I Made My Own Custom Makeup

– Today, we’re in New York City, and we’re gonna make a full face and nails of custom makeup. I am so excited to try
custom makeup because hello, who does not want their own custom blush, foundation, concealer, lip
gloss, lip pencil, nail polish? This is truly my dream. – Hi, I’m Giella Poblocki of
Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics, and this is one of our
New York City locations, where we custom blend all
cosmetics on the spot. From BB cream, foundation,
mineral powder, blush, cheek tints, nail polish, skincare, everything made up for you. – The cool thing about custom
makeup actually is that you know every single
ingredient that goes into it because you’re watching it literally get made in front of you. – Custom blend has really
become the new standard. People have so many allergies, and it’s really important
that we can choose the right ingredients that
go into their cosmetics. Today, we’re gonna do a full face of custom blend for Chrissy, and we’re gonna start with foundation. – Finding foundation isn’t very fun for me because I’m just like
really pale all the time and very dry. – I would recommend a
foundation in a cream formula that would be really
hydrating for her skin, and we could add soy or shea butter to it. – She has this like beautiful
shelf of colorful jars. She just literally went
through it and was like, this powder and this powder. She looked at me and said immediately, you have a blue undertone. I have no idea how she knew
that and I still don’t know, but it’s some sort of
magic that only she has. – Now, I’m gonna add a
little bit of high def pore minimizing, gonna
add some soy butter. – She had the tube sitting in a hot tray, and then she mixed them
together as they heated up. Once it got to the right consistency, she swatched it on her
hand and she got it right the first try, which is insane to me. Feels so smooth. And she got this cool ass compact and then poured it in. It’s me, it’s my liquid skin. When I wear blush, it’s like, oh wow, you are like hot pink, or it’s like nothing’s
there and I look the same. – Based on Chrissy’s
hair, eye, and skin color, we don’t want to use
something that’s too muted, so her pink is gonna have
a little bit of depth. – Like a fresh, dewy woman, but with a little bit of heat to her. – I think it would be nice, seeing that Chrissy is a
little bit on the drier side, to use one of our cream
to powder cheek tints. Fuchsia and white will make a light pink. Add just a drop of wild ginger just to make it a little bit earthier. – Watching her mix all
the pigments together was so fucking cool. It was like watching an artist do their work in front of you. They’re like showing you how
they got to where they did. They’re showing you how they
got to their masterpiece, which in this case is makeup. I’m ready.
– Smile. Give you a beautiful blushing rose. – Am I a flower? And then poured it into a tiny compact. This is me, getting created step by step. I’m also gonna get a
custom lip pencil made, which is great because
I love a good matte lip. I wanted a nude-y natural
color that had a hint of brown, purple, pink in it. Ooh. I am a beautiful matte lip baby. Maybe a tiny bit more pink. – Beautiful. – This is it.
– Isn’t it? – This is me. And then she poured the colored
pigment into the pencil top. It hardened, and then she pulled it out and it had this perfect pencil tip. Oh my gosh. It’s so beautiful. I also am gonna finish it
off with a little bit of early 2000s glitter gloss because hi, we’re making custom stuff here. We’re gonna get some
glitter out of this, right? She took basically like a
clear sort of gloss base. Then she took three
different types of glitters. – And you can even add aromatherapy. Vanilla, peppermint, orange. – Ooh, I want fresh. I want peppermint. Oh my god. This is like my teenage dream coming true. This is nuts. Oh my god, it’s so pretty. It actually looks more adult than I thought it would in my head. And then, she threw it in, and now it’s just this super beautiful,
good smelling lip gloss that I will have forever and cherish. I never have bare nails. I have them painted all the time because I’m obsessed with nail polish and I’m here to finally make my own and I’m so stoked. – This spring, it’s all about color pops, so we’re seeing real brights
of pinks and oranges and reds. – Took a little squirt
here, a little squirt there, a little red, a little orange. – And then, to really brighten it up, we added the yellow, and then, we’ll suspend it. – This is art, artist at work. And then, she mixed it all
together in this little cup, and then she was like,
do you like this color? And I was like, yes, you got it right on the first try again. She put it into this little bottle that had two little balls in it. And then, I had my perfect coral-y red that I always wanted for spring. What? It’s freaking done. I think that custom
makeup is so worth a try. I think especially if you have a really hard time trying
to find your shade, and it is cool to know what
is going into your products. One of the cool parts
about making custom makeup is you get to name them. Reminiscent of the 2000s
in my favorite color, Limited Too Part Two. Very hot right now.

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