– Hey, hunties! It’s your girl, LaToya Forever, back at it with another video! Today, I’m here with my cousin, Milan. – Hey, I’m back! – She back, bitch, she back! (laughter) – Anyway, in today’s video, we’re going to the worst rated makeup artist in Atlanta. I’m kind of nervous. Milan, how do you feel about this? – I’m excited as hell. I’m so excited. Like, I’m glad we’re not going
to any, like toe fungus– – Nail salons. – No. Like, I’m excited for the
makeup to be done, to be honest. – Y’all, she’s been talking
about this every single day. I made the appointment on
Tuesday and she’s like, “oh my God. Like, can it be sooner? Can we go today? And, like, let’s go today.” I’m like, “we have to make
an appointment because they seem busy busy.” But when I called they were like, “do you wanna come in today?” (laughter) – Like, you wanna come in today now? – I know, right? So, clearly they’re not busy busy. So, we have our– – Looks. – Our looks. Our inspiration for our makeup today. I told the lady we’re going to a party. (party horn) And so, I told her I
want to look like this. Okay? – She might. I think you’re going too easy. – Really? Is that easy? – I think it might be easy. – Show them yours. – Okay so this is what
I’m going for, right here. – That’s pretty. (laughter) – She might make me look bruised. – Oh my God. Wait, should I pick
something else, you guys? Anyways, you guys, we
are about to head there. Our appointment is at 1 o’clock and they said, “no, actually
just come in any time before 1.” (laughter) – They got time today. – They have time today and every day so we are about to head there
now so wish us luck y’all. Wish us luck. Okay, guys, we’re about to head in. We’re going to record
with our phone because we don’t want to be rude and take this big old camera inside. – Yeah. – So, let’s go! – [LaToya Forever] No, makeup. Yeah. (lively, playful music) Milan, you need to get
your hair done as well (laughter) because your hair’s messy. Let me see the picture, Milan. Yeah. My cousin is just making me laugh. I’m texting my cousin. Oh, no, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m good. – {Makeup Artist] Are you sure? – [LaToya Forever] Yeah, I’m
just here for moral support. (laughter) I cannot hold it in so
I had to leave the room because I keep laughing. (cough) Oh my God. (laughter) You guys, I had to come to the car because I just could not stop laughing! (laughter) Her makeup is killing me! I cannot be– (laughter) I can’t be in the room! I keep laughing. I keep bursting out laughing
and then blaming it on, like, “oh my God, I just got a funny text.” Oh my God, this is hilarious. Did you see that eyeshadow? Oh my God, it’s so funny. Okay. (deep breaths) (laughter) And then when I chuckle,
Milan starts laughing and then we both start cracking
up and then, oh my God, I just don’t want to make the
workers feel bad but y’all! Oh my God, she cannot blend. She can’t blend! Okay, let me go back in. Let me go back in. You got a booger in your nose. (pop) – No. (ping) – [LaToya Forever] But it
doesn’t look like the picture. (dramatic music) Pink glitter, didn’t it? But the gold looks nice. – [Makeup Artist] The gold. It looks much better. – [LaToya Forever] Do
not move for this part. – Okay, I won’t. (laughter) – [LaToya Forever] Ah, that’s real good. Everyone’s gonna be like, “oh my God!” She really does! I think you need a little bit more. Right there. – More what? – [LaToya Forever] In the inner corner. Some mascara. That’s all. – [Makeup Artist] I’m new here, so I’m just looking for stuff. – Oh, you’re new? (dramatic music) Here? – [Makeup Artist] Not like on this slick. – Oh. (ping) – [LaToya Forever] Wow, I’ve never used a Q-Tip before to shape, but it’s… makes the eyebrows more defined. (laughter) – I really don’t know
anything about makeup. (laughter) – [Makeup Artist] How old are you? – I’m 17. – [Makeup Artist] 17? – Yeah. – [Makeup Artist] Skin look nice? – [LaToya Forever] That’s
a nice shape, yeah. – Shut up. (laughter) – [LaToya Forever] I’m
