I Had To Wear Makeup For 24 Hours And This Is What Happened || FUNNY ANIMATION CHALLENGE

This video was made possible by WIX. If you’re ready to create a website, head
over to wix.com/go/infographics2019 to try out one of their premium plans right now. Makeup: it’s a girl’s best friend. Nothing can boost a woman’s self-esteem quite
like having her makeup on point, and nothing can ruin it faster than a botched makeup job. While we here at The Infographics Show believe
that all women are beautiful with or withou makeup, we were curious what life is like
when you have to wear makeup every day. We could have easily assigned this job to
one of our female writers, but our corporate research team did some focus groups and discovered
that there would be absolutely 0.0% fun in doing that, so once again we’re tasking your
favorite, and our least important, staff writer with finding out what life with makeup is
like in this challenge episode: I wore makeup for a day. Start of Day: I think I said in one of these
episodes before that I stopped being surprised at the challenges that The Infographics Show
tosses out at me, but I stand very corrected. Honestly, I’m not even sure what the appropriate
response is to this new challenge. I opened up my email and saw that there was
a new challenge, and the attachment simply read: find out what wearing makeup is like. A million questions ran through my mind, like,
I don’t know- why don’t you just ask literally any random girl? Infographics can do a ten minute video on
serial killers or how to protect the earth from an alien invasion, but they can’t just
interview a girl about makeup? Clearly this would be too easy, and not nearly
as entertaining as forcing me of all people to wear makeup in public. Why are you people watching this show? It’s run by sadists. Speaking of sadists, I am starting to suspect
that the girlfriend is in cahoots with the The Infographics Show’s bosses, because when
I told her about the challenge she started laughing hysterically, and then got really,
really excited. She said she couldn’t wait to do my makeup,
and then ran off a million different ideas she had for how to do it and then finally
just said: you know, I always thought you’d make a pretty girl. And that’s the story of how in five seconds
flat she completely emasculated me. So, there’s literally no research to do here
so I’m not going to bother. The job is simple- I’m going to let my girlfriend
do my makeup because I have literally no idea how to do it or what goes where, and then…
well, I’ll go about my day as normal. The girlfriend’s been in a few fashion shows
and she used to be a model for the cover art of those really awful cheesy romance novels
that are basically porn for older women, so she knows what she’s doing- even though she
typically wears little makeup in her day to day life. I thought it would only be fair to do the
challenge on a day I’m not going to spend lounging around the house, so I’ll run the
same errands I would have had to do on a normal day. I am already seriously dreading this, but
on the plus side, Los Angeles is a really open-minded place, so in all honesty I suspect
that I’m not really going to get too many weird looks out here. A guy in full makeup is… well not normal,
but not really all that out of the normal here. Unfortunately we don’t live in West Hollywood
though, where men in full makeup are pretty much par for the course. I would have completely fit in there and literally
nobody would have thought it even remotely out of the ordinary. So I guess I’ll see you guys at the end of
the day with my report. End of Day: Well, this day was definitely
one of the most interesting of my life, and before I say anything else let me just say
this to the lady fans of The Infographics Show- I’m sorry. Honestly, I had no idea the hassle you go
through every day to put on makeup and to keep it fresh. And then all the cleaning at night so your
face doesn’t break out into a hot mess from leftover makeup. I never knew. Now, on to my day. As I said earlier, I let the girlfriend do
my makeup because that only makes sense. I warned her though to be subtle, and I think
she half-heard me through the giant grin on her face and the constant, very delighted
and slightly evil giggling. She kept me away from a mirror while she worked,
and it took her a half hour to get me ready. She broke out into hysterical laughter at
least a dozen times throughout, but then at the end just before she let me look in the
mirror she got serious and said, “Wow, you’d be a hot girl.” And that’s when I finally got to look in the
mirror. I am very glad that Infographics is an animated
show, because honestly I don’t think I could get paid enough for someone to post my photo
in full makeup in a video with tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of views. Anyways, I looked… well, I mean, I guess
the only word to use is: stunning. I mean it, I barely recognized myself and
if I had shaved and maybe was in a dimly lit room and had longer hair… I don’t know, maybe I’d be attracted to myself. It literally kills me to say this, but the
girlfriend may have been right. I’ve always had long eyelashes and the makeup
makes them absolutely pop, they look gigantic now. I feel like every time I blink I sweep the
floor with them- the girlfriend has always told me how jealous she was of my eyelashes
and now I see why. For my lips she decided that a lighter pink
was more my color, she said I definitely wouldn’t be a femme fatale with ruby-red lips, and
even though I know this is wrong in every possible way, I have to admit that it kind
of bruised my ego to know that I couldn’t be a femme fatale. Instead, she told me that I made a much better
girl-next-door. Innocent and sweet. She told me if I wore a long-sleeve shirt
and hid my tattoos then for sure some creepy old man would hit on me today. I don’t even know how to process that statement,
other than to say that my girlfriend was enjoying this way too much. She gave me some subtle blush on my cheeks,
after laying down a foundation of course. I’ve got a pretty normal face, but just like
anyone I’ve got my imperfections and the foundation made my face look smooth as a baby’s bottom. I gotta admit, looking like you have perfectly
smooth skin really does give you a tiny little lift to your self-esteem, I guess I’m starting
to ‘get’ this whole makeup thing. Of course then there’s the blush on your cheeks
and the painted lips and you remember that you’re a regular bloke who looks like a lady
and your self-esteem disappears. For my eyes she gave me some lighter eye shadow
so it would complement my lips, and then she told me that I needed to wear light cream
colors today so my makeup would match my outfit. I reminded her that she’s dating a guy who’s
wardrobe consists primarily of plain black or white t-shirts, and she recommended I wear
one of her blouses instead. I recommended she stick her head in the blender. I had warned her that there would be no pictures
allowed today, but she immediately snapped one as soon as I was done looking in the mirror. I ended up chasing her around the house, the
dog going crazy and barking at us, as I tried to wrestle her phone away from her. Finally I full-blown tackled her to the ground
and she was laughing so hard she couldn’t hold on to the phone- and that’s when I saw
that she had already posted it to instagram. I tried to delete it but she managed to steal
it back and then locked herself in the bathroom, laughing her head off as I could hear her
phone blowing up with texts from friends commenting on the pic. From there, my day didn’t get much better. I had to go to the post office, the grocery
store, and the pet food store today, so I got on with my day. I immediately started getting looks the moment
I stepped out of my apartment, and one of the first faces I ran into was that of my
landlord. I’ve lived in the same apartment for seven
years and this kindly older man knows everything about me and my life. He said good morning out of reflex and then
just sort of stood there shocked. The next thing he asked was, “Are you and
your girlfriend still together?” I assured him that we were and just told him,
it’s a work thing, trying to put to rest his fear that we had broken up and I had gone
off the deep end. At the grocery store I got plenty of looks,
but predictably, it turns out nobody really cares that much in Los Angeles. In fact, I actually felt judged for exactly
the wrong reasons: I was wearing what I consider to be iconic me, blue jeans and a black t-shirt. But I couldn’t stop getting the girlfriend’s
words out of my head, “You have to wear cream colors with this makeup.” I actually started feeling stupid for not
matching my outfit with my makeup, and instead of being judged for wearing girl’s makeup,
I felt judged for wearing girl’s makeup and looking like total crap. I don’t even want to get into the psychology
of what was going on there, but the feeling only got worse as the day went on and I swear,
I almost went back home and changed. At the post office I got a really long, very
severe look from the guy behind the counter. This was an older man, and definitely not
one of the more enlightened residents of Los Angeles. I thought for a moment he would kick me out
or refuse me service, and I got worried about seeing the uglier, more hateful side of people. But I think he was just more shocked than
anything, and maybe it’s just in my head, but I swear he looked down at my outfit and
then back up at my makeup disapprovingly. Back outside on the street I definitely did
run into the more ugly side of people. As I was walking my dog a car full of younger
kids, probably in their teens, drove past me and two of them leaned out the window yelling
all kinds of expletives Youtube doesn’t let us say, then calling me a fairy. I really, really dislike bullies, and even
though I’m really laid back guy whenever I see someone getting bullied my blood runs
red-hot. But you know what, this time, I just laughed. My entire day was one long ridiculous affair,
my beautifully made-up face was gracing my girlfriend’s instagram with a few tens of
thousands of followers, and I’d been getting stares all day. At this point, nothing could touch me anymore,
I was bulletproof. So instead of hating those kids, I just laughed. For anyone watching, remember that you can’t
control how people treat you, but you can control how you feel about it. So, I don’t even know what my recap should
be. What did I learn from this? If you’re a regular bloke wearing makeup for
a full day is pretty humiliating, but in a weird way I feel it’s kind of good for you. Once you get laughed at or stared at a few
times, you realize that people’s opinions don’t really matter. And that is a message for our lady fans too-
I realize the pressure we put on you as society to wear makeup, and I realized today what
a pain in the ass it can be to apply makeup and keep it from making you look like a clown
as the day goes on. But you know what, you’re beautiful already,
and touching up some blemishes here and there is not a bad thing, but I hope none of you
feel obligated to wear a painted up face every day for our sake. As a guy, trust me- our opinions aren’t worth
it. We’re mostly just happy that you’re paying
attention to us in the first place. There’s a quicker and easier way to get
attention that doesn’t involve having great looking makeup, and that’s having a great
looking personal website. And if you want a site that looks great and
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a full day? What other challenge do you want to see our
favorite guinea pig undertake? Let us know in the comments, and as always
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76 thoughts on “I Had To Wear Makeup For 24 Hours And This Is What Happened || FUNNY ANIMATION CHALLENGE

