How to Use Makeup Brushes : Natural vs. Synthetic Makeup Brushes

Hi, my name is Jessie. I’m a local makeup
artist in New York City. This is Lindsey, my model for the day. And today, we’re going
to be discussing makeup brushes and how to properly use them in application. I use Mac
brushes, they’re professional grade made from natural hair. I do find that it’s better to
use natural grade brushes. I think brushes are the most important tool in makeup application.
If you find that they’re a little too expensive, you can, during the holiday season usually
pick up a pack that has a set of 4 or 5 brushes for face, eyes and an overall face set that
will be easier on your pocketbook. So, I’m going to start by putting a headband on Lindsey’s
hair so I can make her face free from obstruction while I’m applying the makeup. Join us back
for the foundation.

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