Inside Model Daniela Braga’s Makeup Bag

Where’s your sweater from? It’s a Givenchy sweater. My favorite is
Shiseido eye cream. I use twice a day in the morning when I wake up and at night before
I go to sleep, and it helps for the dark circles. Actually this one is the first one that really,
really helps me with that. So I feel that it’s getting lighter and lighter. My perfume, normally I don’t tell anybody
which one I wear, but I’m gonna tell you guys, it’s Chance Chanel. I fell in love with this when I was 15 years
old, and since then I just use Chance Chanel. The other thing I really like is my lip balm
because my skin and my lips are so dry, and I wear for work a lot of makeup, so this has
helped me a lot. Kopari. It’s really good. Klorane is the patches that you put here under
the eye. I don’t know why but it gets so puffy- it
gets so puffy here so I always put these and when I take off, it’s like fresh skin, beautiful,
so I always have these with me. The other thing that I really love and I always
take with me when I travel is the Pursoma Detox Beauty. It refresh you and everything goes away, so
it really helps. This is the secret. I’m gonna tell you. This thing I always have with me when I have
to work with lingerie or bikini. I don’t need to bring a lot of products- one
for the hair, other for hands, other for body- no, I just bring this and I put everywhere. It’s really good. And it is gold, and I love gold! Bye Into the Gloss, thank you, I hope you
guys enjoy my secrets. And I apply twice a day, in the morning when
I wake up and in the night – at night- wait, I said at night? in the morning right? Okay, let’s do it again

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