  1. Our least important staff writer claims to be really good looking with his makeup on… But is there a Hollywood actor that can really pull it off with style? Who?

  2. even tho im a guy i do make up because cosplaying is a thing that makes you want to do make up or else you look like a really cringe worthy weeb trying to look cool u can see that they really dont look like them

  3. Infographics: Men are just happy that you're paying attention to us in the first place.
    Me: You guys are getting girls attention

  4. Get the eyelashes thing i had a jealous girl in high school spread around i wore eyeliner because apparently my eyelashes are on point 😂

  5. Just wanted to point out that the use of makeup is a cultural thing and in other times & cultures men HAVE used makeup. A prime example of this is ancient Egypt. This would also mean that Joseph, a prominent Hebrew character in Genesis & a hero / type of Christ to Christians wore makeup when he was a high-ranking Egyptian in Pharoah's court. And spare me the comments saying the Bible is fiction, blah, blah, blah. This comment wasn't meant for you. It's meant for the people who believe Joseph was a historical figure.

  6. I am a girl….but I never use make up and do not understand other girls who use make up all the time. But the only thing I do every day is to be sure my hair style is exactly the way I want it to be.

  7. You should've done three different ''tiers'' of makeup. One with light makeup, foundation, and just a fain glow up. Medium with foundation, light blush, light eyeshadow and lipstick. And then, full blast on the makeup, just, drag queen.

  8. The thing about not caring about peoples opinons is true. I personally did makeup as a guy for about maybe a month and as a teenager it was rough for about a day or two but then I really didn't care. I also did another one of your guys's challenges and didn't speak for a week and I constantly found myself trying to find a way to talk with others.

  9. Frankly as someone who was physically attacked for being by I can say I would have ripped those peoples heads off and shoved there arms down there throat hole

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