Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. What’s going on? Are you ready for today? I’m so ready, this is gonna
be an experience. So since I started to do make-up videos,
Nathan has the number one most viewed make-up related video on my channel,
which was where he did my make-up. So it’s only fair that I do his.
Now, we asked everybody on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram what videos
you guys wanted to see next. I got such a big response to do your face. Yeah, so it was crazy. I was like, “I’m down, whenever you’re ready.” So have you ever worn make-up before? This is going to be a big question for everybody. I have never worn any make-up. I had someone try to put eyeliner on me
once for like Halloween or something. Yeah, so okay we’re going to talk about
the one stipulation that Nathan said. He said I’m down to film this,
but what’d you say? The water line, I can’t do my…
I can’t do… He just hit puberty and his eye… your body got scared when you heard
the waterlines, like “I don’t want that!” So we’ll skip black liner inside but we’re
doing some full smokey eye today, if you’re down. I’m so down. We’ll see how much we can
abuse his eye balls today. I don’t really know what
kind of look I’m gonna go for, I’m just gonna dive in right
now and I’m gonna do his face make-up how I do my own. So if you need an extra reminder on
how I beat this mannequin mug, then you’re about to get a refresh, but I think we should dive in right now. I’m ready. Are you scared? To start it off, Nathan has like oily
combination skin, so I’m gonna do… Oh my god I keep forgetting. Okay,
Nathan just got Invisalign just in case… I feel like it’s bouncing
off the beauty lights. Yeah I can see. So I’m gonna be using the
Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and we’re just going to get
you a little moisturized. Now, I love this stuff because
even if you have normal, oily dry, it just works good for everybody. And Nathan needs to be
a glowing angel today. Does he not look like the guy
from Tangled, anybody? Please leave us some feedback
below and validate me. Okay, so I’m gonna be using
this Glam Glow Glow Starter, it’s like a mega illuminating moisturizer. Ergh, it sounds like heaven to me. I’m just gonna use a little
damp beauty blender, so we’re just gonna blend that
all over and get that glow from within. Alrightm now for a foundation today, Nathan only deserves the best, so we’re
gonna be using the new Tom Ford, this is the Traceless Perfecting Foundation. I’ve been using this a lot lately
and then the of course, Georgio Armani luminous silk
foundation, which is my favourite. Silk. We’re gonna give you a full mask. Oh, okay it’s actually not a bad match. Relax your face and don’t move. How does it feel so far? Anything? Do I look like a mannequin yet? You look really airbrushed and
this is only the beginning. How does it feel? I don’t feel like there’s
anything on my face. Well you better work then Armani. Maybe like a moisturizer
or something that I put on Nothing crazy? No it doesn’t feel crazy. Alright. Cute. For concealer what are we
going to do today? I think we’re going to do some
Urban Decay Naked Skin. He’s like “what the fuck is this?” All I know is this goes under your eyes. Yes sir, look up. All right, you better work concealer. We’re going to do a little drama today. A lot of bouncing, huh? Lot of bouncing. Okay we’re going to set
the under eye really quickly because Nathan is
going to crease on us. We’re going to do a little Laura
Mercier translucent powder and we’re just going to dip into there. Look up Sir thank you.
Now, notice how I didn’t really conceal anything else on Nathan, his skin is really great
and for highlighting, I’m just going to stick with metallic
and not do anything crazy on him so I’m sure some of you are going
to be like “wait a minute”. Now we’re going to take
this huge Iluminaire brush and we’re just going to dip
into a little studio fix and we’re just going to pack
this on the entire face. All right, yes you are on your way to becoming
America’s Next Drag Superstar. Yes. Alright, for contour I’m going to be using
the Tarte Contourist little book. It smells like, oh it’s almost like crème brule, vanila-y, chocolate-y, delicious right? Now I love this palette because it
gives you really good coverage but it’s really light, it doesn’t look cookoo. Now Nathan ha a really great hairline,
you don’t need to surgery, you don’t need nothing, so we’re just
going to do a little – thank you parents. Nathan and his dad
