I turn into Princess Jasmine| تحوّلت إلى الأميرة ياسمين

we want to really make that eye look
huge because we’re going very Disney big hey you huge how does shrimp sit huge
I’m gonna do a little magic we’re gonna summon chairman – Jazmin please now hey
people people today I’m doing one of my most exciting tutorials that I’ve ever
done and that is becoming princess Jeff I’m so excited because as a brown girl
who’s from the Middle East I feel like we’d never really had a lot of people to
look up to in like the celebrity world or in Hollywood and Princess Jasmine
although she’s a cartoon was like my idol and I feel like I never really kind
of like had an understanding of my culture and and who I was while growing
up in the States and then Princess Jasmine explained everything it made so
much sense like having a baby tiger as a pet makes so much sense it’s a Middle
Eastern girls so the movie is coming out really really soon a very excite to
watch it I will say they didn’t cast a middle-eastern girl for Jasmine I was a
little bummed about that secretly I was hoping they would cast me JK but I am
really excited this tutorial so the first thing we’re gonna do is I have a
wig cap on you can see because we are gonna be putting on some major hair for
Princess Jasmine because we know in the Aladdin movie which is the tutorial I’m
recreating she has some insane beautiful like folded over here which doesn’t look
as good in real life but in the cartoon it was amazing so we’re gonna go ahead
and start with each tutorial so I have a wig cap on we’re gonna be coloring this
area on the wig cap to make sure that it matches my skin so when I put the wig on
you don’t know I’m wearing a wig and while I do this tutorial I’m gonna go
very Jasmine princessy and I’m gonna go ahead and apply some of these amazing
gold snail masks under eye patches that I got
in Korea and look how pretty that is that literally looks like a jewel it
looks like Princess Jasmine gave it to me so I’m gonna go ahead and open this
up I haven’t actually used this before hopefully they’re okay ooh
I feel like Princess Jasmine would definitely be using these like every
single day he’s really slimy okay I’m gonna go ahead and throw one under my
eye here you guys know I like to use my face mask all the time I do like one
every single day another successive so I got these pass
yeah oh my gosh skin look really glassy I wish I could put one all over my face
so I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna begin with the eyes and the reason why I
like to use masks while I’m doing makeup is because I feel like it’s a great way
to kind of get hydration and while you’re doing your makeup you’re doing
two things at once efficient you are efficient when you do
that and I am about being efficient because I’m doing so many things over
time so I’m gonna first start with my brows these might not last long just FYI
if they’re falling down you guys know exactly what’s happening I’m gonna start
first with my brows I’m using number 5 from benefit this is precisely my brow
usually I use a 4.5 who let them fall these are really slimy like extra slimy
which makes sense cuz I’m doing an extra video hello princess jasmine so this is
number 5 usually I used 4.5 I’m going darker on my brows I’m gonna really
emphasize my eye area and I’m gonna like really suck up my jaw area cuz I want to
look like the cartoon character we’re not doing the name is Scott version of
Aladdin we’re going for like the more oriental version in the movie so okay
I’m gonna use number 5 and I’m gonna make my brows I’m gonna do them exactly
the way I would normally do them but I’m gonna go a little bit more dramatic
yeah these might not last all right so I’m gonna go ahead and brush my brows up
so I’m getting like a little bit of a shape now jasmine has this really insane
big bold brow she looks like every woman in the Middle East it’s actually amazing
like I met so many girls who literally look like the real-life princess jasmine
so I really feel like I want to celebrate you know this movie and kind
of go more on the oriental side so I’m gonna go ahead and start with my brows
I’m gonna make them really nice and big we’re gonna keep them arced we’re gonna
keep them kind of classic but we’re going dark and we’re going big so I’m
gonna go ahead and kind of outline the shape here that I want everything’s
gonna be just really big because we’re doing what it would look like on the
cartoon I feel like I legit do my makeup like Princess Jasmine would you need to
be careful on the arch you don’t want to go too strong because then you’re gonna
look like very angry and we know Princess Jasmine was not angry she’s
just opinionated so you don’t want to be too strong she’s a very strong woman
she’s a feminist Princess Jasmine is such a feminist if you go to the lbw
mosque it literally looks like Agrabah like legit it looks like I go that
Princess Jasmine was the first princess the first Disney Princess not to wear a
gown she wore pants that’s right everybody thinks that feminists are not
in the Middle East oh we are here it wasn’t until Jasmine
