What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my channel. Today… this is highly requested. A little bit. So today’s video, I’m finally doing the tag
that has been sent to me, tweeted to me, snapped to me, over and over. The “I do my
boyfriends brother’s make-up challenge.” So hi, this is Zach. What’s up everybody? Aka young Zachery, so of course you guys
know by now this is Nate’s younger brother. -How old are you?
– I am 21. Just turned 21. What’s your sign? Capricorn. So after I did Nate’s make-up,
everybody was like, “Okay, who’s next?” So I know it’s been a long time coming, thank you guys
for being so patient, but I’m finally in town long enough to finally do this challenge. So I’m sure they’re
going to ask a lot of questions at home, like they… okay y’all, this hair is playing me.
I’m taking this clip. A lot of people want to know have you
ever tried make-up for a Halloween costume? Have you ever put on make-up in general for fun,
to be funny, or like ever in your entire life? Actually, this is going to be my first time
ever getting a full face make-up. I’m lucky enough to have Jeffree do it himself. Yes. Okay, so this is a little bit of a challenge because
if you guys are at home and you already know, if someone has never put on make-up
before, can their face handle it? Are their eyes going to get crazy?
What’s gonna happen? But I guess that’s the whole fun of it. So have you ever worn contact lenses?
-No. Fuck me. Fuck my life. Okay, so the eyes might
be a little tricky, but I mean… that’s gonna be the fun part. So I have a lot of new make-up, a lot of old
favorites that I’m gonna use today on Zach and I think we’re just gonna dive right
into it and let’s see what the hell happens. Yeah, let’s go. So if you want to see me transform
Zach, then keep on watching. So before we start anything and before we prime
of course, we’re going to ask my make-up client, what kind of skin do you think you have? I think it’s fairly normal, to be honest.
-It is pretty normal? -Yeah.
Up close, it’s not oily like at all and it’s not dry, there’s no dry patches so usually what I do on
people, you guys is I usually feel around the face. His skin honestly feels like mine, which is very
normal and flawless and fabulous. I know they’re going to read me down. OK, so today for primer I have something really
exciting and new that we’re going to use today. This is from Farsali, you may know
them from all over Instagram and they just launched in Sephora
and shit it just looks pretty. So, they just launched this product called
Unicorn Tears aka Unicorn essence and what this is like a serum skin-enhancing like
primer so, we’re going to give it a whirl. Okay so we’re just going to do a little here,
oh just got some on the jacket, great I always do this, you can’t
see it though. Oh you can see it! When you get primer on someone’s clothes,
just apologize and keep it moving. And I always like to do make-up on the neck.
Now, we’re going to take a little Gucci foundation brush and I’m just going to blend this all
into his skin and get it snatched. So prior to ever moving to California,
did you take care of your skin at all? What was your skin care regimen?
-I mean, really just basic stuff like, Soap and water?
-Yeah. Just showering. That’s it?
-Normally. Lord Jesus. We’ve been kind of working on your skin.
-Okay. All right, now it’s time for some foundation. So this basically is going to make
your skin look fucking flawless. It’s Zach so we’re going to use the Skin Caviar
foundation with SPF 15 by La Prairie. This is so amazing and I reviewed this on
my channel like a year ago almost, oh my god, and it’s one of my favorite foundations,
it’s like amazing. Ooh, actually you guys, I’m going to mix because
I mix on myself, so this is basically like I’m going to do how I would do my own make-up, on him and I love mixing…
this is a spray, so close your eyes. Time to get that mannequin skin.
He’s like what the fuck is going on. We’re going to blend that out in a second.
Now we’re going to put this all over you. Alright, now we’re going to take a damp beauty
blender and we’re going to buff this into the skin. Alright, the foundation is looking laid. Look in the monitor,
your skins like mannequin, crazy, right? Now, for concealer we’re going to go in with
one of my favorites, the Tarte shape tape and we’re about to brighten.
Now, Zach doesn’t really need concealer, he has like a little discoloration under
the eyes but definitely normal. So for everyone out there that doesn’t know,
where are you from? Michigan. Grand rapids, Michigan. Yeah Grand rapids.
-I personally love it out there, shout out to everyone in Michigan.
Ooh, look at that eye, everybody! It’s already a little watery, your eyes are like,
“We’ve never had this shit close.” We’re going to set the under eyes
before they start creasing. We’re going to use the La Mer, The Powder,
this is… it’s fucking the best shit on earth really. So you see, so this is what men do,
they move their forehead a lot and you girls already know
you gotta fix that creasing. Alright, so today we’re going to contour to filth and
we’re going to use our little Lorac Pro contour book. Bam. I think I’m going to go in
with the medium color for him and I’m just going to use
this little Morphe 527 brush. So now we’re going to, so your genes, your family
have such strong jaws, you really don’t need contour, like your jaw could literally cut somebody in half,
but we’re just going to really chisel that out today. So when you were growing up, did people ever say
you and Nate looked a lot alike or not until recently? Oh yeah, no we’ve got it out whole lives.
