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Hi Pinkvilla here I am and I’m gonna talk about how I do my own makeup So honestly, you know most days we’ve a lot of really nice people doing… know for us as actors but i use all these all these various things trust me it’s as complicated as when you figure out on which spoon to use when you’re going out for a fancy dinner but I think for me personally when I’m doing my own makeup the most important.. tool is this. this is my favorite brush and I think this brush is as important as finding your right foundation so once you figure out whatever foundation you have you know.. you should just use some brush to just buff it up and stuff Biggest pet peeve was cakey foundation it’s a big no-no i hate people.. like if you think you’ve a bad skin and you wanna cover a mark or something trust me oding on the concealer and oding on the foundation is not gonna help in fact you should just identify the one Foundation brand and number that works for you and just use it very sparingly and blend I cannot emphasize just blend blend blend blend it really works and take care of your skin there’s nothing like good skin for good makeup So the idea is you’ve to figure out what is the look that you’re going for like i like to keep my eyebrows really nice and thick and bushy well I think it really frames the face really nicely so I anyway sort of just make sure they’re really nice and brushed up all the time and then i like to fill it up so that they’re nice and you know thick always I think thicker brows look much nicer they frame my face much better so I even like.. I can barely pluck my brows I just take out the really extras and I like them to be nice and thick and bushy and unkept for the lioness inside me Then of course my face my face like I feel like absorbs makeup a lot so i’ve to use like a lot of blush so I like to use a lot of colors again not anything too bright so just use it like on the apples use a smile when you smile you get this things my makeup person always complains that I don’t..I don’t really smile for him I always go like.. you can see the apples right here so just go like.. little bit like that the idea is to literally know just blend it really well my Armani foundation i swear by it my lady Dior mascara it opens up.. even MAC..MAC has a really nice Zoom lash mascara which I..I mean lot of people don’t like the really kind of stiff mascara I love it.. and just a nice tinted balm like name has a really nice lip balm so I quite like it I hate the fact you know when people do makeup and you can see the blush line and contouring line and all of that.. I just find that too much I know lot of people follow lot of blogs online which go onto the really the over makeup look I know it works for lot of people I like to go to the more subtle more natural look the one thing however that I do love is my liner my eyeliner I think it really defines my eyes and i think my eyes..i think are too small I think when you do the little wing thing it sort of works really well Yes, a highlighter the importance of just a highlighter so i just put on like a ..little highlighter here, in the middle of the nose, and a bit just on top of the lip I think it just lifts up your face really nice and it works really well so that’s the tip I actually picked up after I made know all my red carpet appearances and it just adds know your face adds a really beautiful shine to your face and then of course the one thing you can’t leave without is..poor old vaseline nothing like petroleum jelly I have literally lived in petroleum jelly i’ll you a little track that I do so often when I have to take my makeup off at night and then.. you know I’ve had a long day at shoot I wipe off all my makeup with like a nice this thing and I take a lot of petroleum jelly and I apply it all over my face I kid you not It’s the best moisturizer for your face like ever.. it really works for me No matter how tired you are even if you’re dying you’ve come back from a party you’ve just had 40 mins or 2 hours of sleep or whatever it is never never never sleep with makeup on I know sometimes eye makeup can be a real pain in the ass to remove so invest in a good good good makeup remover I prefer like an oil-based makeup remover because I feel the makeup comes out far more smoothly without really hurting your skin some makeup.. they do use an alcohol based makeup remover but that’s like a big no no and always mositurzie once a week I do these.. you know the face mask that you can sort of leave on so i think..get some of those.. those are really nice So I’ve always wear my.. i do my makeup then I wear my full outfit and then I put up my lipstick so suppose I’m wearing this today and I prefer like these cream based ones because I feel like they look more i don’t know they look nicer Not really I have this thing.. Just before I’ve to get ready I’ve to just take a shower I don’t know what that sounds like Even though I’ve taken a shower in the morning and in the evening I’ve to go I just still have to take a shower i just don’t feel.. i don’t know fresh if I don’t take a shower So my basic thing is.. i just need a decent lip color even if I don’t want to put on so much of a makeup I just put on like a really nice bright loud lipstick like Ruby Woo like a diva or like my favorite lady danger I love love love that shade I cannot emphasize how much I love that color it’s nice orangy tangerine so that’s my go to color for any outfit just put on like black dress and bright lips and you’re set for the night so yes that’s genuinely literally about the makeup I know how to put on myself Concealer that’s a tricky one.. Blush Fill in my eyebrows like anyday that’s not even a question (Laughs) For more tips like these like, share, and subscribe to Pinkvilla

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