are like twins, by the way. Please go on my Instagram
and take a look, it’s crazy. Going in. We’re just giving you
a Summery bronzy look. Alright now we’re really
going to cut that jaw line. Right now I’m going to be using the Artis Oval 3 and
we’re just gonna do a little contour on that nose. Brushes are so cool. Looks dope huh? Of course we’re going to do
some harsh lines here and of course blend them out. But I’m just going to show you for effect. I’m going in on this nose. Oo look in the camera. Yes Manny you better work. Your nose is like Manny when
he contours, I’m living. You probably would notice his contour
since he’s always naked. Okay so… that was a joke. We’re not letting Nathan
peek by the way so he’s only allowed
to look in the camera. I put a monitor behind his head so I can
see what the hell we look like. Now what are we going
to do for the high lighting? I’m down for the lavender snow. Get a little skin frost? Okay let me try to look for it. That’s peach. Okay here we go. Hold that one. For highlighting, we’re going to
be using a little Morphe 310 with some Lavender Snow Skin Frost. Oh okay. Michigan made baby, yes. Look at Nathan’s cheek it’s like “what’s up bitch, want some tea girl”, and we’re going to take it all the
way up into the hair line so those baby hairs can shine. Oh my god, bitch. We’re going to
put a little bit on your nose, got to keep it really hood right now. Cupid’s bow? Oh we’re going to do the cupid’s bow but I want to get the end of that nose bitch. Yes. Okay I’ll just tone that down a little bit. I’m trying to give you some
extreme mean girls glow. Okay. We’ll do a little cupid’s bow, but
okay when you have facial hair the cupid’s bow don’t really work that much. I was going to say that. I was like… I’m just going to hit mine a little bit I was like erm actually I don’t… Turn that… well, it kinda works. Right in the middle maybe No. I’m just going to put a little
bit on your top lip maybe. Like my nails? Just going to hit your forehead
a little bit, make that bitch glow. Am I glowing for the gods? You’re glowing bitch. Now we’re going to do a little bit… yeah lean back, mhm. Just adding a little bit more
of that on there, bam. Now for brows today I’m going to be
using a little Anastasia Brow Definer. What shade is this? This is soft brown. Brown soft Come on soft brown. Nate’s eyebrows are really fleeky already so I’m going to be adding
in some definition and giving him some androgynous brows. That’s so weird to see
you with a thicker brow. It’s thicker? A little bit. Just because you have
to fill in the sparseness, so to you it’s going to look a little thick. But since I have no hair on my brows, I don’t really get to use these often. I do like to sketch them out but
to do them on someone else, these are like amazing, now I know
why they’re such a big hit, I’m like okay. Alright, those are looking fleeky,
you better work wolverine. Alright guys lets dive into eyes. So I’m going to be using a little
Urban Decay Primer Potion, this is to make sure your lids don’t
move since your skin is a little oily. We’re just going to do
a little bit on them lids and then we’re going to blend
that out with a brush because I don’t want to stab
you with my nails. All righty, now we’re going
to blend that out. So this is how I feel every single day. It’s not bad, huh? It’s not too bad. How do you itch with make-up on? Your eye itches? Right there. Oh it itches right there? You take a nail and you just go like this. Yeah keep doing it. Or you take a beauty blender
and just go like that. You good? Yeah we’re good. Little itch? Little itch. Alright your eyes are primed girl,
you better work. Cool, now I was going to give
Nathan kind of like a grungy, like dark Adam Lambert kind of vibe,
so I’m going to be dipping into my Morphe 35f palette.
Bam. She’s big baby. Why hello? What are we going to do with you today? Lot of cool colors. There’s a lot of good ones, right? So I’m going to start this off by dipping… I’m just going to dip into all these. We need your transition
shade babe, hold this. No problem. Look down? Yeah look down baby. We’re just going to do a little
caramel color in that crease. Why are his lids so flawless? Like, cute lids. Virgin lids. Now for a lighter shade below the brow, I am going to be dipping into
my Beauty Killer palette and we’re going to dip
into shade China White, my favorite color, bam. China White. Yeah blending that out flawlessly. Now we’re going to darken that lid
and get really smoky here. Okay, look down.
