I Got Transformed Into Kylie Jenner | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29

I just parked my car and I’m at Refinery29 LA. I am so excited to do my Kylie transformation. I have been watching the Kardashians for so long. Kylie went from the youngest one to the most famous one. She’s like…I thinks she’s so cool. Her line sells out so fast and she’s in
Forbes 30 Under 30, I think, which is crazy. Guys, I’m so ready. Kylie is known for her fashion, her makeup
line, and her fame from Snapchat. Do you watch her Snapchat? Oh. I watch them all day. I started to like Kylie when she really broke
out of her sisters’ shadows, and outside of the family, and became her own business woman. What if I send this to Kylie? Kylie, Look One. I’m never talking to you again. It’s time for look number two. A few years after we met Kylie on Keeping
Up with the Kardashians, is when Kylie really started coming into her own. I’m excited to have the blue tips. My face is like really heavy. Is this what it feels like to be famous? Yeah but you have to do this every day. I know, it’s exhausting. This is when she started her first extension line
and it was the first time she really ventured out of her family and started a business of her own. I am most excited to see how big my lips are gonna look. I’m so excited. Do they look bigger? I really wanna see what I look like. Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Oh…My god. It doesn’t even look like me! Oh my god you guys, this is crazy! This is crazy! I kind of like it. This is crazy. Can I Facetime my friend? Oh my gosh, she’s gonna freak out. She loves Kylie too. Whoa! Is that a wig? No, it’s my hair with blue! Look at your lashes! You literally look like Kylie. Thanks! Bye! Kylie’s known for changing her hair color
all the time but I would say the blonde was the most shocking. I’m kind of nervous to see what I look like with blonde hair. Wow. The highlight is so on fire. Oh my god, I look ridiculous. So for the finishing touch, we’re gonna
used Kylie Exposed. Oh! You guys. Seeing myself with the blonde wig was really
cool and I sent it to my mom and she was like, “Oh my gosh! You should go blonde.” I think I’m going to stick to being brunette but I’m a fan. Thanks guys for watching my Kylie transformation. Click here for more videos and click here to subscribe.

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