-Okay. People always asking if we’re twins or not. Yeah. In the Botox video with Nate, so many
people thought you guys were twins, I mean you guys look similar. The brows, the jaw,
the cheekbones, but I don’t think you guys look like twins. Yeah, I don’t know. So many people were like, “Did Nate have
blonde hair and then pink?” And I’m like “I don’t think they’re that similar”. Alright so, did you know when you contour
the nose you can make it look smaller, longer? Now I’m using a make-up brush
that had no product on it, this is just a little Mac 224 blending,
one of my favorites. I’m actually going to switch my idea and
use this Make-up Forever fan brush, it’s like really quick and easy, all you have to do is like
go down the nose, like really one, two, three, bam. And to diffuse it, you guys know I like
to go back and forth with powders, and we’re just going to hit this beige color,
and then we’re just going to go right over that so the lines are not as severe but if you want
a severe contour, go ahead girl, do you. I think we’re going to do the brows quickly,
and then we’re going to do a little highlight. What do you normally do on yourself,
just kind of tweeze sometimes? Yeah, just tweeze, keep them upkeep. You and Nate have like prime eyebrows,
they’re very like, they have an arch already. Some people have caterpillars, but yours have like,
“I’ll kill you and your whole family” vibe. So we’re going to use the Anastasia
Beverly Hills Brow Definer. Now he does have really light hair,
but dark brows so I’m going to do a shade that is not black or granite,
this is chocolate. Now, you guys see… look in the camera
a little bit, he does have a little bit of sparseness here. Is that just how your eyebrows have always been?
-Yeah. You didn’t like hit yourself ever or?
-No, no scars. No scar?
-That’s just how it grew. Okay cool. Let’s fill this in. Alright, so now that the brows are done,
I’m just going to make sure that all the foundation, powder and everything is just flawless,
so we’re going to have you close your eyes and do a little Mac Fix plus, my tried and true.
Feels good, right? Feels amazing.
-Refreshing? Now we’re just going to add a tiny
bit of color to Zach’s cheeks, so we’re going to go in with…
this is a new one this is called Bumpy Ride. Okay so we’re going to highlight, I’m getting
the giggles, we’re going to go in with a little Peach Goddess from this brand
I’ve never heard of before. Do a little glow. Shine. Yeah, the extreme shine. Okay on a personal level, do you like girls that wear
a lot of make-up or do you like the natural look? I’m going to say I am kind of
into the natural look. I don’t mind if you like to get
dressed up and like get the make-up on to feel nice and pretty
every now and then but normally I’d like just… Little more natural?
-More natural, yeah. So a lot of people are tweeting me
and asking me a lot of questions so this is going to be like a Barbara Walters
interview right now. You ready for it? Let’s go.
-Okay. So number one most requested question is, Is Zach single?
-I am single. Zach is single, so for everyone that
can’t have Nate out there, DM Zach. Just kidding, but okay that’s cool.
Are you loving California? I really am. There’s just so many different types
of people out here, everybody’s different, The culture is crazy, huh?
-Yeah. There’s a million different cultures
out here which I think is pretty cool. It’s very eclectic. Obviously we have bomb weather. Oh yeah, so glad to get out of the Winter. Did you love the snow storms and hitting ice
off your windows in the morning or what? No. The only thing I liked about Winter is snowboarding,
but other than that I can do without. With that, you can just go up two hours north,
we have snow in Big Bear which is one of my favorite spots.
You haven’t gone there yet? Not yet.
-We’re going to take you. So, we’re going to dip into the Anastasia Beverly Hills
Nicole Guerrero Highlighting palette, voila. And we’re going to dip into shade Kitty Kat
which is my favorite shade from this palette. I think I will hit pan very soon. Devil highlight
just gives your face an extra like holy shit. So we are highlighted, everything looks amazing.
Now we’re going to… oh my god, now we’re going to say a silent prayer together,
we’re going to try to do some sort of eye shadow. Of course, we have to use
the new Androgyny palette. Now of course you can create so many
endless smoky eyes with this, so I don’t know if we’re going to get a full smoky eye
out of Zach’s soul today or if we’re going to try, so we’re going to go in with the trusty
Paint Pot Pink Julie from Mac. This basically makes your eyeshadow
stay on all day without creasing. For everyone out there that doesn’t know,
Zach works at my warehouse, so if you bought a lipstick, Zach’s probably packed it
or helped pack it. But what else are you into? I don’t know, I’m really trying to get
into the groove of things still. I’m not a huge like, going out person,
going to bars, I’m not a huge drinker. More of like a relaxed,
-We all like to stay chill. Yeah. Which I think might shock people. I think a lot
of people might think we’re like partiers or we go out all the time but we’re really
like into watching movies all the time, they play a lot of video games.
