Is It Plastic Surgery or a New Makeup Artist? – Part 1

73 year old Grammy winning singer
Gladys Knight recently had to face some plastic surgery rumors she heard
through the grape vine [LAUGH] you get it?>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, Gladys is in an Instagram post. Claimed that her new look wasn’t
a result of plastic surgery, but simply a mix of god given genes, cleaning
living, and her amazing glam squad.>>Let them know, let them know.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[CROSSTALK]>>Beautiful.>>I think it’s important
to show both pictures, do you think Gladys has great genes or
a great doc?>>Well, first of all why they
had to dig up that picture?>>[LAUGH]
>>You know me it’s like Gladys was having a good day, it was a beautiful picture. Here y’all come, y’all so messy sometimes. Let Gladys be Gladys,
y’all don’t do that to Jane Fonda. We don’t see no old pictures of
Jane Fonda without her makeup on. Why y’all do this to blacks?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’m mad.>>I have to agree with Lonnie, that clearly there is a significant
difference in these photos. But I promise you, you guys, bad lighting,
that lighting looks terrible. A bad makeup day.>>Mm-hm.
>>This one she’s glowing, that’s a yellow light on her. It makes her look amazing. There’s some contour going on. Them lashes are beat to capacity.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Her brows are completely different shape.>>It’s called makeup.
>>These things can make a huge difference and, okay, you guys know that
I am the biggest J Lo fan. I freaking love Jennifer Lopez.>>Mm-hm.
>>Right.>>But you guys this photo was on the Internet, going around on
the Internet showing J Lo’s face. And it’s a true photo. You guys we all know
J Lo’s skin is amazing. She looks phenomenal. She hasn’t aged a bit, but
that is just a bad picture. Exactly.>>No, no, we’re not discounting that. Lighting is everything. Adrienne’s right about that. Makeup can do wonders, but
people bags just don’t pack themselves and leave your face.>>What’s the excuse here?>>I will say in person she
didn’t in person though.>>She didn’t look anything like that.>>J Lo didn’t look anything
like the picture on the right.>>No, of course,
I’m not talking about skin. Skin you can fix with lots of
different things and lighting. You’re right about that.
>>It was bags and wrinkles girl.>>You’re right about that.>>I think Miss Gladys looks freaking
phenomenal, like, sick, sick. But if that’s seventy-three,
I’m nearing forty. So if she gave props to her glam squad, Miss Gladys I’m gonna need you to just
hook me up with that glam squad number. I’d like to make an appointment
with that glam squad.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hit me up, I’d like that Gladys discount. [CROSSTALK] Glam Squad on thrills,
if that’s what we’re calling it. Glam squad.
>>No, I believe it. I believe that that it’s
sometimes about rest. It’s about sleep and, yes, there are
tricks and there’s lighting tricks, too.>>And clean eating will do that as well.>>Exactly, and you don’t know
when that other picture was taken. That picture could have been taken
when she wasn’t clean eating. She said, I know Gladys Knight, okay? I’ve opened for her. She’s a very sweet woman and
I’m gonna tell you something. Sometimes, your beauty,
when you’re good on the inside.>>Yeah.>>It comes out on the outside.>>Okay.
>>And, I think that’s what you see.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>She looks very, very pretty.

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