about to have Agasio. – No, we have to go to Croger. – [LaToya Forever] You
gotta get the Q-Tips. – Mhm. – [Makeup Artist] You don’t need Q-Tips. This came out, you can find
out, but how do you…? (ping) I like how the Q-Tips defines the eyebrow. – We should really work on that Q-Tip. – I know. It seems like that’s working for you. Is it working? Like, the Q-Tip? – [LaToya Forever] Yeah, it’s good. – No way. – [LaToya Forever] Yeah,
yeah, it’s defined. – Wow. Everything is on YouTube. – [Makeup Artist] Oh yeah,
nowadays, everything’s on YouTube, yeah. – [LaToya Forever] Yeah. I like them. I really like your eyebrows. – [Makeup Artist] Cheeks. Have a think and the highlighter. Which one you like? – I don’t know. Which one do you like? – [Makeup Artist] I think this one. – [LaToya Forever] I
think I like that one. – [Makeup Artist] This one? – [LaToya Forever] It’s pretty. – [Makeup Artist] Video you are taking? – [LaToya Forever] Yeah, I
sent a few videos to my mom so she can see. – [Woman] So pretty. – Do you like it? – [Woman] Wow. So pretty. – [LaToya Forever] That
liner goes perfectly with the pink on her eyes. – [Makeup Artist] Yeah, exactly. – [Woman] Look at it. God bless you. – Done? – It tickles. (laughter) – [Milan] I know. It tickled me as well. – How long have you been doing makeup? A long time? – [Makeup Artist] Not long time. – [Milan] I think you look
like Caspar the Ghost. (laughter) – She used the same color
on me as she did on you. – [Milan] It’s so light. – Oh my God, I look dead. – [Milan] You look white. – You should see what you look like. (laughter) – [Milan] So, what color lips
are you gonna do with yours? – I’m not sure but I wanna do purple eyeshadow and then probably like a neutral lip, no? – [Milan] What color is that? – [Makeup Artist] Well,
first I’m gonna put black and purple. – [Milan] Okay. – [Makeup Artist] I’m gonna blend it. Give a smoky look. – [Milan] Smoky. A, like, smoky eye, yeah? Purple. – I like the purple. – [Milan] It’s very pigmented. (banging) – [Milan] I think she needs
a little bit more, though. – Where? – [Milan] In the middle. – Yeah, round here. – [Milan] Yeah. – [Makeup Artist] Okay? – [Milan] And the bottom, too. Yeah. Oh my God. – Oh, it’s nice. – [Makeup Artist] Very pretty. – [LaToya Forever] Thank you. Okay, you guys, so we were
vlogging on the camera, the G7X, which is mounted right here
but it wasn’t giving us the true look of what we
look like in real life so here is what we look like in real life. Okay, this is– (laughter) Ugh, my throat is, like, itchy. Why do I look, like…? I look like a crack head that
just got her makeup done. – Yeah, I look like I was
on the street all night. – Nah, but your makeup
looks way better than mine. – No, it doesn’t. Like, my skin is itching. – I know. My eye is so itchy, you guys,
because she used the same– (cough) same brushes as she did on
Milan, with me, with all the customers. – Every single person who has come. My skin is itchy. I’m literally breaking out. I know I’m breaking out. I’m breaking out. – You are. – I’m breaking out right now as we speak. – Just give them 1 zoom in. (laughter) – Look at my face right now. – Look at my face. – You look like Miss Piggy. – Nah, no, look at my cheeks. This looks like we are streetwalkers. We are streetwalkers, you guys. (laughter) – I am… I can’t even believe. (laughter) – Let me zoom in. – I’ve got random
glitter all over my face. – Let’s talk about our experience. So, do you think that we looked better before we walked in there? – Before! Before! Hands down, before. – Okay, now let’s talk about the pro’s of our makeup. – Okay. – I think the pro’s…
the customer service. – Oh yeah but that has
nothing to do with the makeup. That has– I was going
to say she’s very nice. – She’s sweet, asking me questions. – So sweet and making
sure that you’re okay. – Yeah. They only charged $30 per face. $30. That’s not expensive. – That’s not too bad. – Usually, when you get full face– – It’s like 60? – Yeah, 60 bucks. – Yeah. – Do you think that you would come back? (laughter) – No! No! No. – Oh, another pro. It didn’t take so long