we had a little color you know later on we got princess in the frog that was
really cute – Tiana was adorable and so it’s so nice to see you know a little
like diversity within the princesses and Disney World but I still don’t feel like
we have enough so we want to make sure that we keep the brows really nice and
thick but we don’t go to too angry you know this is a little more Jafar’s wife
want to keep it Jasmine my mom made me mash my M&Ms so we’re gonna get rid of
these little things I got a little hydration from them cool it feels really
good they’re so slimy they wouldn’t give up
my fingers like good now I’m not making any assumptions no I am making some
assumptions but jasmine was Middle Eastern so she was probably hairy so
we’re gonna use a little razor and we’re just gonna shave any areas where there’s
a little extra hair I’m sure she had her either
in her beauty kit and I just came back from Korea I have not shaved my mustache
in a while I mean who knows maybe Jenna wasn’t hairy but she was a
middle-eastern she probably was alright now we’re gonna move on to hydration I’m
gonna hydrate my skin a little bit I love this moisturizer this is my
favorite this is from embryo Lise it’s kind of a rich cream but it doesn’t make
your skin greasy just gonna go ahead and place a little bit she’s in the Middle
East so she’s got some do enos to her skin a little humid out here a lot of
people think that Dubai is dry because the desert but it’s not and I don’t know
if Princess Jasmine lives in Dubai but I’m thinking she live in fo W and so
it’s humid there okay so next we’re gonna go ahead and we are gonna let my
skin just soak up all that hydration and we’re gonna start on the eyes eyes are
really classic but a little exaggerated so we’re gonna start first with eye
shadow I was gonna use desert dust because it’s a Middle Eastern palette
but I don’t think we have all the right colors in there I’m gonna grab the new
nude because we got some really good golds and browns and they’re our Browns
of this palette are a little bit on the Pinker side even they don’t look like a
new palette but that’s okay it’s gonna keep it really nice and feminine we’re
gonna first start by concealing the under eye area over here to make sure
it’s really nice I’m gonna be using some of our melted shadows this is so far and
this is double pump latte I usually go between the two if I want like a little
bit more of a cut crease and lighter kind of look on my eyes and I go with
over and then sometimes these double put latte so I’m just gonna go ahead and
I’ll start with a latte and so our melted shadows a lot of people who’ve
tried them like live for them they are actually also kind of like eyeshadow
primers as well so I’m gonna go ahead and use it as that it’s like a shadow
primer with pigment inside so I’m gonna use that
instead of the concealer because I really want it to kind of keep
everything in place so you can see as I put this melted shout out my eyelids it
looks so beautiful it looks so clean I like it way more than concealer as well
because it just looks like really nice and and matte and it provides such a
good canvas to apply shadow it’s not sticky it’s completely dry so I wanted
to put powder on top of it we’re just going to go straight into it so I’m
gonna use I’m a teddy so I’m gonna apply little teddy okay I’m gonna play it I’m
gonna sing to it we’re gonna all sing along just while I do my eyeshadow so
okay I’m gonna go between these Browns so I’m applying this one all over on the
brow bone to kind of really soften this up you can also use a bronzer if you
like if you don’t have like the specific palette that’s totally fine I’m also
gonna mix a little bit of raw as well to kind of make it really soften and what
you’re really looking for is like a nice soft natural Brown here next I’m gonna
go ahead and we’re gonna go very Goldy because jasmine was super about glam
super golden and even though she had her makeup like kind of it’s like a little
basic it was very extra at the same time which by the way is so Middle Eastern of
her so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna take this really beautiful gold
this is my favorite goal in entire world it’s crave almost like a pink gold but
it’s also very gold at the same time so we’re gonna grab this color right here
and we’re gonna go ahead and go on top of the lid here so you can see it’s
really pretty it’s pink gold but on a rose gold so pretty
now to emphasize the gold we’re gonna use a little extra gold on it we’re
gonna take drop top this is from the dump up latte and drop top melted shadow
we’re gonna take a little bit of that and put it on top to really kind of make
that gold just like listen you’re putting it inner corner and then
spreading it out I’m gonna mix in a little extra crave on top of that well
the melted shadows wet and this is gonna give me like a ridiculously metallic
kind of look I love mixing metallic shadows on top of the melted shadows on
the shimmery side when it’s wet it just gives you like this ridiculous glisten
so pretty and it holds its like you wouldn’t believe
now for the liner you guys know I love a good winged liner but we are going a
