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  1. Sorry for the late upload y'all, still trying to figure out my workflow and schedule and stuff! My Wednesday vid will be up earlier in the day, and you can hold me to that. Hope you enjoy this one, I had a great time being crazy on eBay 😂. Thanks for all the love, I love you guys too! 🖤

  2. How to do your middle school makeup like me:

    1: Cake a crap ton of pressed powder on your face.
    2: Put so much powder blush on your cheeks that you look like you have a disease
    3: White eye shadow
    4: Apply mascara constantly
    5: don't wash your face

  3. I remember when i was in like middle school in like 2011 or 2012 , i had that exact same lip smacker vanilla lip gloss

  4. Them in middle school: berets, clear gloss and pressing powder

    Me in middle school: LA colors eyeshadow, cover girl mascara, brow pencils, nude liquid lipstick, and foundation or concealer

  5. Only "makeup" I remember was rubbing on some Nivea lip balm and cherry chapstick all over my lips until it was bright red and some of my friends asked me why my lips were so red 😭

  6. Middle school sucks if your going into sixth grade just trust me u aren’t going to survive without friends

  7. My theatre kid ass had like elf and wet and wild makeup in like sixth grade, but didn’t start wearing makeup until I was a sophomore. (In high school)

  8. I started wearing makeup halfway through college 😶 might have used gloss when it was windy to protect my lips. Clear gloss 😶

  9. Ok I had limited too like 2 years ago… not joking legit I had limited too socks and a nightgown… I was born in 2006

  10. This is my makeup routine (6th grade)

    Revolution London Eyeshadow Palette
    Falsies mascara
    Eyebrow kit
    Matte nude lipstick

  11. Hmmm my current middle school fashion? Well, I would say I'm very proud of my sense of fashion when I'm out and about, when I'm inside tho hahaha, I'm wearing a pusheen shirt rn, how bout 5th grade? I was emo

  12. This takes me back! I am a little bit older than y'all so I was in high school from 2000-2004. But those blobs of glitter on the temples and under the eyes that you would get in a roller at Bath & Body Works were my JAM. And blueberry roll-on lipgloss. And braces. Yikes.

  13. Bonnebell Blushing gel! I bought it on a visit to Canada when I was 16. I loved it, sad I can't get a similar product now 😓

  14. im in seventh grade and just yesterday my friend started crying cause she lost her makeup bag full of lipsticks and mascaras ……..


  15. not only did my mother not allow me to wear makeup.. but my school would literally GO OFF of they saw ANY “makeup” on. i seriously once got detention for wearing clear lip gloss. CLEARRRR! man i hated that school. thankx for listening to me rant.

  16. Cause we are sisters! We stand together!
    I remember when every girl in my school had atleast one cheetah print accessory

  17. I don't understand the grades or the names of schools
    In Britain it year 1 year 2 year 3 Ect.
    And its nursery/daycare reception primary school secondary school sixth form college/university

  18. Sis I was born in 2006 so why do I own all of those lmao (Ik this sounds weird but) they were my aunts who was a freshman when I was born. She didn’t even use them!!

  19. Freddie:middle schools hard man
    Safiya:yeah middle school is hard
    Me: literally starting middle school tomorrow well thanks for that especially because I am on my period I’m even more scared 😢 wish me luck

  20. I’m in middle school and I wear:
    Concealer (Otherwise I’ll look like a zombie)
    A little bit of eyeshadow
    Blush (Just a little)
    A little lipgloss or liquid lipstick (Only sometimes)

    So I guess it’s a lot but I only do it cause it’s fun (And no, I don’t wear foundation cause I’m allergic and I’m horrible at putting it on)

  21. I was in middle school in 1993-94 , I wore clinique foundation that was too dark for me, with really white powder, then a dark burgundy lip liner with light pink shimmer lipstick and black thick eyeliner with white shimmer eyeshadow. And that's it. No mascara, blush or coloring in my brows. And I tried using my grandma's heated eye lash curler and burned some of my lashes off so I never curled them again. I also used sun in spray and turned my hair orange then tried to darken it and turned brown green, and then grey. My grandma had a salon so I would make her use these horrible colors on me even though she said it would be bad she did it to make me happy so at one point i had shoulder length frizzy hair and bangs that i would straighten to go with the makeup, then to top it off I wore padded bras that didn't fit me because I was too small, and I wore different bras every day so my so called boobs would be different sizes everyday and I would insist they weren't padded. I'm also very pale. They only thing I had going for me were my clothes I had every brand new style that came out. I don't know how anyone looked at me. And my mom always just let me be independent with what I would wear and my hair because I was pretty well behaved. Sorry my comment is soo long this video brought back some crazy memories

  22. Idk bout u but in middle school putting makeup on is like ruining ur skins future I mean talk about skincare so u dont need concealers or foundations

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