How To Use Moyra Stamping Gel Polish

Moyra Stamping gel polish is developed specifically for stamping. It opens a new dimension of using different powders with stamping. In this video we show you how to use this new stamping gel polish family with glitter powder, mirror powder, pigment and acrylic powder. Before using Moyra Stamping Gel Polish, just make sure you shake the bottle well for about 10-15 seconds. After cleaning the plate and stamper, we apply the stamping gel polish on the upper end of the deisgn. We scrape and pick up the design. We should wait about 5-10 seconds before we stamp the design on the nail or tip. While we are waiting, we can clean the plate. You will know you waited enough, if there is no residue staying on the stamper after stamping. Right after we stamp on the tip, we apply the glitter powder with a soft unused acrylic brush. We cure the tip for 2 minutes. (The curing time may vary depending on the type and strength of the lamp. In the video, we used a 36W UV lamp.) After curing, we carefully remove the excess powder and clean the surface with a manicure brush. You can see that the glitter powder perfectly covered the stamping gel polish. Depending on the base of the nail, we seal the design with the prefered top. For this next design, we are going to use plate No.41 Florality 3, green stamping gel polish (SGP-08) and Moyra pigment No. 12. After picking up the design, we wait for 5-10 seconds, and then we stamp it on the tip. Right after stamping, we colour out the roses with pigment and Norka brush No.01. Using this new stamping gel polish family and this technique, we can easily turn any stamped design to a colourful artwork! We cure it for 2 minutes in UV lamp. Then we carefully remove the excess pigment, and clean the surface with a manicure brush. We seal the design with the prefered topgel. We will use the same technique as before, we will just brush 4 neon pigments on white stamping gel polish (SGP-03) this time. After picking up the design, we wait for 5-10 seconds, so the whole design would be transfered, and no gelish residue would be left on the stamper head. Then we apply the 4 pigment powders with Norka No. 01 brush on the design. We cure the design for 2 minutes in UV lamp. Then we carefully brush off the excess powder. Then we seal the design. Now we are going to use a mandala design from plate No.58 Step By Step with white stamping gel polish (SGP-03). After picking up the design, we should wait at least 5-10 seconds. During this time, we can clean the plate. We cure the design for 2 minutes. Right after taking the tip out of the UV lamp, we rub the holo-mirror powder on the design with an applicator. Depending on the base of the nail, we seal the design with the prefered top. We may also use normal Mirror powder for covering the design with the same technique. For the next winter design we use plate No. 53 Textures, white Stamping gel polish and white acrylic powder. After stamping the design, carefully dip your tip into white acrylic powder. Cure it for 2 minutes in UV lamp. Then brush off the excess powder, and you are done!

38 thoughts on “How To Use Moyra Stamping Gel Polish

  1. so glad you started putting the final look up close to the camera so we could see the results. Beautiful technique and you covered all powders..thanks so much

  2. I'd love to purchase it but they aren't even available on the site. Also a few questions does this polish cure with a dispersion layer? I'm guessing no because I see you brushing away power and pigment right after curing and if you did that with a dispersion layer everything would be sticking to the entire pattern. Unless I missed something. When will these be available for purchase?

  3. I'm having issues with this polish. Do I top coat before stamping then top coat again? Chromes work good if I flash cure first.

  4. Okay… I give up! Not that you are boring or anything, but I've tried to watch this for over half an hour and kept going to sleep during it… Possibly it's because Sunshine and I spent all afternoon shopping, at the beauty shop, getting thyroid testing done at the hospital… Sunshine scarfed down her hamburger and half of my fries, came home, and crashed. It's now 2:00 AM… and I'm crashing with your soft, bedtime story voice.. G' night… I'll watch this again in the morning… Yawns!😒

  5. Im trying to figure out if they cure the design first before they add the loose products. Because i work with gel polish everyday. And gel polish will not stay if you put on the products while still wet ..without ruining the design.

  6. Great demo. I actually purchased these products and trying to figure out how to use them so I was wondering at approx 4:38 in this video when you cure the design before adding the glitter – how long do you cure it for?

  7. Just ordered the new born pretty black stamping gel just to test it out on my channel can’t wait it looks fun

  8. Glad I found you on Utube!! This product is something I have to Import to South Africa!! 🤗💞💅🏼🇿🇦

  9. Hi, what are you straying on your Stamping plate to remove the gel stamping polish? Alcohol? Acetone? Or something else? Thanks, I enjoyed your video 😊

  10. I love this stamping gel – it's been a game changer for me. My only issue is that I find the design sometimes smears/smudges when pressing onto the nail (especially full-coverage designs). I confess, I don't have a Moyra stamper – I have CJS and Born Pretty…. Is it better to use a firmer head, or the super-soft jelly like CJS?

  11. Can you use foil with this gel stamping polish? I know you have a foil stamping polish but I am really curious if the foil will work with the gel polish also. I prefer a gel stamping polish.

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