How to Use Mirror Cast on HiMirror

Hi everyone! We have the new function, the mirror cast. You can view the video or the website, even listening to music from your smart phone. All can be projected to your HiMirror. You can find them in Media Center of the Main Menu. You can use the mirror cast in video, web viewer, and RSS reader. For example, you want to watch a youtube video on HiMirror. Choose the video you like on your smart phone, then choose share button, then find the HiMirror icon and press it. You will see a popup screen on the HiMirror, then choose “view”. Now you can see the video you want on your HiMirror! Just that simple! And If you want to check a web page, choose the page you want on your smart phone. And choose the share button. Now the page is linked to the HiMirror; you can check the web page information on HiMirror! Even RSS reader can be viewed on HiMirror. choose the RSS reader you want on your smart phone, and choose the share button. Now, it’s linked to your HiMirror; you can check the RSS reader on your HiMirror! And you can use the push button of remote control to delete the mirror cast content whenever you want! For system compatibility concern, not every video or web page is suitable for mirror cast function. Let’s try out the new function today!

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  1. You would think they choose a better qualified spokes person to explain more clearly and slowly in detail how this mirror works, instead they choose a young man who doesn't even know how to speak right. Need to find other YouTube Videos with CLEAR detailed information on this mirror.

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