How to Use Makeup Brushes : Contoured Eyeshadow Makeup Brushes

So now I’m going to use a medium size, contour
shadow brush. Again, like the blush brush, it goes from one shorter to a taller side,
angled outwards. You always want to, again, hold it like a pencil. In this instance, I’m
going to turn it down to where the corner, the longer corner is going to the tip of the
crease. I’m going to apply a little bit of a light brown shadow, starting in the middle
of the eye and working my way down in a rounded motion, following the eye. Bring the shadow
down a little bit. And this is just going to lightly contour the eye to give it a bit
of a deep set look. Then work your way in toward the shadow line, or the lash line.
Excuse me. And there we go. Light shading on the outer side of the eye is going to give
it a little bit of drama and just make everything a little more exciting.

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