100 thoughts on “I AM UGLY.

  1. I can't say im beautiful because i have 9 years old and i have 42 pounds,i my hair is și greasy,i never find pretty clothes and i always eat my nails
    P.S. i don't know how in english it say beaucase im from Romania and i will write in romanian and you will search on google translate roade

  2. Yeah, I'd say it to my younger self. So does that mean I can say it to myself now?


  4. Little Racheal: then why do you say that to yourself


  5. If you wouldn’t say it to yourself when you were little then why would you say it to yourself now?
    – Rachel

  6. "If you wouldn't say it to yourself when you were little, then why would you say it to yourself now?"

    Me: I was an adorable child, but now I look like a potato bug.

  7. God makes no mistakes. When he made you, the acne you might have, the weight you may have gained, he did that for a reason. Even if you’re non-religious, everything was made with a reason. You know how in horror movies only bodies get possessed? Because looks are just a shell. They’re extra. Plus, sometimes a kind heart and confidence is more attractive than a slender body or a sharp jawline. You are beautiful just the way you are. There’s nothing wrong with you.

    Don’t look for a pretty face, it’ll turn old one day.
    Don’t look for lovely skin, it’ll wrinkle one day.
    Don’t look for a hot body, it’ll change one day.
    Don’t look for nice hair, it’ll turn white one day.
    Instead, look for a loyal heart that will love you everyday.

    You’re perfect, darling 💝

  8. When your little you don’t have to worry about dark circles and lots of hair bc your little self hasn’t started puberty

  9. You are butiful no matter what they say no words can bring you down you are butiful in every single way yes no words can bring you down

  10. I'd probably still say it to myself when I was little. I never thought I was pretty. I was always jelouse of the other girls in my class.

  11. because when i was little i was pretty then god decided to hate and turned me into a fucking monster lololololol

  12. “There’s a hope to sway in the dark, you should know your beautiful just the way you are. And you don’t have to change a thing the world can change its heart, scars to your beautiful” -Alessia Cara

  13. Just a quick message all the imperfections you see in yourself are just things that make you unique to people who see you in a good way

  14. But when i was younger I would still think "I want to be skinny and fit in with the ppl in my school😭" to now I still do it 😭😭😔

  15. It’s just that it’s so sad that the more pressure society puts on us, the more we discriminate ourselves. So much that even kids are starting to complain about themselves as well like me for example, I’ve been insecure about my looks ever since I was ten and I’m still struggling with it now. I’m trying really hard to tell myself that I’m beautiful and wonderful but it’s just so hard when you see so many flaws that you just overlook all the things that you DO have

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