Let’s just darkening that lid baby, I’m just going to be pressing
down on your eyes. That was a little different
than the other one. I feel like it’s under my fucking eye There can’t be babe because
there’s shadow on your lid. My eyes watering. Huh? This ones watering? Yeah. You better lean your head back. When your mans eyes water,
get the taser out. You good? I didn’t puddle yet but I didn’t like that. Oh you look so pretty babe. Thanks babe. I just don’t want it to run away. Alright, how you feeling? She’s going to drip. She gon’ drop girl. She gon’ drop. The eyes are watering guys, we had
to take a two second breather. We’ll try this again. Alright, Mr. Smokey eye, now we’re going to dip
into this matte black color here. I’m just going to do some
on the lash line here. And now for the inner corner I’m going
to be dipping into this guy, it’s like a little shimmer color here. It’s like an orange gold. Right? Different. Then I’m going to have you look up. We’re just going to tuck
this guy right in there and see if your eye will let me. It might. How’s that? Playing with fire. Oh, you’re going the other one now? Sure the fuck am. Alright. Oo. Hi highlight. The water works are back. Alright Beyonce, you ready to smoke
out your lower lash line? Let’s go. I’m fucking scared. Yeah you’re telling me. I am scared, I’m like
what brush could I use. Look up and let me know
how you’re feeling. You said no in the water line, so we’re going to do right below. I need to look up. Alright you guys,
the under eye was tricky. My eyes do not like. His eyes do not like that. Alright, put a little blinding
highlight under the eye, I’m going to be using Clutch
Pearls by Colored rain. Colored rain. Oh this is so buttery. Look up and lets just see if this will work. Oo you better. Oo that’s so pretty, look in the camera. That’s not too bad. I can handle that. Yes, blinding. Alright my favorite part. Mascara. Shall we try it? We’ve got to try it, I mean this is
the whole point of the video. Like, we’re giving you
the full makeover baby. Okay. You better work. Alright now look down. Look down? Yeah, that’s it. Don’t look up until this dries, or you’re
going to smudge it everywhere. Oh, my god his real lashes are so
long with this it’s like extra crazy. So pretty. Trying not to… His lashes are so pretty
you guys, I’m like living. Alright, let’s do the other side
before the hurricane hits again. Hurricane season is in… I know. Okay look down, just going
to hold up your eye, this is a good little trick. I feel like it worked. I never thought I would be
putting mascara on you. Bottom lashes are a necessity baby. Oh my god, yours are like
tarantula’s, they’re so pretty! Take a hit or take a shot
of how many times I said you better work in this video okay. Oh, I’m scared to do this side,
hold the fuck on. Oh no, you’re going to make
hurricane season. Thank you Benefit for letting
Nathan be tortured, that was the highlight of my day. Alright his eye just had a huge
disaster so eyelashes are out of the mother effing question. No eyelashes. Alright so since we’re not going
to do any false lashes, we’re going to do a little more highlight. I’m going to be dipping into the
Anastasia Moonchild glow kit and we’re just going to do a little
Purple Horseshoe, bam. Pretty. Right? And I think this on top
of lavender snow, oh my god. That is so fucking pretty. Blinding? Oh those mixed, that is like unicorn skin. Give a little turn, see that shine. Oo bitch, okay cool.
Alright now I think last but not least it’s time for some lipstick. So what are are we going to do today? Now I think it’s only fitting that
we debut our new product… the Jeffree Star cosmetics Lip Ammunition. This is a new product launching in September, this is a stick lipstick, I know I’ve shown
this in a few videos a long time ago when I first started this channel,
they are cute little pink bullets and this shade today is called Celebrity Skin. Yes you guys know I had to make a stick formula. These are very full coverage with one swipe. Just going to do a little on my hand real quick. You better work pigment, so this is
the stick version of the liquid lip that you all made such a hit. We’ve got to do this formula, so
I’m not going to line your lips, I’m going to go straight in and see what happens. So weird, I’ve never seen Nathan in lipstick before. Oh you want to take invisiline out? Okay Don’t want to get lipstick on them. Why does this color not look that bad on him? This is crazy. Now normally I would definitely use
a lip brush on other people but hey, we’re just going to go straight in today. Celebrity Skin is your color babe, it’s crazy. Yeah? Okay, so Celebrity Skin looks really cute on you, I’m freaking out. I think last but not least, we’ve
put you through enough torture, it’s time for a setting spray. Oh yeah. We’re going to be using the
little Urban Decay All-Nighter this is the little travel one we got on tour. Mmm-mm. Okay sorry. Alright close your eyes, lean your fucking
head back and enjoy the ride. You better fucking work. The couple
that sets together, stays together. Mwah. Alright baby, you are done. Can I show you how you look now? Mhm. You ready for the final reveal? I’m ready. Some smoky eye, here we come. You… you better… Holy shit. How do you feel? You feeling yourself baby? That purple is crazy. I think I did a good job. Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve just got to stop scrunching my forehead. I know. How do you feel about that highlight? That shit is blinding. It’s cute. It’s so purple. So how do you feel? Was it torture? I didn’t think it was that bad to be honest, I hardly feel like there’s
really anything on my face. Aside from the eyes,
I think you did a pretty good job. Yeah it wasn’t bad. So now we know Nathan is not down
for brushes under the eye or mascara, which is totally okay with me. Yeah that’s fine with me too because
mascara was a little much. Alright you guys, this was a lot of fun,
never thought this day would come. But thank you guys for all
pushing Nathan to do this, it was a good one baby. Yeah, it was an experience, it’s fun. Look in the camera. You better work. Suicide Squad. Alright well I’m going to go mess
up this make-up, you ready? Yeah I’m ready. We love you guys, mwah. Bye, guys. He needs his honey boo boo juice. Now we’re going to be using this… okay just dropped that on my hand. I was like what are you saying? You better work. Oh my god, Merry Christmas, mother fucker. Oh shit. Oh…

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