100 thoughts on “Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial Video by Robert Jones

  1. It is called "beauty blender" you can find it on the Robert Jones Beauty Academy website under gotta have it/tools/makeup tools.

  2. I realize he used his own line of brushes and love this look, but which products did you use i.e. shadow, foundation, etc?

  3. I'd like a much better tut on the French braid. I was completely lost immediately after finger talk.

  4. Damn, where are you from? If that's what homeless looks like, my whole state must be the bowels of society. Also, no one is telling you to spend your "precious time" to recreate this look, Hunger Games are super trendy right now, I bet a bunch of fans loved this. Stop being so rude.

  5. my two favorite are mary kay lash love and Maybelline lash discovery!!! I always like my first layer to be water to help hold the curl!!!!

  6. my two favorite are mary kay lash love and Maybelline lash discovery!!! I always like my first layer to be water to help hold the curl!!!!

  7. i cant believe i finished that whole video!! that was a great tutorial but it could've been broken down in to multiple videos! also that girl looked super sad, like she didn't even want to be there!

  8. no movie sets BUT do all the commercials for all the showtime series!!!! and do them for magazines and other photo work!!!! movies are to long of a commitment and do not pay enough!!!!

  9. omg i love the hair color what color was that you put in her hair??? or how would i call it if i want to get it done in a salon

  10. brilliant technique. doing the lashes first – amazing. what mascara did u use for the first layer on the top lashes? btw, you have great camera work on this tutorial and you dont have to worry about the time it takes bcuz we can watch u work for hours. u talk through the entire thing with tons of info.

  11. WOW, you gave us the complete package. Thanks:) Incidentally you crack me up. You always have some funny comment in your videos. I love it.

  12. RJBA Staff: The brushes used by Robert are his own. You can find them on his website Robert Jones Beauty Academy.

  13. Wow, the model looks SO DIFFERENT without her hair slicked back – she's REALLY pretty too 🙂 love the look, thanks!

  14. At the start of the video the model looks super uncomfortable while the makeup artist plays with her hair… awkward.

  15. Hi, First I want to say that I love your videos! And I have two questions, 1. Which matt bronzer do you use on the eyes? I really liked this colour, 'cause it doesn't seem to be as orange as other

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  17. Where can I get one of those lash crunchers? Why is that model so grouchy? Why are the cheeks not the same?

  18. i love your brushes the first time i saw it on your book "Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible." hope there's some way i can get it here from philippines

  19. Well she kinda was out to conquer them all…to survive she had to, so she could get back home to Prim. I thought it made sense.

  20. Re: the model being nervous/grumpy/whatever.
    She was probably nervous she was going to get torn apart on YouTube. Many commenters are complete harpies.

    Great tutorial, Robert and staff. Thanks! And THANK YOU TO THE MODEL.

  21. love the lower lash mascara tip!! although I have dark hair my lower lashes are v
    ery faint, and putting a coat of mascara can sometimes be too obvious…THANKS!! 😀

  22. Hi i am dressing up as Katniss for a cosplay here in the uk. What products did you use on her face (make-up). Thanks in advance.

  23. This tutorial is great but the model is horrible. I'd love to have my makeup done by you. You'd have to tell me to stop smiling lol.

  24. Wow I've seen such a complicated way to explain a French braid, nowhere near as hard as you made it look! Lovely job on the makeup though

  25. Robert,  I absolutely LOVE you….you are so necessary.  But please, please, please share the name of the products you've used!  Please.  Especially your "taupes"…..your midtones!

  26. I NEED to know what products you used! I know you always say you can use anything, but the world wants to use what you are using! 😉

  27. I love this look. Jen looks very natural and sweet. What I totally can't get over is the color of her eyes. They are the most beautiful cognac/deep amber color I have ever seen!

  28. tbh i'll be a model for you i just want someone to do my hair and makeup. maybe a cara delevingne look for my thick eyebrows

  29. guys quit hating on the fact jen doesnt smile, maybe she doesnt want to smile to much and mess up his work…plus there wasnt really anything to smile at, she is very pretty and u guys are being so judgey. geez.

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