How to Use Makeup Brushes : Lip Makeup Brushes

Now we’re moving on to lips and I’ve prepped
Lindsay’s lips by using a mild sugar scrub and in prepping them with Vaseline. I’m going
to use an actual lip brush today because you can use it to line as well as fill in lips.
You can use it with lipsticks, lip glosses and it’s very great. This is another example
of a brush you all recognize from your store-bought lip gloss. It’s very good just to cover, but
it’s kind of harder to find. So I’m going to start by using a couple different shades
of lipstick. Alright, so I’m going to use this just to define the shape of Lindsay’s
lips. Going over the natural edge, not outside the lip. Just kind of lightly right where
her natural lip is. Working outward with just the tip so that the line stays very clean
and sharp. And then you can fill in from there. So it’s very important that you’re just using
the tip of the brush. And you want to define the lips, and line then. But if not, then
you just get lipstick all over your face. And working from the inside out. And you can
finish with a light gloss using the same brush. You might want to wipe it on a tissue first.

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