Ipsy Glam Bag January Review & Unboxing | Metropolis | Cosmetics First Impressions |

hey I i am so sorry for the super late 50’s I’m not bagging up for a month of january but here it is i’m going to go ahead and just get right into it ready oh this month the bag is kind of smaller some of the stuff came outside of the bag but that’s okay because they was like really really good sized items i’m not going to become though so I’m gonna put those away here is a bag this one beam is metropolis here is the card so let’s go ahead and open the bag and see what we have in here first item is cruel another brush i love the process but not for misty have always been super soft and have worked really well I’m really could try this one just one is a blending duty brush I like having a blending eyebrows for lighter shades and then your shades and then in between shape so honestly there can never really be and now funny I rushes in your makeup bag this is perfect and it’s gonna be one of those letters shade one because it’s super fluffy and it’s going to make blending so so nice so now in here is the massive box camera ready BB cream has crossed spectrum SPF 35 so the consistency about a super-nice five as you can tell this shade is a little bit dark for my skin tone ax you know I’m actually not too upset about that though because i was watching one of Lydia at least no one’s it is actually use a darker foundation and then lightens everything up with highlighter or a concealer so i actually have been wanting to try that and senses in a mini-trial sighs it’s gonna be perfect try out other than that it’s a really really nice lightweight foundation i love that half the effort and it so next and here is you know what it is faxing was really cute so it is the remote London take lip balm and that inside smells like a tropical like smoothie his modest all day it smells absolutely delicious so next in here wasn’t really tightly in my bag but i have these two face mask one is an aloe mask and the other one is an acai berry mask is a sci-fi I don’t know I’ve heard it both ways i love facemask today kinda like little procession homes i am really excited to try these out the ingredients look pretty natural very minimal actually i think the packaging for these this is absolutely adorable 12 thanks super colorful and superflat ok and the last thing in here is the 0 didn’t want to practice really badly this is the eighth house met by illumination under-eye concealer the tuna salad is really small but i like that the packaging actually comes with a lot of information being kind of learned about the product that you’re going to be using so yeah those weddings in my January ski glam bag as with the previous month I’m actually really happy with everything in my bag I don’t think there’s a single item in this bag but I wouldn’t use and I don’t want to use so overall it’s been a really successful bag i am super excited for this again I apologize this video is going out so late but at least it’s the January thank you so much for watching this video as always let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below don’t forget to click the subscribe button right there so you can get a famed on when new videos come out and if we would so kindly give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it i thank you so much for watching this video and i hope to see you next time face

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