Hey guys, what’s up? And welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be I follow Blanks makeup tutorial and as you saw from the title of this video I was gonna try to like surprise, and I realized you guys would see the thumb nail and title. It’s Nikkie Tutorials!! (Cheer SFX) I have decided to challenge myself because me and Nikkie have a Different face shape and we also have a different nose, eyes,and mouth like my eyes are very rounded And she has like a lot of space between her brow and lid I feel. It’s a different eyeball, but I’m gonna try really hard Nikkie is so talented She was like the tutorial Queen on the internet hello her name is Nikkie Tutorials I want to take on the challenge and try obviously these videos are going around and I want to try and recreate one of her makeup looks Probably won’t turn out identical because again we have a very different face shape, but I think I can do it, and I’m gonna put my best foot forward and try really hard to recreate her makeup look I’m very nervous. I literally just went on snapchat I’m So ScAReD!! haha I need to get over it and do it, so I’m excited to be doing this today I hope you guys are excited for it. Also. I’m not gonna lie I I landed like midnight last night from Chicago and this morning. I’m waking up and filming and I am tired do I look tired?? Don’t answer that (Your water my love

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