alright guys never ever ever wash your
brushes like this if your wash your brushes like this,
eventually you have no more brush to ever wash. okay! anyways, so now you bring
out all of your brushes, okay you collect them, you make sure you get them all out.
That one that rolled underneath the bed that one that stuck behind the perfume
bottle, that one that’s… yeah just get them all out okay. And then you pack them
all up in a bowl, because after you pack them up in a bowl you have to go wash
them. You need to put that… you need You need to put them somewhere all right.
I’m using a bowl, you could use whatever you want. I will suggest a bowl as well, honestly…
now you have them all packed up. You head to the bathroom….. ( MAKES WEIRD NOISE WITH MOUTH) okay, so I’m
using a shampoo, you can totally use a dishwasher or shower gel and then I’m
adding in a few drops of oil, you do this when your brushes have like makeup build up
so it actually washes up properly and you don’t have to go in a second time.
This particular brush I’m actually going in a second time, because the first time
I didn’t add in oil and I was out of frame that’s why it’s not added to the
video but anyways this is a second wash that’s why the brush is looking clean. No
my brushes don’t just look like that when I’m washing them the first time
this is a second wash but if you do add in oil you don’t necessarily have to go
back a second time it usually just takes out everything so you kind of just roll
it around on your palm, your palm is all you need your shower gel or shampoo or
dishwasher and oil and your palm that’s all you need you swirl it around and
when it’s done you run the tap and keep swirlling it under the water the running
water and it just rinses off completely and then you should totally get another
Bowl so when you’re done rinsing you can actually put it in a separate Bowl
otherwise it gets all mixed I didn’t do that like eventually I had to,
i started putting in the same bowl but eventually you got mixed up so I
suggest you just do it right from start have your second Bowl I did the same
thing, anyways and yes i’m wearing my pajamas, no it
doesn’t have cartoon drawings on it. I’m an adult, I do not wear drawings, pants
with drawings, whatever, anyways so this is what my brush actually looks like when
you are washing it for the first time because it has loads of makeup that’s
mostly because I record videos with it it’s not because I really wear makeup
cuz honestly I can go along with our wearing makeup on a day to day basis, anyway
so you just swirl around swirl it around and when you’re done you just rinse it
off and then put it in a separate bowl like I said earlier. I don’t know I was bothering
trying to rinse off the sink. You’re still gonna have to wash it anyways . you’re
going to have to wash the sink when you’re done anyways, otherwise it’s going
to look nasty and we don’t want that well, i don’t want that. its up to you what you want. But yeah, it will look nasty! Alright, next! You get a clean towel, you know or dirty one
whatever I’m not judging, you do you anyways the idea is to kind of lay it up
and fold up one side of it. basically what you’re trying to do is
put the brushes in an elevated position so you kind of need to make one side of
the towel higher than the other am i making sense here okay
by the way guys even though I did wash the rest of the brushes one at a time
for these little ones I just put them together like three maximum and wash
them at the same time they got cleaned off cuz they’re little they’re the same
length and you know, it’s just… it was just to help speed up things cuz you
know the brushes were kind of, I got tired standing there yeah so you could
totally do that. Anyways the idea of putting the brushes this way is so when
the water seeps it seeps down not back to the wooden handles so this way the
water seeps down the other way and no damage is made and you know and for this
two sided brushes I just lay them flat horizontally it’s fine I’ll just lay
them flat on the towel. I swear to God guys my brother just felt like it would
be a good idea to burn five of my brushes so I literally have five brushes
that look like this, this is the only one that I actually use out of them, the rest
of them I’ve just trashed because I don’t know man I don’t know
anyways guys don’t forget to thumbs up this video. bye!


  1. Love love love your videos girl!!! definitely going to clean my brushes this way to try it!!! would you mind watching my old video and giving me some suggestions??? Iโ€™m trying to start back up on YouTube ๐Ÿ™‚ I just subbed and would love to support each other ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Definitely going to be using this method!!! I normally donโ€™t wash my brush cause I donโ€™t want to damage them but Iโ€™m going to finally do it!!! Just subscribed hope we can support each other!!!

  3. I mean, that's a great technique…but I dont wash my brushes..oops….im gonna have skin problems….yeah….I should wash my brushes…

  4. Thank you for sharing. It was very interesting to watch. We subbed to show support. We would be honoured with your visit as well ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  5. Hey! Absolutely loved your video. Subscribed to your channel, it will be great if you can share some love and sub back! xoxo

  6. OMG I'm soo lazy to wash my brushes… HAHA… Loved the video btwโค๏ธ
    Also, new video up on mine๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. LOL! I don't wear make-up but I didn't even think there was a correct or incorrect way to wash them. Hmmmm …well thanks for sharing the info =) x

  8. I love the tips here! I need to follow these better! Just came across your channel and subscribed! My husband and I make weekly videos, check em out and subscribe if you wana ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I cringe so hard when people put the whole brush in the water, handle and all! I'm always like "you're going to loosen the glue" haha

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