Checkpoint! Shut Up! Ian: “Ok this ‘Overwatch’ ‘game’ make no sense!” (yes it does) “If they are the defenders of Earth, why they hired to follow around a car on foot?” Anthony: “Because they are tryin’ to sa- Ian: *interrupts* “I mean like, if it’s SO too important, why is the car they’re escorting driving so SLOW!?” Anthony: “Okay, first of all, you need to cut down the coffee!” “Second of all, video games would SUCK, if they were realistic.” Not this sh!t again. Astronaut: “This is so exciting!!!” “I’m gonna explore the vast universe!” “The possibilities are endless….” *exhales* “I wanna be fun.” Toquebag: “I don’t think you should be doing this Tony…” Tony Hawk: “Relax.” “I’m a Pro Skater!” Toquebag: “You’re pushing 50 dude!” Tony: “Huh! I’ll show YOU pushin’ 50!” “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH *crack* AAAHAHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” “WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP ME?” Toquebag: “I TRIED!!!” Tony: “WELL YOU SHOULD’VE TRIED HARDER!!!” “I’M SENILE!!!” Worker 1: “Alright boys!” “Lets knock this building down!” All: “Yeaa, yeaaa! Alright!” Worker 1: “Uh! its gonna take a lot longer than I thought…” That’s what she said. Dickwad: “I’m gonna hit the ball so hard!” (love this game) “TURBO BOOSTING, YEAAAAHHHHH!” Football player: “Get your car off the f*cking field Dickwad!” Dickwad: “NONONONONONONO” “That car was my Girlfriend.” 🙁 Mother: “Ah! My son!” “It finally got him!” Father: “My boy!” “MY BOYYYYY!!” *crunching noises* “DAMMIT PHIL!!!” “You know we mourn for two, FULL MINUTES before we eat our dead family members!” (bleh) Phil: “Sorry!” *nom* ROUND 1! FIGHT!!! Sweeper: “Yeah, sweep that dirt!” FINISH HIM! FATALITY ROUND 2! Son of Anarchy Wannabe: “Watch it, PUNK!!!” Geek or Nerd?: “Oh… you wanna go?” FIGHT!!! “Let’s TAVERN BRAWL!!!” FINISH HIM! gg no re “But… I threw down a (Yogsarrowahn?)!” Is the country SO BAD that no one gives a sh!t about this? FATALITY Anthony: “I WON!” (no you did not) Slippy Slippy is dead, rest in pepperonis Round 3! Epic Ian: “Whoa!” “How you gonna git past those guards?” Faith: With parkour! FIGHT!!! *shootings* Ian: “Ok, you’re right! Video games would SUCK if they were realistic!” Anthony: “Told you.” *Anthony’s phone on mom mode* “Oh my god, dude! My wife is going into labour!” Ian: “You have a wife?” Anthony: “Could you just PLEASE give me a ride to the hospital!?” Ian: “I’m not done with my coffee!” FUK YO COFFEE Anthony: “C’mon, dude! We gotta GO!!!” Ian: “Ok!” Anthony: “Why are you driving so slow?” (F*ck here we go.) Ian: “I don’t wanna spill my coffee!” Anthony: “Ok! Fine! I’ll just walk then!” “Get out of the way! My wife’s having a baby!” Old Ian: “Lookithat DINGUS following the other DINGUS in the car!” Old Anthony: “Yeah, this doesn’t make any sense. He says he’s in a hurry but he’s going so slow!” Freaking millennials! Old Ian: “Wanna go play some Overwatch?” Old Anthony: “Sure, can you give me a piggy back ride?” Old I: “Sure. My main is Tracer, what’s your main?” (REAPER) Old A: “My-” Old I: “You’re probably a May player.” Old A: “Yeah… I don’t remember their names.” Hey guys, thank you so much for watching, click the video on the left to watch behind the scenes of this episode and bloopers and click the box on the right to watch our last “if videogames were real”. And now you can even click these boxes with your fingers on a touchscreeen device. Yeah!!!

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