How to Use Professional Makeup Artists’ Top Tricks

How to Use Professional Makeup Artists’ Top
Tricks. You don’t need a personal makeup artist to
achieve a flawless face – just some of their insider information! You will need Highlighter Foundation Face
powder Mascara Black eyeliner Cream-colored eye shadow Pencil in your lip shade Rosy eyes
shadow Lip balm Clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly Lengthening mascara (optional) and volumizing
mascara (optional). Step 1. Fill in any laugh lines with highlighter before
you apply foundation. It helps create an even base for your makeup. Step 2. Lightly brush your lashes with face powder
before applying mascara. The powder and the mascara will form a paste
to temporarily thicken your lashes. Use a lengthening mascara for your first coat,
and a volumizing one for your second. Step 3. Use the makeup-artist trick known as tightlining:
Apply black eyeliner underneath upper lash lines and between upper lashes to make your
lashes look fuller. Step 4. Dab a little highlighter or apply a cream-colored
eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes – near the bridge of your nose – and just
under your eyebrows, along the brow bone. It will catch the light, making eyes appear
wider. Step 5. Color bare lips with a lip pencil that matches
your natural lip color before applying lipstick; it will help the color adhere. Or, press some rosy eye shadow on top of lip
balm for all-day color. Step 6. Put a dab of clear lip gloss or petroleum
jelly in the indentation in the center of your upper lip and in the center of your lower
one; it will make both look plumper. Picture perfect! Did you know Award-winning actress Meryl Streep
has worked with the same makeup artist on every single one of her films since the early

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  1. I only wear concealer and lip balm -_-*

    Then I wear my clothes I chose the day before (We dont have uniforms) and get my lunch,


  2. @easton1187 I liked the cartoon! It set it apart from all the other makeup videos on here, and when you're trying out what they're saying, you don't compare yourself to the model, whether intentionally or not

  3. @kashiwokaeru

    No, just shut your eyes and powder them…. Eye shadow gets in your eyes all the time too, especially when you set eyeliner on your waterline….it works it's way out. Or you can gently put a tissue in the corner of your eye and blink a few times….and I just realized your comment is 6 months old…

  4. Leave the Beauty to Michelle Phan,How Cast just keep doin ur pointless How To's!!!!Oh nd next time….GET A REAL PERSON!!!

  5. even if they used a real person for this videos you guys would still find something wrong with it…………. so shut up and stop complaining already

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