little more animated so we’re gonna do a classic liner but we’re gonna go very
big so I’m gonna go ahead and start with a really nice liner it doesn’t really
matter this one is from Dior this is the do
your show on stage aligner honestly I don’t know if I love it anymore than a
classic black liner but I’m just gonna go ahead and use it cuts real easy to
use and I’m gonna go ahead and start doing that line and you can see it’s not
very big right now that’s okay we’re gonna go very very big I’m gonna go
inside here okay I’m gonna go ahead and work on the other liner on the other
side I’m I kind of switched to a brush applicator so the item was a felt-tip
and I want to go a little bit more precise this is from clay topo I got
this in Korea so brush tips always apply a little bit blacker liner and you get a
little bit more precision even though we’re doing a big line or you want this
shape to be really nice the liner is really really important so you want to
make sure you take your time with it I think a lot of times people apply a lot
of liner they just go really messy and that is not we’re supposed to do it’s
actually interesting because middle-eastern women we have very almond
eyes on top but we have round eyes on the bottom and so we always like to lift
our eyes with eyeliner like a lot of people don’t necessarily love liner and
all parts of the world in the Middle East we love liner liner is a part of
our heritage actually in the desert like centuries and for centuries and
centuries and centuries like literally men would wear like the sticky liner
because like it would basically keep sand out of your eyes so liner is a huge
part of our culture so we’re going really animated so we’re not going all
the way to the eyebrows but almost we want to really make that eye look huge
because we’re going very Disney big so we want to make the eyes look ginormous
and we’re lifting and if you guys want any tips on how to make your eyes look
bigger I’m gonna put a link here so you guys can check it out on exactly some
really good tips on how to make your eyes look ginormous and now we were done
with the liner the liner is pretty extreme which is exactly what we wanted
okay now we’re gonna move on to complexion we’re gonna put the lashes
and we’re gonna finish up the eyes last cuz we really want to make sure they
look huge in comparison to everything so for a complexion I’m just gonna go ahead
and clean off any fallout that’s fallen here I’m just gonna use a little bit of
my cooler water a little bit of glitter has fallen I’m also gonna clean right to
the edge of where that shadow is applied so we’re really gonna be causing a
little lifting there Jasmine’s face was very lifted and extremely cinched so for
complexion I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna start using a primer this is a
touch of distilled canvas primer and it’s gonna make me look a little pale
when I first put it on but that’s okay that’s what it does I’m gonna go ahead
and apply a small amount here all over next I’m gonna go ahead and apply a
little bit of our nymph because you guys know it’s my favorite thing in the
entire world I can’t live without it and it’s the best thing to use as a primer
so I’m obsessed with it so I’m gonna use this I use this all day every day can’t
live without it trying to make minis cuz my favorite I’m gonna go ahead and shake
it and I’m gonna put a small amount here this isn’t Aphrodite which I feel like
would be Jasmine’s true shape and I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna apply it on
top of the primer and I’m gonna start first here on the cheeks and I’m
spreading it out a little goes a long way I did two squirts that’s way too
much for your entire face so I’m gonna move that onto my neck as well and
sometimes when you apply it on the face it doesn’t come out completely even so
you really kind of want to work it like you can see here’s a little blotchiness
I’m just gonna work it out I don’t want to like too much to my chin because it
does show through the foundation so I applied a little bit I’m not gonna ply
more and it just gives your foundation it’s like glossiness I like a lot on top
of the lip definitely the cheek area a lot okay I’m gonna take a little bit of
that I’m just gonna go onto the neck as well and we’re gonna work it onto the
body afterwards after I get dressed does he know where Kenny dress jasmine
look oh she deserved the best she’s Queen Jasmine now I the click color
princess she’s queen doesn’t know she got married she’ll out in so we got a
little on the neck could see gives me like this Sheen sometimes when you mix
it with primary it looks like a little bit like a like a glossy tinted
moisturizer still have a lot more on my palate so you don’t need to use a lot
you do not use a hood I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna take makiato from our
foundation echo filter so I’m pretty much only using our honey beauty
products because I’ve literally created but I think our dream products mean the
team leader create them like as beauty lovers first use whatever you like we
