1. the video starts at 10:00, that is the first time makeup touches her face in that video… the first fucking ten minutes is just her saying unuseful shit

  2. Jesus fucking Christ! Took her 5 mins whole min just to talk bout her dumbass tour which could be summed up no more than a min. If that doesn’t say watch time idk what does.

  3. Bitchhhh you better make a pit stop to us smaller no town on the map ppl like de! 😂😂😅 fuckin helawhere please come let me die in peace 🤤

  4. I almost got to meet you when you came to Orlando, I promised myself that next time you come down Imma definitely buy tickets.

  5. that’s because he’s an actual beauty guru lmao! i love james over tana but i still watch tana cause she’s a retard lol!

  6. someone should recreate this look, not jeffres, but tanas and see how it turns out. Like a game on telephone.

  7. Guys she’s definitely tried her best to do bad so we knew what we shouldn’t do 😂(jk she did a lot better than I could ever do😂)

  8. well lets be honest if you heard of james before tana and say his video with her than you'd probably love her more

  9. "shit looking like an eagle, make me proud to be american" this line CRACKED ME UP and i was replaying it for like 10 minutes lol love you guysss

  10. “i was having so many moments of self-doubt”
    “they were accurate”
    literally what i sound like talking to myself in the mirror

  11. Tana: I am feeling myself.
    Voice in background: You need to feel yourself with a makeup wipe!
    Oh my GAWD that is the best!!!!!

  12. hi yes im here a year later. but i cannooottttt get over the "oop" at 21:05 like the original "and i oop" xD
    im jk but its still funny

  13. putting a warning for any unfortunate soul that hasn’t watched tana’s make up videos:
    brace yourself the three things her makeup video all contains are:
    1)dad jokes
    2)making faces that tell you she’s on the verge of crying
    3)sayin’ shister throughout the whole 20 something minutes video

  14. I mean if you just came back from war and you went to the bar drink that pain away and smoked crack and you seen her across the room she’s fuckable 😊😊

  15. I feel like I need to brush my teeth and bathe in a Clorox after watching tana.
    Like she’s funny. But I feel dirty.

  16. okay i’ve literally watched almost every single one of your videos like 5 times in a row and i’m not even mad💙

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