How to Use Makeup Brushes & Sponges : How to Use a Brow Brush

Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I’m from
Tampa, Florida, and on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to demonstrate the multiple uses
of makeup applicators. Lesson one is the eyebrow brush and comb. As you can see, the eyebrow
brush and comb comes in multiple sizes depending on which you’re most comfortable using. The
one I’m going to use is the larger one. I’m used to using this one. The main purpose of
the eyebrow-grooming tool is to, like it’s named, to groom your eyebrows. Some people
have more unruly eyebrows like mine and they need to be brushed or they need to be trimmed.
Just to give you a quick example of what it might be used for, I brush up the eyebrow
just to get the length of them. You can see that once they’re brushed up, you can trim
your eyebrows to the length you desire. Then you can brush them back with the comb. That
is the use of the eyebrow grooming brush and comb.

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