may have different preferences on the coverage and everything that I
personally love the coverage on photo filters are really strong so I’m gonna
use it on top of this foundation I’m first just like blotting it everywhere
because I don’t want to play too much in one area I have a lot of my brush right
there you can see I’m spreading it out one squirt is really
so I have a wig cap on and I don’t want this area to look like a wake up I want
to look like scalp so whatever we put here we’re gonna put on the way
Calphalon you can see my foundation is a little lighter than my neck I’ve bronzed
recently up and sunbathing I’m gonna add a little contour and that’s gonna kind
of make everything really nice and even so I’m just using our hoe to be tantor
I’m gonna use the sculpting brush and I’m just gonna get this is in shade
medium my favorite first thing I’m gonna do is the job I want to make sure that
job looks very Jasmine s I’m gonna go ahead and make a v-shape here so I’m
gonna go really nice on my jaw usually I would go under my jaw I’m actually going
on the job you can see there she has a very cinched face I like to ring tantor
all the way to the bottom of the jaw I’m not actually going underneath like
what’s more traditional so I’m gonna go ahead and blend this out first because I
want to make sure it blends really nicely so I’m doing little tiny
movements here just blending it and I haven’t even touched this line yet
because I just want to blend out the edges first and now I’m gonna go on it
and you really want to blend this under – then you can work your way up just our
planning it done with the foundation and when I like to work my way up I like to
kind of do like these dots so it doesn’t really leave any lines there you see I
have a little bit of like halo effect now it’s giving me a little bit of that
kind of effect not concealed yet we’re doing the tantor first this is very
important sculpting here is super important we want to look like a Disney
character so now we’re gonna go ahead and do the rest of the face I’m gonna
start with a forehead because the forehead is a little bit bigger than
Jasmine is and I’m going on to that weight cap you can see I’m gonna blend
that out and then down now I’m just gonna go ahead and do we’ve done the
forehead we’ve done the face here so it made it look really nice and tiny and
now we’re gonna go ahead and go into the cheeks area cheek area as well so I’m
gonna start with a little contour and go bigger I’m gonna blend that out a little
strong sometimes when we’re doing tutorials we apply more products we can
show you or do and we let it set a little too long that’s really not ideal
so using a foundation brush to plan everything out you can see there the
shape I have going on here first of the shape I don’t have going on here this is
my good side and I have like an indent there and I have a rough patch of skin
there my good side blending it upwards and then I’m gonna
take whatever’s left of the tantor on the sculpting side of that our brush and
I’m just gonna go ahead and just use that to contour my nose I just start
using my nose and I love it and have it apply my concealer yeah so the concealer
applying it after the contouring it’s gonna make you really snatched the Uni
to go lighter so we’re gonna really light with the concealer Chris jasmine
has like a very middle-eastern nose and I have had my nose down so I no longer
have my bump but I did have one eye actually true story I told the doctor
not to remove my bump did I wanted my middle-eastern bump I liked it I’m gonna
grab granola from our concealer and I’m gonna apply this under my eyes I’m gonna
take it directly and apply it directly onto my eyes using this and back tip and
that just because I’ve applied the tantor all over my nose I’m gonna apply
a little bit of foundation in the center so I’m going all the way here I’m going
all the way up on my nose with the concealer so I’m using this tube right
in the under eye area and I’m also shaping up a nose so it looks very
Disney very princess jasmine so I’m just done quickly blend that in so just for
the nose because I’ve kind of contoured everything really really tiny I’m just
gonna grab a little bit of our felt foe filter foundation and I’m going to take
a very skinny brush and I’m gonna make it my my nose really nice and tiny and
thin snichlt cuz Jasmine has like a tiny thin nose it’s like got an Arabic shape
but it’s really tiny and thin I’m just kind of blending up that contour now
that I’ve apply that concealer everything kind of blends it looks
beautiful alright and now we’re gonna go into powdering I did take a little bit
of easy-bake powder and I applied it underneath the eyes but then I also
bounced whatever was left I always like to do that onto the rest of my face I’m
just gonna grab some resting boss face which is my favorite spray in the world
I actually just went to Korea without it and my makeup looked terrible while I
was there it just melts your makeup into your face so I’m gonna go ahead and grab
it with the nymph whatever is left there and I’m gonna apply it onto my face so
true story I didn’t have RBF with me and it just like mouths your makeup in your