-Little bit. What’s your favorite game? You guys play
so many games, you guys, I don’t even know. Yeah I don’t have like a strict favorite,
I mean old school, Kingdom Hearts. Number one. All the time.
-See, I don’t know what that is. I’m all Nintendo 64 for me. Donkey Kong.
-Yeah, Super Mario. Super Nintendo was my shit back in the day.
Street Fighter, Mortal Combat. You don’t want to fuck
with me on Mortal Combat. I’ll come for you. Zach also really loves music.
-Music festivals. They’re the best. This Summer in June I’m actually
going to be going to Electric Forest, it’s actually going to be my second year, and I am… So that’s like a huge festival right? So for anyone…
I don’t really know what that is, I just kind of learned about it,
so it’s like a huge outdoor, right? OK, and what do you do,
just a bunch of different stages? Yep, show up, put up your tent.
There’s fields of tents then you actually get to walk all the way
to the gates to get to the venues. Oh so you camp outside of the thing?
-Mhm. Oh, oh my god. I might… oh, I can’t go. I’m doing Vidcon this year everybody if you didn’t know.
That’s just a quick announcement. I will be doing panels and guest speaking
at Vidcon in Anaheim California, or I would be going with you because
that sounds really bomb. I know y’all don’t think I can be in a tent in the wilderness,
but I have camped before. It’s fun. It’s a cool experience and you get to meet a lot of new people.
-Yeah. So we’re going to dip into shade
Charm and let’s see what happens. Okay, look down, this is probably going to be easy
because I don’t think your eyes are going to water looking down, you never know. So yeah,
just chill right there and let’s see what happens. If you guys didn’t know, you can of course
use any powder for eye shadows, I love using contours sometimes for crease, but I’m just going to use this light
highlighting shade to diffuse. Alright now you guys, we are going to deepen the crease a little bit. Now look down, see his eyes you guys, they’re not
like as sunken in as mine or as deep set, but they are a little deep set, those will come out,
it’s almost like it’s a little tricky. So with this, we’re going to take
this tiny little Cozzette brush. And we’re going to dip into shade
Dominatrix really lightly. Okay. So we are just going to blend this in. It’s coming together, so we’re just going to
go back into Charm and just soften that. Alright, now we are going to add some of this
glitter that’s on my lid, it just looks pretty baller. This is the rose gold retro magnificent
metals glitter and glow liquid eye shadow. This is from Stila and I’m obsessed
with these, I think the whole internet is. If you’ve not tried them out yet, I am obsessed.
I can’t stop wearing them. Now, I’m just going to apply this
with the wand, fuck it, right? Woohoo, lean back.
Looks cool, it’s like blinding. Okay so a lot of people… this is like the main
event question which I think is so annoying, but people want to know what’s your sexuality.
Are you straight, are you… what are you? To be honest, I’m not really into
the whole like genderfying people’s feelings and emotions.
I don’t really think that’s huge. Right. Everyone always wants a label which is so annoying.
-Yeah. Because you know me and Nate
deal with that all the time. I do definitely all the time and
I feel like people just crave labels. Well I’m attracted to women, but I feel
like anything can really happen, emotions and feelings can
happen between everybody. Definitely.
-Down the road, who am I to say what I’m going to like down the road Right, you can’t predict life really.
-Exactly. I think your brothers a good example. So I think a lot of people also were asking like,
what did Zach think when Nate first said, “Hey, I’m dating Jeffree.” How did that first come
about if you don’t mind me asking? Look down too. At first I didn’t actually know
anything about you. I wasn’t really into the whole Myspace
thing so I wasn’t there for that. I was a little shocked just because
he’s been with women… His entire life.
-Exactly. So I was… Which some people don’t believe when
I’m like Nate’s only dated women before me. So it was probably a little shock to hear like, “Hey… ” so what did Nate say like.
“I’m going to California.” Instantly went into like, protective mode
make sure who it was, like he’s not flying out to see
some random person. Yeah, some little ho online. So then when he showed you me, you were like, “Oh, that’s not a chick.”
Right? What was your first thoughts? To be honest, I was just taken back but he seemed
really happy so I was just happy for him, I really wanted to go out and find out
about someone he actually liked. Yeah, so then when he came home
the first few times, how was it? Did you ask him or were you just like,
“Hey, did you have a good time?” Of course, I had so many questions.
-Yeah. I wish I could have been like a fly
on the wall like an interview. I just got the sense that you guys
like really connected. I can tell just from being out here that
you guys are like the same person. I can see each other in both of you and
I love it, I love the connection. I feel the vibes.
