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welcome back to my channel here today as the title suggests with another iherb haul you guys know I love shopping
on there and yeah like to make these are hopefully they’re helpful such as
election these groceries beauty health products on there is well yeah hopefully
these videos a helpful for you guys if you like to see our hope holds let me
know and I’ll keep doing them for you guys that hurt like to do too many holes
on my channel thank you so much for sending me through your recommendations
because it’s the same for me on my phone so many products on their what do I get
the Uhaul recommendations sooo helpful as well so keep them coming in and all
he tried out what you recommend if you are interested in seeing my current on
her hole then keep watching ok is starting out had to get a backup of my
Jason thing to the gym I spent about these in my Hed Kandi the other day and
yet I just keep repurchasing it helps with volumizing my hand I personally
think because it gets in and really cleaned my hand and removes any product
buildup and staff that helped me the volume by its fortified with biotin
panthenol in proteins but yeah i just i just keep repeating it will take me
blushes they actually sell the refit gold medals brushes that I got the other
day as well which you got to say no making throughout and Facebook page and
you are so excited that I hope and now stopping the gold medals russia’s deputy
head there’s so much cheaper than Priceline but I could sit at this time
which is based coating thickness collecting and sharing ya just love the
metallic pink and yet these sculpting brush is amazing foreboding foundation I use it every day in this
school said the fan brush in the thing brush so you know this because it is
believed in addition to back up my reputation the rush cleanup I love this
stuff God is amazing be cleaning brushes I was using like a
washing detergent and coconut oil before as you guys we’ve seen in my how I clean
my makeup brushes video but our place that we have dampened my brushes and
probably a bit of these jail on each one well it around and they clean straight
away so I had to get another one or more of the El flashes the force it while I
really like their lashes they definitely reusable I use mine about three to four
times before I throw them out and yeah actually use the Ashley it because I
lose but I got another one of those so affordable back from fairly simple to try and the
guy they the hail and I think both Family Guy and last the delays Apple’s
them know anything spicy alright alright snap off my
lavender oils you guys know I just keep repurchasing its the best lavender oil
that I still have my full diffuser that I got from my home as well that I have
on it not and I just put a few drops of these days and it just it’s just such
just becoming pregnant I love it couple of other Dell products here I’ve
been meaning to try this for ages now and kept away thing that sold out so I
finally got my hands on it is the contrary blush and bronzing powder up
not sure about the blush to the onus on liking the look of the color guard let
me know if you guys have got it and what you think of it and also about a couple
of makeup remover pen love this but they don’t last that long for me so I just
coming down the line let me know if they left for you guys I noted the other day
that now stocking prestige makeup which I’m so excited about they tell prestige
in Prague on the higher end of the gene product line 32 I’m just thinking of
buying from I have from now on I gotta back up all my favorite highlight I
featured this one in my 2015 drugstore favorites with Rachel anything it’s just
beautiful open it today that check out that video if you guys wanna see don’t
be put off by the viewership up because yet just a beautiful sheen presentation
also wanted to try out wide shoulders as well so this is a beautiful met purple
shade and it in virtue and I just saw it as well I also got another coconut oil now from
the beauty of our program that I definitely have to get the bindle of
cocaine at saint but yet she said to get a lot and it’s know if you love the
smell of coconut and vanilla you are absolutely gonna love these 100% maybe
tie hehe what this beautiful wow you know for that sent as well be random but
I thought you can’t go now I have been eg handling war use now I know he got
them from them and for fraction of the price so I thought I’d try this spring
which is wallys each company and its claim candle this is what they look like
he other sort of just a little bit take it you like these and tea and then you
put these in your EVO and Daniel just burned down and it’s just start relaxing
let me know if you guys have tried before you go back I absolutely love
doing it just definitely have someone did you while you’re doing it because
that hangs up quite a lot that everything that I’ve picked up recently
I have guys hehe recommendations coming through I always love trying new
products out all these products a link in the description by as well deter card which is always handy and
please subscribe if you haven’t already almost social media links in the
description by definitely come say hi if you want to review on anybody’s well are having a wonderful day sweetie
things look like

29 thoughts on “iHerb Haul – Makeup, Snacks, Ear Candles?? | tango2+‏

  1. I love Iherb…. I just went nuts and bought every single brush from Real Techniques (single and pack). I also got the brush cleaner. I also bought a bunch of Physician Formula products and some Maine and Tale hair products..

  2. Hey Mel – I was going to ask this when I saw it in your hair vid – do you think the shampoo you get is gentle enough to use if you don't have product build up? (I only really use dry shampoo on my hair sometimes) Or would you recommend something else?

  3. Great video & haul. Love Prestige eye shadows I have a fair amount of these eye shadows which I have de-potted. Prestige have an Australian website, if you are interested. I managed to buy discontinued products and their primer which is only available on website, I hope its still around.

  4. Love iHerb!!! I've only ever bought the Real Techniques brushes from there but can't wait to order some other goodies as well!!

  5. Great haul, the balsamic almonds looked soooo yum. I'm making another iHerb order soon, love watching these hauls for inspiration haha 😊

  6. When I was a young girl I used yo watch in fascination my dad dipping a thin cloth in wax..letting it dry then rolling it into a cone. Parents would always bring their kids over so my dad could clean out their ears. .He would light the other end…I don't know what they called it back then..but it worked wonders for blocked or infected ears…thanks for the haul..love iherb..I buy from there often

  7. I love iherb, I just got some stuff on Friday, which included the elf lashes too, I've never used them but they were such a great price. I love all the samples you can try for super cheap prices, I got the elf smokey eye palette for 0.14c can you believe!

  8. I love iherb!! great haul by the way 😊 if you ever want to try something different and natural for brush cleaning give castile soap a go. I believe that they have some on iherb 😉

  9. I love finding Aussie youtube beauty gurus because they recommend products I can actually get my hands on. Love iherb hauls!!

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