How to Use Makeup Brushes : Mascara Wand Makeup Brushes

Now to finish the look, I’m going to talk
about mascara brushes. I have a mascara wand and also a mascara comb. This is also an eyebrow
brush. So if you don’t have the, the other kind that looks like this one, you can use
this one in place of it. What you always want to look for, I like the curved mascara brushes
because they go with the shape of the eye, and then it’s very easy to apply on both sides.
So what you want to do when you’re applying the mascara, you want to start by coming in
and circling the brush up. And you also want to wiggle it a little bit at the base to keep
it from clumping. But if you do end up getting clumps, then you can go over it with the comb
and it will help separate the lashes again. Again, contour brush or a curved brush is
best to use for eyes on both sides. And then you’re not battling, trying to go like this,
to get your mascara on all your lashes.

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