face if you’re a person who has like thick skin or skin that’s not perfect it
helps your makeup look flawless and make sure skin look flawless and Nour came up
to me a bunch of times and she’s like mom you were too much makeup and she
literally was never too for I was like already feeling like
shake it up hurry up oh so you know it’s like my goal with our makeup to be able
to get people that like perfect skin and hopefully our skincare a little hammer
it you want to take the makeup off okay so you can see a little doing this a
little this going on I’m just gonna take a little bit more of the RBF and spray
my face I said a little so don’t go any more than that guys okay so you can see
that’s kind of making my skin my foundation kind of melt into my skin
which is really great and now we’re gonna go ahead and finish up the eyes
just before I do that I’m just gonna apply a little bit of easy-bake here
because Jazmin didn’t have any smile lines and I smile a lot now we’re gonna
finish up the eyes we’re gonna go ahead and apply the lashes so when I shot the
little photo that we took I was wearing strong lashes which are very like kind
of cat eyes and they really do lift the eye as well and I’m just gonna go ahead
and I’m going to just kind of measure for my eye and I like to kind of um I
put the corner like really close to the inside and then I lifted the outer part
so I didn’t actually glue it directly on top of where it normally would go I want
to lift the eye so I’ll show you guys exactly what I’m talking about
I’m just turning off the inner corner here because it’s a little strong okay
I’m gonna go ahead and stick these lashes on so I’m going really close to
the lash band on the inner corner I just kind of place it on top the line is so
thick so it’s not so hard to get it so exact here but the outer part here I
want to apply it kind of lifted so I’m taking it and I’m letting it dry a
little bit like this so the glue is gonna dry and while that’s drying I’m
gonna go and go with the other lash so you want to kind of put it on and then
place it exactly where you needed to go I’m gonna need to wash my hands I put
the contact line and I need to put them on at the end they make my huge hey you
huge how does Trump say huge huge okay now I’m just gonna go ahead and
move on to the lips now Jasmine did not have a nude lip I love a good new lip
but actually the Middle East women love color on their lips I’m gonna use two
colors for my lips I’m gonna use trendsetter and also icon icon is a
little bit more of a punchy pinkish red and that’s exactly what Jasmine kind of
going on in her lips so I’m gonna take trendsetter my first start with the line
kind of get it where I want it she doesn’t have like huge lips feel like
nice like normal lips so I applied a little icon on the outer edges here and
I’m blending it a trendsetter Jasmine came out in the 90s so she would had a
little lip liner I’m gonna take a little interview I don’t know if she would have
worn interview I think she would have got a little Pinker but my favorite
color and I’m just gonna apply it on top and I’m also just gonna grab a little
bit of interview – and I’m just gonna play on the back of my hand and I’m
gonna use this as blush just because it’s like legit the prettiest color and
I’m just gonna grab a brush a dense brush that’s got a little fluff to it
and I’m gonna use it as my favorite color I’ve seen people use this on their
eyes as well so pretty I like to kind of go with my blush like everywhere I put
contour I’m gonna do a little magic we’re gonna summon genie here turn me
into Jasmine please yeah Genie genie wears away so much better okay guys so
this is the final look you can see we got the hair we got the outfit we have
the outfit that she actually wore in the film but it yeah it feels very Princess
Jasmine II I’m not gonna lie I love this the hair is really heavy so I would
personally like to move it down but it is heavy oh god it’s so long we got so
many of these little balls in here and like this little like tube in here to
kind of roll it around I kind of feel like this would be impossible to do in
real life and I think that’s why they didn’t do it in the movie because it’s
actually really hard to move around like it but this is such a fun look
Prince Ali marvelous he Ali Ababwa I literally effective Brenna’s so Chris
is Aladdin he’s actually not really Middle Eastern but he looks amazing yeah
yeah go to mangos I swear I’ll be that use three minutes yeah look she closes
up with the only road you guys think oh please I never knew but now it’s cool
but now I’m in a whole new world with you
okay guys hopefully you enjoyed this video I really have a lot of fun
shooting this tutorial so like my dream come true and so let me know down below
if you guys let me turn to any more Disney Princesses this of course it had
a lot of meaning for me because I love Princess Jasmine so comment down below
let me know what you guys think and I’ll see you guys really soon
what was your favorite part of this tutorial I want to know you

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