to achieve this look – No, it didn’t take that long at all. – Now, let’s talk about the cons. – Okay, so here we go now. So, first of all, she was
applying the foundation to my skin with her fingers and she didn’t even like show us that her hands were clean
or that she, you know, that she’d sanitized. On top, no, no, before the foundation before the foundation,
one of the ladies asked me if she can clean my skin or something. That thing that she used to clean my skin honestly smelt like vodka. – Ew! And on top of it, you’re using
the same color foundation you did on Milan on me! – Oh my God. – Clearly, we are different skin tones. I am surprised. – You should see her neck. – Look. – Oh my goodness. I tried to zoom in on her neck. It was completely– her forehead? Oh my God. Pasty, pasty, pasty. – Oh my God, another con
is why is she using, like, lip liner and lipsticks and
lip glosses, like, without a brush? – Without a brush? – Yeah. – Like, who else? – She’s literally using the,
like, what is it called? – The little brush. She’s using the lip gloss,
like, usually when you go to a place, they put it onto a brush. – Yeah. – You know, to keep the– – Hygiene. – Right, hygiene. Hygiene. That’s important. – Yeah. – But they don’t know nothing about it. – So, basically she’s using
the same lip gloss she used on her previous customers on us. Of course, you’re not sanitizing it. – Right, they couldn’t. – And even the mascara, using
the mascara brush on us. Like, ew. – She used the same brush
for literally everything. – Yeah, she did! – For everything. She used the same brush for
foundation as she used for the blush, as she used for the highlight and, like, wow. – And, like, the glitter
that she was putting on me. It was stinging my eye. – Yes! My eye! I couldn’t even open my eye at one point! I could not even open my eye at one point. – Yeah. – It was, like, glued. – Yeah. – It’s like she put glue on my eyelid. I was like, “oh my God, I can’t open.” – And you know what she was using? She was using dollar
store, Dollar Tree, makeup. That’s cool if you use Dollar Tree but know how to damn blend! – No. – You know those, like,
little girl blush brushes? – Yeah. – Yeah, she was using
those as eyeshadow brush. I’m like, “are you kidding me?” – Oh my God. – Samia has these brushes! (laughter) – We might as well have just
let Samia play on our face, to be honest. – Yeah, ’cause Samia could
have done a better job. – I feel terrible. I just– I don’t know – And she kept putting
her hand on my mouth and I kept going like this. – Oh my God, I know! I know! – I kept going like this and
why is she touching me with her hand like that, girl? (laughter) – She– oh my God. – Anyways, you guys, thank
you so much for watching. Let us know how did the makeup artist do? Let’s rate her on a scale from 1 to 10. – Be honest. – I’d seriously give her a 2. – Yeah. – Because at least effort. – Yeah, effort for sure. – And customer service. She was nice and maybe she
thought she did an excellent job. Maybe she did. – Maybe she did. – Who knows? Her standards are not the
same as our standards. – Right, and that’s fine. – There were so many reviews about this beauty salon saying how they’d done terrible wedding makeup. The bridesmaids looked terrible. Oh my gosh, I was killing
myself laughing and oh my God. You guys went there to
get your wedding makeup? – Wedding? Like, don’t be stupid now. – The beauty salon has like 1 review. Like, 1 rating. 1 star rating. Anyways, you guys, make
sure you comment below. You look pretty. – No. – Why does my throat hurt
like I’m getting kicked? – Anyways, I love you guys
and we’ll see you next week. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit that thumbs up button. Let’s see if we can get
this video to 10,000 likes. Can we do it? (pop music)

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