I Get A K-POP Makeover!

Hey guys is Tina here. Welcome back to
another episode of Tina tries it. Today episode is a little bit different. I am in Korea at the moment and so I am getting like a Kpop makeover. When I think of Korean Beauty, I think of flawless skin, straight eyebrows and
natural girly makeup looks. it’s very different to the Western world and I’m excited to learn more about it. So I booked in for a Korean makeover at Heumm beauty salon. The makeover started with me getting my
hair wash and blow-dried Now the best part of this was the head massage. I could honestly lay it for hours, getting my head massaged. My hair was then blow-dried with a bit of waves and volume at the roots. And then I headed over to the makeup room and boy it was I in makeup heaven. It was so much makeup and
all the makeup was laid out really nicely on the table. Noah was my makeup artist and she started off by cleaning up my brows with a razor. Now I have a video on this if you’re interested in shaping your brows with a razor. So make sure you click on the link above. Next, she cleanses my skin using a makeup wipe and then did a second cleanse using a cleansing pad to thoroughly remove all my makeup. This is really important if you want a long-lasting face Now, with Korean makeup you know they
love dewy flawless skin, so Noah applied a moisturizer, then an
illuminator to the center of my face. For foundations, she used the Shu Uemura lightbulb fluid foundation and applied it all over my forehead and
on my eyelids. Then using a bit of powder, she set my
brows and lightened them up using a blush powder to match my pink hair. For eyebrows, she used two different colors
Shu Uemura hard eyebrow pencils to create a straight full shape. Noah explained that with Korean makeup they
generally like to keep their eyebrows quite full and natural-looking so they
don’t go too crazy with them. Once she was happy with the shape of my eyebrows, she applied a colored brow mascara
to help lighten up the hair. For eyeshadows, she used a Lunasol quad and applied the golden color all over my lid. Then using the bronze shade, she blended
it on top of my mobile lid. That was pretty much it for eyeshadow, so she kept
really natural and really soft looking. Moving on to eyeliner, this part took the
longest. Noah started off by using a brown pencil
to line my top lashline, she stayed really close to my lashline
to create a thin line, then she went over that line with a brow gel liner. Finally she used a black gel liner on top. By doing the eyeliner in steps in building
up gradually, it helps to add depth to the eyes. Generally with Korean eye makeup, it’s
best to use natural looking lashes. They don’t really go for that like really
heavy mink lashes, they like to use something much more natural. These strip lashes have been cut into smaller pieces to help blend into my natural lashes Once the lashes are on, Noah applies a
coat of mascara to make them look bigger. And here comes the interesting part: she lights up a wooden skewer stick, like the ones you use for barbecuing and blows up the flame. She uses the end of the stick to curl my
lashes and hold them into place. Apparently this is what all the Korean
makeup artists do is to help the lashes stay upright Once the lashes are on, she blends a darker brown shadow on top of the eyeliner to create more depth. Foundation mixed with illuminator is then applied all over my face and blend it out with this sponge. Next, my under eyes are
concealed and a small amount of gold eyeshadow is applied onto my lower lash line. To make my eyes look bigger,
individual bottom lashes were applied and a little bit of gliter was applied
to the center of my lower lash line. Moving on to cheeks,
Noah used two types of blushes and orange cushion blush and a pinky cream
blush to go on top. Same goes for my lips, two colors were
applied one was a lighter pink that was applied all over and the other was a
deeper pink which was applied to the center of my lips to create the gradient lip. Finally my base was very lightly powdered
in order to keep the dewiness and the tip of my nose was contoured
to make it look a little bit smaller. To complete the makeover, my hair was styled with some soft waves and volume at the roots. And that was my makeover completed. What do you think? Here’s before and after shot
so you can see the transformation. Let me know if you like the style of makeup and
if you want to see more tutorials on Korean makeup look, I did buy a whole
bunch of new products so I will film my haul video for you. Make sure you
subscribed to my channel if you haven’t already and I’ll speak to you guys next
time, bye.

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  2. You looked fabulous Tina!! You look like a Hallyu star! xxx I wonder.. this style looks sooo good particularly on east asians. But for southeast asians since we look more eurasian it doesn't particularly suit us 😂 western style is more comforting but this is something to practise on!!

  3. pls help, me and my friends want to get a makeover in korea, i can't find this salon in the internet, how do we locate it? and how much do the services cost? 😀 i hope you answer my question <3

  4. i feel this makeover would’ve literally taken 5 seconds cuz the makeup artist was so good at blending! like she was like lightening and the end product was stunning!

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