100 thoughts on “I Let TINDER Pick My Makeup

  1. When my dad is on a dating app he looks at the picture and if he likes how she looks then he will look at the profile

  2. I have watched this video no less than seven times and 24:33 remains my favorite part of this whole video. Lol Mykie and Spankie just screaming send me every time.

  3. Do another one where you post a fairly neutral pic and see if anyone straight up tells you how to do your make up knowing it’s for make up

  4. Watched this vid multiple times now. And I kinda wanna do it myself?😂 Probably shouldn't bc guys here are legit trash yeet

  5. When fry guy messaged you, you blurred out the last part of what he said, but then in the next shot it’s not blurred. Just curious, is YouTube that strict now that you have to censor “eat butt”?? YouTube….. treating everyone like we’re in kindergarten.

  6. Aww I miss you Mykie!! Please come back 💓💓💓 Love from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwynrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  7. am i crazy for thinking this is actually a super cool look? or is it just because i'm also a drag queen who loves neons lol

  8. so thats what men want, good to know my makeup is a lot prettier, and im not ugly, im not talking about you btw i talking about the makeup and wig

  9. Mykie you need to get Ryan Reynolds to do a collab video and do makeup on him and he does make up on you!!

  10. As soon as she put "don't just message me hey" in her bio. Did anyone see the message that said "Hey" from Alex. 😅

  11. I replay the part where she finds out Henry is Charlie’s brother at least 60000 times every time I watch this 😂

  12. Spanky (idk is that how you spell that? jsjsj): your hair is so nice. it's so fluffy. it's a fluffy cloud of seduction.
    Mykie: It's like a stiff tumble weed

  13. I actually really like that eye makeup look. Looks really mermaid-ish and cool. Great job and thanks so much for the laughs from the Tinder app. LOL

  14. I love that I can SPOT the correction from dead to deaf when you look at all the messages.
    I can just imagine the panic as he reread blind dead

  15. I love how her bleeps it out when she said what Fry guy said and he also blurted out but then you can see what it says lol

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