhhhhhhahahahahhahahhhahahaiahahia!
    FBI:- Open up!!!!
    FBI:- Good Timing that we caught your sister using a biological weapon on her chapped lips!
    Me:- Thinks* I saved the world ahshahhhsahhahhhahahahha! anyway thanks.
    Thnx for reading my sh*t and wasting your time bah bye
    Markiplier Outro

  13. Whenever I feel like putting on makeup for fun but I don't want to damage my skin I draw an eye on my arm and do the makeup there

  14. Lol why’s everyone so triggered?? He’s just stating science and safety facts about makeup, I don’t think his intentions are to “put down women for wearing makeup”.

  15. My mum always wants to force me to wearing makeup. I hate it so I was looking for scientofic arguments.
    Anyways, I just think that I don't like to look fake. Natural is always best

  16. Anyone else wondering how 47%+36%+17%+5% equals 100%? Cause I get 105%… but I am determined that I am a moron so send help or explanation to this poor idiot 🙂

  17. I wear eye makeup, I do my eyebrows, and lip gloss I don’t like putting on concealer and foundation bc I don’t wanna screw up my skin. But I like wearing light makeup it makes me feel more confident

  18. Why do girls think they’re so special for not wearing makeup? If you want to wear makeup- You go girl! Make art on your face! If you don’t wear makeup- You’re cool too! We love a confident sister!

  19. i recently used a four month old mascara and got a really painful stye. THROW IT AWAY IT EXPIRES FAST TAKE IT FROM ME IT'S WORTH IT JUST BUY ANOTHER

  20. I don't wear makeup for good reasons. I actually had acne and if I wear makeup, the acne can get worse, the other reason I don't wear makeup is because I never really liked wearing makeup.

  21. I really think you should do a video on the affects of vaping for those of use that are younger that love watching this channel and also constantly get talked by our friends to do it but feel stupid when saying no over and over again ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  22. 90% of comment section is girls being feminists

    10% are James Charles's brothers or should I say…… HI SISTERS

  23. My mum said that makeup makes you look older over the years (not like, "ooh, I'm an adult," but like, "dear cheezus, when did I become elderly?") And I just decided to debunk it somehow. It damages your skin, she said, and I honestly cannot see where she got that from. Gonna delve into it more later.

  24. Does anyone else realise that he draws a lot of redheads? Idek just something I noticed. Seeing as redheads are less than 1% of the world (and I’m one of them) I really like it. Like he draws a LOT of redheads 😂

  25. Makeup is dumb but if you want to cake your face with powder and get acne then go ahead I dont care, just don't make me wear it. I'm fine with putting on some glossy Carmex and calling it a day.

  26. I stopped wearing makeup. Waste of money and time, plus cosmetic chemicals have not been rated in 80 years. My skin looks healthier and I appreciate my natural appearance. I look after my skin using organic, healthy, and minimal skincare. I think no matter what you look like, you look better without makeup.

  27. Why so many non makeup wearers so bitter? Let people enjoy makeup. It's a community and many people are so nice. If they like ur color of Lipstick, eyeshadow other girls will compliment and it feels great. Me i mainly wear concealer,blush an lip gloss but I can't help but be so shook by how much work these people put to their makeup 😂 it's so pretty.

  28. I don't like wearing make up because my face is beautiful and when I wear it I feel like my face turns different and it looks hella bad like fake lips looks like you have allergies btw my eye brows are perrrfect I hate it when grownups say why don't u wear make up u have to wear otherwise you'll be ugly. It's just too sad I feel like they're jealous of my face

  29. I live in India,in a small village. And here girls never ever wear makeup. Only brides do makeup for one day.
    We can't afford expensive make up products and cheap products are bad.
    So all girls daily use a simple cream. And many have flawless skin,many don't have. But still…NO MAKE UP!!

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