100 thoughts on “I Let Strangers Pick My Makeup

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! what do u guys think of my new makeup look?? and let me know if you got a notif for this video :). SO MUCH LOVE, safiya

  2. I think 1 day you will be hosting your show on a cable channel!!! Just a intuitive thought i just had! That's why i have been trolling! Lol

  3. What is on Tyler's shirt?
    "Safiya Nygarrd. Saf. Inc. Common area. (Bodyguard)?"
    "Tyler Williams. Saf. Inc. Common area. (Bodyguard)?"

  4. If i were to ever wear makeup i would just have bright abstract eyeshadow and lipstick becuase i dont trust myself with any other type of makeup i also know nothing about makeup

  5. 5:58 well it's Victoria choice, so if she knows secrets i guess you could call her ,VICTORIA 'S SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm srry this sux

  6. i have 2 video ideas
    -dressing like the characters from friends for a week or
    -mixing all of my nail polishes

  7. is it strange that I think that if she changed the eyeshadow to something maybe nude or something that her makeup would look great?

  8. after seeing this, I really want to buy the budunkadunk mascara because of the connection to the Twista song lmao

  9. Hey Saf, I just wanted to kindly let you know that you pronounced Vampira wrong; Vam-PIE-ruh =)

  10. Ok no wonder I was excited for this video! You bumped into "Lynette"! I am Lynnette as well, just with 2 ns. Awesome!

  11. I swear if I were there for the lips I would make her lips look like a watermelon, seeds and everything 😂

  12. The next time someone asks me do I like something I’ll either say “ ask Derek, he knows best “ or “ it’s interesting “ 😂😀😃😅

  13. Saf: *runs up to someone wearing a Chucky E Cheese costume*
    Saf: Can you help me pick my lipstick?
    Chuck E Cheese: Sorry I gotta get to a par-

  14. This video actually makes me want to try out makeup! Which is some achivement, since I am 27 and never put on more than lipstick. And even that just rarely. xD

  15. You should do this again and let them put the makeup on you. Instead of going from store to store just stay in one store with your supplies.

  16. Ahhhh lol my name is LYNETTE too I was in my room cleaning and all of a sudden I hear her say Lynette and was like wahhh and that mall that you where at is the mall I go to what a small world

  17. I like this vein of video. I think you could totally continue doing them by giving a prompt (ie. Date night, busy work day, day at the beach, etc.)

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