-Hell yeah, that’s awesome. Did you ever have a talk with
your parents about me ever? Or like, what do they think of me?
Before I met them? Because when I met them, they were so chill and non-judgmental, really cool, so normal and you guys all made me feel
like I was at home the first time I ever came over. And I was scared, obviously
I’m walking into normal family, like when I say normal you know what I mean,
I’ve seen some gothic mothers out there, y’all are crazy. But like, just a normal family and I’m like,
I’m a little different. So I didn’t know what to expect
when I first flew to Michigan. Honestly yeah I thought the same thing,
I wasn’t really sure how they would react but I like pretty much wait it out, I wanted to see
the reaction myself, just like you and that’s, I don’t know It was cool.
-It turned out really well, yeah. Alright, half the battle’s over.
So, line the water line, oh my god you guys. Pray. Everyone needs to pause this video and
say a prayer before whatever happens next. Alright we’re going to attempt
to do under eye shadow, so we’re going to go back
into the Androgyny palette and we’re going to play with Charm and Fetish
and I’m going to use tiny brushes. Let’s see what happens, if your eye starts to water
or hates me just let me know. Like right now? Yep, already doing it. Okay, so normally you’re not around the crazy
beauty lights and I have a lot of fucking lights here. So we’re going to turn off a few,
we’re probably going to look really like silhouette but I’m just going to see what happens
if we turn off some of the lights. Ooh, look at that highlight though bitch, what.
Okay, let’s see what happens, look up. Any light bothering you yet? Let’s try a little bit
of Charm under here and then we’ll call it a day for this. The waterline, I already know
you guys is not happening, but we’ll do it for a laugh. We’ll just try it you guys, just for fun.
Now I am going to take a little bit of the… I love this color pop liner, probably not going to
go on your eye, but hey we’ll give it a whirl. Here we go, this is going to be interesting.
Your eye is like no bitch, back up. His waterlines even hard to pull down,
you guys, he’s not having it. So I think that’s all we’re going to
get out of the eyeliner. You’re doing a good job though, it’s fucking hard.
-Yeah, I’m trying. Alright, lights on. Bam. Now I wanted to do more on the lash line like
a little bit, maybe a little bit of Fetish, so we’re just going to do this really quickly
before Zach kills me. So look up. Cool, alright. The only part of the eye
we have left is mascara and fucking… the bottom mascara I don’t even know if that’s possible,
but we’re going to attempt to put on the top mascara Alright, so now we’re attempting some
bottom mascara, your eyes feel a bit heavy? Little bit. Alright, before we finish the eyes, I’m actually
going to do a little bit of the corner highlight, just a little bit of extra blinding. I’m going to go
back into the Nicole Guerrero Anastasia moment, so this brush is just going to go into the inner
corner of your eye really quickly. One more time, look up.
Then your eye is done being abused. Alright you guys, so since this
look is a little similar to mine, I’m going to go in with the Tom Ford blush
nude lipstick, this is what I’m wearing today. Now Tom Ford is I think one
of the best lipstick formulas. I love it, it is gorgeous.
Now let’s see what happens. Alright, now I think to complete this look,
we are going to do a little bit of gloss so I’m going to go in with the Jouer Cosmetics
Lip Topper in shade Skinny Dip. Bam. So besides that, we are going to do some setting
spray and this look is almost complete, you guys. I can’t believe it. Alright so you’re just going to close
your eyes and I’m just going to set this make-up. Watch the hair. This will feel a little cooling.
Damn, we’re going to give you a quick shower, and we’re just going to let that soak in. Phew. Okay you guys, we made it through
this journey. How do you feel? What’s your overall thoughts, opinions,
comment section down below? I can’t imagine people trying to do this
every day. It’s a little much for me. Yeah, a little heavy on the eyes.
-Yeah. So now we all know that Zach is not into make-up
around the eyes, which is great since I don’t know, unless we do
another video or it’s Halloween, I don’t picture Zach wearing make-up,
but it was a fun experience. Yeah, definitely. You actually beat your brother because that
mother fucker shed some damn tears, Zach did not. He beat the challenge
of no tearing up. Thank you Jesus, so you were sat really nice. You were great. So thank you so much
for coming on my channel. Thank you for having me.
-Of course, and… if you guys want… I mean, Zach what do you
have that people can follow you on? You have Instagram, Snapchat really right? Yeah that’s pretty much it. I have a Twitter,
I’m not a huge Tweeter though so I wouldn’t… Yeah. And you don’t have a Youtube channel. There’s already people making fake Nate and Zach
profiles all over on every social media so be careful, and if it’s not linked through us,
it’s a fake one. Thank you guys so much,
I hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you on the next one.
-See you, guys. Mwah. Bye, guys.

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